Complete pleasure
Complete pleasure

The Sahara Desert is nothing in front of a vast world of dissatisfied women. They could populate an entire continent.

According to statistics, many women are in a state of constant anxiety, not feeling "normal" because of this seemingly trifle: they do not feel sexual attraction to their friend-husband-groom, nevertheless admitting that they love him selflessly.

Why does this happen? And what to do? For men, naturally. After all, an unsatisfied woman is, first and foremost, a man's problem. To answer this tricky question, let's try to start thinking about this: what is female sexuality and how to return something that is no longer there, or maybe not, in sight?

First of all, I must say that the definition of the norm is lame on all four legs at once. If a woman, for example, fails to achieve orgasm, if she does not want "traditional" intimacy in sex, and she enjoys only clitoral arousal, if she does not like the "missionary" position, is such a woman normal or not? Let's give up the norm, at least for a little while, to return to the big, fun world of non-associate sex pleasure couples.

Further, let us take it for granted that sex, limited to the "missionary" position, is just a tribute to a cute tradition passed down from generation to generation, but not a universal erotic tool that brings everyone pleasure. The man is more conservative in this respect. He prefers to go the proven, old-fashioned way. Women are thinner. Therefore, playing this instrument is much more difficult than a man thinks.

How to make a girl Cooney?
How to make a girl Cooney?

It is known that everything is simple in the sexuality of a man. Any method is suitable for him, just to quickly reach orgasm. Women, on the other hand, are not satisfied with a simple sexual act, even if it ends with an orgasm.

They want to feel excitement and pleasure, as they say, with their soul and body, and, if possible, with their heart. Male sensuality is concentrated on a narrow patch - around the penis, and female - all over the body, from ears to ankles. This is why many women "love with their ears"! The beautiful half of the kiss on the lips experience more pleasure than the macho from five wonderful intercourse.

Most modern sexologists believe that the slightly rough concept of "genitals", if we are talking about sexual sensibility, makes sense only for men, but for women it is meaningless: the entire female body is one sensory, from any part of its body you can get pleasure, and an orgasm.

It is very sad that the only scientific method in order to understand the "normality" is to turn to sexologists, who, at best, can establish a diagnosis. And even without them, it is clear that the pathology of male sexuality also revolves around his beloved friend, when there is no erection. As for a woman, everything is much more complicated, almost invisible and imperceptible even in front of the sensitive sensors of special medical instruments.

If male sexuality is more physiological, then female sexuality is involved in emotions, feelings, attraction, fantasy, imagination, eroticism!.. For a woman, sex is much more intimacy than just sex. Moreover, in the long-studied issue of desire-arousal-orgasm, their sexual functions and dysfunctions were considered, i.e. it was purely about "quantity" and not about quality.

How to get a girl drunk and have sex with her?
How to get a girl drunk and have sex with her?

Viagra and other pills of this kind were created mainly for men with problems. Now doctors are scratching their heads, focusing on women's problems. Perhaps before embarking on the manufacture of stimulants for women, they should have a better understanding of female sexuality, so as not to produce only something like Viagra, which is effective exclusively for the body, forgetting about the head and soul.

In America, not so long ago, a book by a sexologist, The Return of Desire, was published, which explores everything that is in one way or another connected with a woman's sexuality. What's the bottom line?

As a result, it is time to understand, moreover, it is desirable for men as well, that desire in a woman does not arise spontaneously, it is a well-prepared surprise. After all, if you eat an apple a day, you have every right to say that they all have the same flavor. But this is far from the case!

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