The meaning of color and fashion: what color can tell about a character?
The meaning of color and fashion: what color can tell about a character?

Most people are unaware of how much their favorite color of clothing can tell about character traits.

As a rule, the basis of the wardrobe of most people is clothes of the same color and its various shades, in which the owner feels most comfortable and confident. However, most people are not even aware of how much their favorite color can tell about character.


For a long time, red has been associated primarily with aggression due to the effect that this color has on the human nervous system. Red speeds up metabolism, increases energy levels. Red is a very bright, intense color, which is appreciated primarily by people who love attention to their own person. However, due to its ability to attract attention, red is sometimes considered an annoying color and can not only attract, but, on the contrary, alienate others. Most of all, red is suitable for people with a strong character and self-confidence.


Orange is another color full of energy. Orange is associated, first of all, with energy, cheerfulness, therefore, clothes of such tones are worn primarily by creative people who value life and material pleasures. Interestingly, orange is the color of the svadhisthana chakra, which is responsible for sexual energy, cheerfulness, spontaneity, pleasure. Orange indicates that a person has sufficient self-confidence, is ambitious and is not afraid to be heard.

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Yellow is the brightest of all colors, but at the same time it is the most difficult to look at. Yellow is associated with optimism, energy, creativity, cheerfulness. While yellow may seem like the ideal color, it is actually lighter than other colors and can make a person lose their composure - because it affects the senses too much. Yellow fans are usually very optimistic people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. However, yellow is also loved by irritable people who easily get into fights. The optimal shade of yellow to create a joyful mood is soft, pastel rather than bright, sunny yellow.


Green is the color of nature and harmony, which is most appreciated by people who are calm by nature and love to help others. In addition, green is believed to be best suited for people starting over with a clean slate.


Cyan is considered the most popular color. Associated with the sky and the sea, blue has a calming effect on the human psyche, awakening a sense of peace, tranquility and contentment. Because blue gives a person a sense of comfort, it inevitably increases self-confidence and ambition. In addition, it is believed that lovers of blue are very loyal people, unable to betray, because blue is the color of reliability and trust.


First of all, most people associate purple with royal luxury - since ancient rulers wore long robes of purple velvet. This is why purple is considered a sophisticated, luxurious color. Purple is most appreciated by people who prefer to stand out from the crowd with a bright personality.

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The color pink is an absolute symbol of romance and sexual attraction: it is worn by men and women who are prone to romantic interests. Pastel pink is good for a first date - it helps to create an image of a romantic person who appreciates emotions. However, an excess of pink can also create a negative impression - as a rule, too much pink in clothes is associated with promiscuity in ties.


There is no color purer than white. White, a symbol of innocence and purity, helps to look at the world more clearly, to put everything in order. As a rule, lovers of white are calm, cold-blooded, sober-minded, reasonable people. However, white requires some caution - the absence of any color can make a person look sullen, withdrawn, uncommunicative.


Black is no longer considered exclusively the color of mourning - on the contrary, black is extremely popular with both men and women, since black clothing makes its owner slimmer. Usually black is associated with power, strength, respect of others - therefore, many businessmen and representatives of government agencies wear black. In addition, black is a “safe” color and is often worn by those who prefer to remain invisible.

Brown and gray

Brown and gray are the two most basic colors. Brown is usually worn by down-to-earth people with sober and practical thinking - this color, the color of the soil, is associated with reliability and stability. But gray is preferred by people who, like lovers of black, prefer to remain invisible.

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