Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"
Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"
What is the name and what is your new song about?

- "Look for me in your dreams." This is a light, summer song filled with memories of a holiday romance. People parted, but they remember everything good: the sea, the sun, moonlit starry nights, love. Song in dance light style. To this song, you want to fill a glass with wine, relax and indulge in memories.

Who is the author of this composition?

-I stayed true to the authors with whom I worked. The author of the music is Alexander Bogdanov, the author of the words by Alexander Zhilin.

Have you got your own website, are you satisfied?

-The Internet plays an important role in our life, without it anywhere. And I, as a person keeping up with the times, should have dealt with this issue for a long time, but somehow there was not enough time. After the release of my debut album, I finally decided to launch a website as well.

Magazine covers Penguin, TAXI, what's next?

-Let's go to Playboy (laughs).

Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"
Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"
Tell us about your newly opened clothing store?

-In addition to show business, which now does not bring good income, I wanted to have a profitable business, which will also be for the soul. Since I am a shopaholic, the choice fell on a women's clothing store from Italy. By the way, having opened a store, I began to buy less clothes for myself. We would like more women to be able to afford Italian clothes, so we try to make the minimum mark-up. I can say that our stuff is the same as in Italy, or even cheaper.

Where are you going to spend your vacation?

- It has already taken place. I spent an unforgettable vacation in Morocco with my beloved husband. This is a very interesting, unusual country with endless beaches, warm gentle sun and oriental bazaars, getting dizzy from vintage items, original silverware and the smell of spices. As a lover of original things, I pampered myself with gifts.

Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"
Singer TASHA: "Look for me in your dreams"

Immediate creative plans, where is the clip?

-Now there are no decent music channels in the country on which you can rotate the clip and thus realize the costs. Well, spending money on a video for youtube is somehow expensive, home video will go there from concerts and there will be more resonance. I hope that some good music channel will open in the near future, and the existing ones will come out of stagnation, then I will shoot a video.

There are plans to make a cool remix of the last song with one of the European Djs. More concerts, though now the situation is not simple. I would like to wish everyone sun, positive emotions and listen to good music..

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