How to improve sleep quality
How to improve sleep quality

Even if at first glance, the quality of your sleep is okay, it can still be lowered, which undoubtedly affects the overall quality of your life.

Sleep is a state so natural that it rarely pays close attention to itself. A person thinks about sleep, as a rule, if he wants to sleep, did not get enough sleep, if he suffers from any sleep disorders, sees nightmares in a dream, and so on.

However, even if at first glance everything is in order with the quality of your sleep, it can still be reduced, which undoubtedly affects the overall quality of your life.

You can talk about a bad dream if, after spending more than seven or nine hours in a dream every day, you nevertheless do not get enough sleep, you feel sluggish, overwhelmed, you lose clarity of thoughts, and so on

Of course, the cause of such a condition may not be a dream, but some kind of disease that is still latent, therefore, with the symptoms mentioned, it is worth visiting a doctor first. However, if your health is in order, it is worth considering how to improve your sleep quality.

• First of all, make sure your mattress and pillows are comfortable enough for you. It is better to choose an orthopedic mattress, hard, pillows should not be too soft either. In these matters, before making a choice, it is best to consult an orthopedic doctor.

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• Keep your bedroom well ventilated, but avoid drafts. The optimum temperature for sleeping is 20-22 degrees.

• Try to get some rest before going to bed. Exercise can be done one and a half to two hours before bedtime, mental activity should be completed at about the same time.

• Half an hour before bedtime, turn off your computer and TV, do not read newspapers, books and magazines. You can breathe fresh air on the balcony, take a relaxing bath, or devote this time to intimate relationships.

• Try to be quiet when you go to bed.

• Do not sort things out shortly before bedtime, do not scandal and do not argue.

• It is best to block out direct sunlight by covering the blinds or curtains before going to bed. This is most important in the spring and summer months, when it brightens very early.

• And, finally, before going to bed, it is best to tune in to a positive mood, to think of something pleasant that can find its embodiment in your night dreams.

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