How to get over the first six weeks of fatherhood
How to get over the first six weeks of fatherhood

How to cope with the first six weeks of fatherhood. Young father. How to take care of a child for a father.

Most new daddies feel completely overwhelmed by this screaming little creature living in a crib in the matrimonial bedroom. Why didn't anyone warn you that now you won't be able to sleep for more than fifteen minutes in a row? Rest assured, it will get easier over time, but first you will have to go through the first six weeks. This will take patience, perseverance, a sense of humor and a few sleepless nights, but you, your other half and the monster that emerged from her womb, will definitely get through this time.

Learn the skill of naps

People who claim to sleep like babies usually don't understand what this expression really means. There is a possibility that your newborn baby will never let you fall asleep throughout the night, so it is important to learn how to fall asleep whenever you can and at any time of the day. You may be able to get some sleep during the last quarter of the soccer game you watch on TV, or give up the hobby for a while until your child is a little older and demands a little less attention. (And you may have to wait thirty years for this.) In the first days after the birth of a child, sleep is of great value, so get some sleep whenever and wherever possible.

How to raise a man?
How to raise a man?

Practice selfishness

In the first weeks after the birth of a child, you will surely be besieged by all your relatives and friends, and if you want to boast of adding to the family, first of all, take care of yourself and the well-being of the baby. If necessary, be a little selfish and refuse to receive visitors when you are very tired. If relatives or friends still drop by to visit you, do not hesitate to burden them with business. Whenever they come to you, ask them to bring a freshly prepared lunch or invite the other half's parents to come in and help you with chores. And even if you barely interacted with them before, you will be able to look at them in a different light when they are on their knees scrubbing your bath.

Get out of the habit of cleanliness

Although everyone is talking about the miracle of birth, the real miracle is the fact that a creature with a stomach the size of a large pea defecates almost like an adult. No matter how angel your baby may seem, the contents of his diapers will have to be cleaned for a long time. And of course, baby bowel movements are only part of the problem. You should prepare yourself to be described ten times a day. And when you come to terms with this inevitability, you can become a much happier father.

Since babies not only pee frequently, but also vomit constantly, you should stock up on plenty of cleaning products. You can use soap and water, but they will not get rid of the unpleasant smell, so it is best to always have special cleaning products on hand. All pharmacies offer a wide range of such products, effective and non-toxic, for cleaning the home in which your newborn baby will live.

The lessons of the fathers. 111 fatherly advice from dad
The lessons of the fathers. 111 fatherly advice from dad

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As a newfound father, you are likely to be bombarded with advice and guidance from family and friends. But even though they sincerely want to help you, you should take their advice critically. After all, what helped your grandmother during WWII may not be of any use to you. You know your child better than anyone else, so trust your parenting instincts.

Get ready to be the parcel boy

The child spends most of the time with the mother, so you will have to take on all the hard work. Prepare to forget about your male pride and go shopping day after day for diapers, pads and baby pacifiers. And while you may not be eager to leave the house, taking a short walk every day can make a difference in your mood and well-being. Fresh air and a little physical activity stimulate the production of endorphins in the body, and they keep us alert and focused.

Be more condescending to yourself

Don't berate yourself that something is not going as you expected. You do not have to be able to and know everything in the first weeks after the birth of the child. In fact, many of your relatives and friends are still unable to recover from the knowledge that you were able to conceive a child at all. The main thing is to calmly approach all difficulties and try to be a good parent at every stage of your child's growing up.

Hyper-care of parents: advice from a psychologist
Hyper-care of parents: advice from a psychologist

As your newborn baby will test your patience, it is especially important to maintain a sense of humor. Laughing at the situation, you will find the strength to move on, and when your baby meets his first birthday, you will probably agree with the words of the American psychologist Charles Osgood: “Children cause more problems than you think, but they also give more happiness than you can imagine. imagine". Remember these words when your little one burps into the third clean set of clothes in five minutes.

Our kids

While newborn babies make our days shorter, our nights longer, our wallet thinner, and our sex life non-existent, they also make our families happier and our lives more meaningful. Enjoy life!

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