Steven Seagal: Kicking can be very effective
Steven Seagal: Kicking can be very effective

Two impressive victories of Sensei Sigal's students, direct kicks unusual for MMA - front kick, confuse even professionals.

Action hero Steven Seagal burst into the world of mixed martial arts in 2010, several videos on YouTube captured the actor's training with Anderson Silva, in the dark surroundings of the secret Brazilian camp "Black House" and with Lyoto Machida on the sunny terrace of an unnamed Brazilian villa. And if then all this caused a smile and the opportunity to once again discuss the eccentric behavior of athletes, now, after a year and two impressive victories of Sigal Sensei's students, direct kicks, unusual for MMA, are a front kick, even ardent skeptics are at a loss.

On the air of the radio show of UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer “It’s Time,” Steven Seagal confirmed that Machida's kick in the duel with Couture was not an accident, but the fruit of joint work:

“I came to Lyoto probably five days before the fight, something like this. We started working on the elbows, arms and movements … but especially the kicks. Most of the guys who put a lot of energy into wrestling, I would not call good drummers. Kicking can be very effective."

“The trick of this blow, its deceptive essence, is that with the usual technique of its execution, you first raise your knee, and then strike. And I teach guys to strike, in which the leading role is assigned to the movement of the foot. I don't want to talk too much about him and reveal all the secrets. It's different and it's hard to understand, but my guys are using it successfully. "

Segal returned to prehistory and told how he got to the famous "Black House":

“It all started when Anderson sent me a postcard, said, 'Please teach me your deadly technique.' Because many of my students know that the knowledge that I have is effective. He left his phone number and the number of the manager of the guys from the Black House, Jorge Guimaraes. He said, "Yes, man, all the guys want to learn from you." I went there and started coaching."

Steven Seagal: Kicking can be very effective
Steven Seagal: Kicking can be very effective

The trainings do not stop and the sensei still has many tricks that are waiting in the wings to shock the inexperienced audience, but like any real cheat or magician, Sigal is not ready to reveal all the cards at once:

“There are several variations of elbow strikes, different effective punches, entrances, that's what I work on with the guys. There are other things I don't want to talk about, you guys just haven't seen it. They are not widely known, but they do not break the rules."

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