Lover: Do women cheat more often?
Lover: Do women cheat more often?

The number of wives who have a secret relationship on the side is growing. What are the main reasons for female infidelity and what does the relentless statistics say about it?

Few people will condemn a man for having a relationship on the side, but if it turns out that a married woman has a lover, society treats her with contempt. Sexologists believe that a spouse who has a happy family life does not change, but statistics contradict the opinion of experts. The number of wives who have a secret relationship on the side is growing. The reasons for female infidelity are different: from dissatisfaction in sexual life with her husband to the revival of the moral norms of the Middle Ages, when it was prestigious for a lady to have several favorites.

Gender equality has not yet been achieved. The reason for the negative attitude towards a walking wife is hidden in male psychology. The stronger sex is a bold, brave conqueror, as well as self-confident in their perfection. If he cheats, then he considers it his little weakness, which every loving wife should forgive. Therefore, first of all, a wife's lover is a strong blow to a man's pride.

Reasons for the appearance of a lover

Sexual life in the family. As a rule, when there is no harmony in bed with her husband, some women endure it, live by the principle “sex is not the main thing”. Others need satisfaction, and since you cannot get high-quality sex with your spouse, you can try to look for someone on the side.

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Casanova in female form. Heroes-lovers from ancient times are men. Women have always been associated with the keepers of hearths and family comfort. And in the Middle Ages, female infidelity was common, wives had several lovers. The law of love at that time said - the more sexual relations, the better a woman. At present, such behavior is condemned, but some ladies cannot change the inherent experience of their ancestors. Even in a happy marriage, women find secret favorites and do not consider their behavior immoral. This is the psychology of Casanova: betrayal as the meaning of life.

A holiday romance. The most common type of cheating, which sometimes turns into a serious relationship. Such a passion flares up between a man and a woman who accidentally met that when they return home, they continue to communicate closely.

Revenge. When a woman finds out about her husband's infidelities, then in addition to pain and resentment, a thirst for revenge arises. The woman believes that the best way to repay her husband for betrayal is to find the connection herself on the side. But not everyone is capable of such an act.

Many ladies have a lover in pursuit of one goal - to have fun. They think they can end their secret relationship at any time. But the more time passes, the more difficult it is to get out of this trap. Psychologists say that it is always easier for men to part because women are more sensitive and quickly become attached to a partner, even if this was not originally part of their plan.

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If a lover has more positive qualities than a husband, then this, one way or another, leads to an early divorce. It happens that a wife leaves her spouse, realizing that she is unlikely to ever marry her secret partner.

Statistics of female connections

The most common age when a woman starts a love affair on the side is thirty-five years.

The more educated a spouse is, the less faithful she is. This conclusion was made by psychologists, having studied a huge number of family betrayals.

82% of women admitted that their lover had been their friend for a long time. This is one of the proofs of the common male claim that friendship between a man and a woman is sex for later.

In Great Britain, 40% of women cheat on their husbands, and the stronger sex in marriage has mistresses in only 20% of cases.

Scientists have identified three dangerous periods when the risk of cheating is highest: the third and seventh years of married life, as well as after twenty years of living together.

The percentage of men who cheat on their wives has remained unchanged for several years, while the percentage of unfaithful women is growing every year.

40% of women cheated on their husbands once, 25% went to the left from two to ten times, and 15% do it regularly.

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