Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises
Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises

The ten best giant liner cruises in the Mediterranean that are not only fun, but also quite cheap.

Have you always thought of cruising as an expensive and inaccessible vacation? We have specially selected the ten best deals to prove that traveling on huge liners in the Mediterranean Sea can be not only interesting, but also quite cheap.


A small five-day cruise can be taken if you have $ 299! Royal Caribbean International's Liberty Of The Seas starts in Barcelona in the evening, ends up in French Nice the next day, then returns to Spain so that you can enjoy the beaches and nightlife of Palma de Mallorca for a couple of days, and arrives in Barcelona early in the morning. While on board, guests can indulge in self-indulgence, spending time at the spas, strolling through the themed bars, or simply working in a pleasant environment (the ship has excellent wi-fi).

Three countries

For $ 449, you have a unique opportunity to visit three countries at once by traveling on the Liberty Of The Seas cruiser by Royal Caribbean International - and all this in six days! Leaving Spanish Barcelona, in the morning you will already be in French Nice, the next day you will have a walk around Rome, spend another day in Sardinia and, having spent a day on the way by sea, in the morning you will arrive at the port of Barcelona. If you still have time after the excursions, some cruises offer free bonus spa visits.

Western Mediterranean

This cruise from Royal Caribbean International will take you eight days. You will leave in the evening from the Spanish city of Malaga, spend a day in Valencia, then in a day you will sail from the Iberian Peninsula to the Apennine Peninsula, from morning till evening you will walk around Rome, devote another day to Florence, stop by Corsica and, spending another day on the way across the open sea, on the eighth day you will return to Malaga. The journey will take place on a huge liner Adventure Of The Seas, designed for more than 3,000 passengers, which has not only a shopping gallery, beauty salons, spas, but even an ice skating rink and a climbing wall. A luxury cruise in the western Mediterranean will set you back just $ 499!

Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises
Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises

Italian Mediterranean.

For $ 523, you can take an eight-day cruise around Italy, visiting several other countries along the way. It all starts in the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca. After spending a day at sea, you will land on the French Cote d'Azur and enjoy Cannes and Monte Carlo all day. Then the ship will proceed to Italy and make a stopover in Florence. And there - a stone's throw to Rome. You have to spend another day in Sicily in Palermo, and then, having crossed the sea in a day, return to Palma de Mallorca. And all this - aboard the Grandeur Of The Seas cruise ship for 2,440 guests, owned by Royal Caribbean International. It offers a full range of spa programs, two swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor jogging tracks, a computer games room and a huge selection of bars and restaurants.

Eastern Mediterranean

You only need $ 499 to explore the most interesting corners of the eastern Mediterranean. Leaving Rome in the evening, you will spend the next day in Sicily. Then in a day you will overcome the path by sea, and now - you are already in Greece, in Athens. The next day, the Turkish cities of Kusadasi and ancient Ephesus await you. Then - return to Greece and visit Crete, another day at sea, and you finish in Rome. The cruise is organized by Royal Caribbean International on the impressive Navigator Of The Seas, where you can go ice skating, play basketball or mini golf, visit the huge theater with a five-story auditorium, or spend some money at the casino.


Haven't you been to Venice yet? A good reason to visit this city and then spend seven days aboard the Voyager Of The Seas cruise ship from Royal Caribbean International for only $ 499. With a capacity of 3114 guests, the boat has everything for your leisure, from swimming pools, golf stimulators and aerobics rooms to incredible restaurants with different cuisines of the world. So, everything will start in Venice, then the ship will go to the Slovenian city of Koper, from there you will go to the Italian Ravenna for a day, spend another day in the famous Bari, cross the sea overnight and in the morning you will find yourself in the Croatian Dubrovnik, then a day in free sailing and a day in Venice.


If you can find $ 499, an eight-day cruise to two Mediterranean countries is a great vacation option! The ship Costa Romantica Costa Cruise Lines begins a cruise in the Italian port of Civitavecchia, the next day it makes a stop in the Sicilian city of Messina, then a day at sea, and the next morning arrives in Izmir, Turkey. Travelers will spend another day on the Greek island of Santorini, the next - on the glamorous Mykonos, after - in Pireo, and after a day at sea you will be returned to the Italian port. You will be amazed by the truly Italian stylish design of the liner. Millions of dollars have been invested in original works of art: paintings, sculptures, murals and handcrafted furniture. And, of course, a liner from the Apennines cannot exist without a casino, an opera house and luxurious restaurants of Italian cuisine.


An exhilarating journey awaits when you choose to cruise on the Costa Serena from Costa Cruise Lines for $ 599 for eight days. The cruise will start in Spanish Barcelona, then you will proceed to France - to Marseille, then spend a day on the Italian cities of Savonna and Naples, for a short time - from morning to noon - stay in Catania and sail across to the African coast - to Tunisia. After a day's acquaintance with this country, you will spend another day on the way by sea and in the morning you will arrive in Barcelona. Among the merits of the luxury liner Costa Serena (the new flagship of the company) is the prestigious Sanzara Spa on board, 13 bars, five restaurants and as many as four swimming pools (two of which with a glass sliding roof).

East coasts

It costs $ 799 for the 11-day trip from Celebrity Cruises, which offers a completely different, very high level of comfort on board their ships. The Celebrity Equinox ship has everything you need for a luxurious journey: from the spa, solarium, gardens, to the wine cellar, where you can listen to a lecture and experience the best wines. The ship departs from Rome, then a day in Sicily, a day at sea - and you arrive in the capital of Greece, from where you sail to Turkey in the evening to get to the Turkish city of Kusadasi in the morning. Then you will get acquainted with the Greek islands of Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini, the Italian island of Capri, and everything will end in Rome.

Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises
Ten cheapest Mediterranean cruises

From Italy to Istanbul.

You will spend 11 days on a cruise along the eastern Mediterranean Sea from Costa Cruise Lines, paying $ 739 per trip. Like many of the company's other cruises, your trip will begin at the Italian port of Civitavecchia. Then Messina awaits you, a day at sea, acquaintance with the Greek islands of Santarini and Mykonos, from where you will go to Izmir. After Izmir - the highlight of the program - a day and a half in beautiful Istanbul. You will return to Italy via the Greek ports of Volos and Pireo. The cruise will take place on the Costa Romantica, one of the most elegant and comfortable ships of this company.

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