I want to remember. Happy reality
I want to remember. Happy reality

I don't really want to remember the separation, when your beloved or beloved left you. When it comes to sad events, our memory becomes really short.

We all know the famous expression: "A girl's memory is a short memory"! Of course, it is used more when it comes to personal relationships, or rather, the desire to end them. Because in fact, a short memory shortens not only our life, but also our youth, the ability to look great for a long time.

Wise selectivity

Who among us has not noticed that when it comes to sad events, or even simply tragic, our memory becomes really short. I don't really want to remember that on such and such a day on such and such a date, after a terrible quarrel, your beloved or beloved left you. Although there are mourning dates that we simply must remember, such as the days of death of loved ones. But let's pay attention to the fact that over time these dates are increasingly perceived by us as an occasion to remember the brightest, most vivid episodes from the life of a deceased person. At such moments he does not so much die as he resurrects on the screen of our mind's eye.

But the wise selectivity of our memory loves joy, not sorrow. That is why it often blocks dark memories, and, on the contrary, generously offers us bright memories.

And then with great joy we travel on the waves of our memory to the blissful islands of those beautiful days when we were truly young and truly happy. Yes, yes, but this is all nostalgia, almost abstraction, and the mirror says that we are not at all the same.

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How to improve relations with your wife?

And yet, both the ancient esoteric schools and modern researchers of paranormal, non-standard phenomena believed and still believe that a trip along the waves of memory can turn from a bizarre twist of fantasies into a very specific reality. A reality that can seriously affect our health, and our appearance, and all life plans.

In the light of a distant star

It has long been commonplace for the knowledge that many of the stars that we see in the sky, in fact, have long since lost their physical bodies, in a simple way, have died. But we continue to admire them, because their light is only still reaching our solar system, our planet.

Here it is just appropriate to recall the esoteric idea that in addition to a physical, dense body, a person also has an astral, subtle body, and an even more subtle mental and even fiery body, i.e. a body consisting of particles of energies of very high planes of being. And this body is never exactly destroyed!

But all bodies on Earth and in Space have the same structure, and not only human bodies. This means that all the events that once and somewhere happened, also did not disappear! This is what the sages of the East spoke about to European seekers of truth a hundred years ago.

Each new moment we pass from the future into the past, adding a little more of the present to this past. But for all that, our past continues to live calmly, but only in those areas that are not visible to our eye due to the difference in vibrations of the worlds. And also due to the fact that we simply do not allow such a possibility into our consciousness. But in vain! Because such a trip without quotes to the past, where our youth, joy and happiness live, is real!

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How to argue with a girl?

Another thing is that we cannot change anything there (where we sometimes would like it!), But we can get a powerful charge of those energies that shine so brightly for us in those episodes of life where we want to get! It is possible that someday it will be possible to change the past life by correcting it. But this is definitely not available to us yet. Although in all the sacred books of mankind and, above this, in the Revelation of John the Theologian, it is said that time will stop passing, it will seem to lose its power over us, and “a day will last for more than a century”.

How to fly?

But we will focus on what we can here and now, because this is what each of us cares about the most. Who doesn’t want to look younger (I don’t take individual intellectual elders)?

First, you must immediately tell yourself: I do not live only in the past, but I turn to it only in order to recharge with vital energy for real affairs. Otherwise, you can be captivated by these beautiful memories so much that you simply lose all understanding of the events taking place in the present. It will already be wandering in castles in the air, hovering in the clouds, even though there are people who believe that there is nothing more beautiful than dying in a castle in the air!

But we do not want to die there, we want to return from there, full of strength, freshness and health.

How to find a pretty girl?
How to find a pretty girl?

Therefore, let us say to ourselves: “I want to remember very clearly an episode from my life where I felt so good. And I want to be transported into it mentally! Let my physical body remain here, among the usual forms and objects. And in my immortal energy body I merge with myself, as I was then. And I relive the whole situation in order to come back as young, healthy and happy as I was there!"

I want to remember very clearly an episode from my life where I felt so good
I want to remember very clearly an episode from my life where I felt so good

You can sit somewhere in the park on a remote bench and do this meditation, which we can call "flight into your immortal reality."

Or you can just walk down the street and stop in a secluded, cozy place, away from the noise of cars, and close your eyes for a minute. And remember everything. Everything that I so wanted to remember today. Let one minute pass in this world, there time does not obey earthly laws. So it will be enough for us to plunge into wonderful events and again smoothly emerge from them in order to return back.

But this is just a flight of imagination, skeptics will say! No, this is the flight of thought, which, as most scientists now admit, is quite material. Only this is a very delicate matter, consisting of not earthly, but cosmic particles, the very ones that are infused into us from birth by the Divine Cosmos, all saturated with the High Thought of the Creator. And thought flies at the speed of light. The very light of a distant star, to which we are now striving.

Cool compliments that a girl can't resist
Cool compliments that a girl can't resist

And just as quickly we will go back. By the way, the state of Paradise is very often described as an endless repetition of the best episodes of our earthly life. Especially the Eastern researchers of posthumous phenomena, who call Rai Devachan, insist on this.

In a word, making such trips along the waves of our youthful memory, we seem to be in Paradise every time, in our purely Paradise!

Those of the scientists who observed people who know how not only to meditate, but also to make such flights, noticed that these people, as a rule, look much younger than their years.

It cannot be otherwise, because they are constantly saturated with the energies of those planes where the all-powerful Kronos is forced to rest.

Therefore, this fresh energy charge that people borrow from themselves, only living in a completely different reality, does their job. This is truly a cosmic microsculptor cream, but you can't buy it in any Rive Gaucher!

But it is given free of charge to those who believe. So let's try to believe and, of course, fly. We will certainly succeed.

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