What women are silent about in bed
What women are silent about in bed

What women are silent about in bed. Women's secrets in bed. Male faults in bed.

It is not difficult for us to share with them the most intimate and painful, we can easily tell them about the problems at work, we, O Gods, have learned to argue with ease and almost without blushing about the advantages of one blowjob technique over another.

But there are things that we will never and under no circumstances (even under torture, even with an insidious attempt at blackmail) tell them, our man. What are women silent about in bed?

Why are women silent?

But first, we decided to figure out the very essence of the problem. Why are we silent? Why is it so difficult for us to point out to our man his mistakes, say, in oral sex? Why do we prefer to be silent like Jeanne D'ark, burning at the stake, than to admit to a man directly and bluntly that we do not quite or even do not like his technique of "methodical hammering in a nail"? Why the maximum that we can do is to subtly hint: "Honey, you look tired, maybe today I will stay on top?"

And the fact is that we are terribly afraid of offending them. Yes! A word spoken inadvertently (at the wrong moment, in the wrong intonation, to the wrong man) can ruin sexual relations with them once and for all. After all, men in everything that concerns their sexual capabilities, abilities and sizes (!) Are like children - vulnerable, sensitive and absolutely not tolerating criticism (even constructive and to the point: “Dear, your“jelly tongue”is ideal, but over "Bumblebee flight" needs a little work. I propose to do this now and do ").

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Another reason for our silence is embarrassment. Agree, sometimes it's embarrassing and embarrassing to admit your secret desires. What if he considers it a perversion and simply refuses to sleep with a "mentally unbalanced" person? What if he doesn't like it or didn't try it at all? What if he doesn't like it or scare him?

There are many doubts and worries; there are few good, loyal and attentive men. Better to be silent and play by his rules than to say and be alone. And I'll hide the whip and handcuffs in the farthest bins of the mezzanine … until better times, so to speak.

So it turns out that guided only by our guided motives (in order to avoid awkwardness / not offend / not frighten / not push away), we stubbornly remain silent in bed. Each about its own, each about the most intimate.

But what exactly women in bed are silent about, I propose to read a little below.

What women in bed are silent about: results of a social survey

1. It is easier to give than to explain why you don’t want to

Vera: “I usually behave quite frankly. I don’t like the posture - I ask you to change it, I don’t get pleasure this way - I suggest it differently, it lifts my legs too high - either I lower it myself, or I make a delicate remark. What I’m not saying is that I don’t want sex today … in general. As they say, it is better to give … It will be cheaper for yourself"

2. Darling, deeper, stronger …

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Svetlana: “I was always ashamed to ask my boyfriend to be more rude and brutal in bed. He spanked me there, or pulled me by the hair - anything, just not eternal tenderness and a calf's eye with a mute question: Are you good, dear?"

Masha: “I'm too embarrassed to ask him to be more assertive. Especially in the midst of bed games. So it tempts to shout: Deeper, stronger, more! ".

3. Or maybe you don't need this ?

Irina: “In my husband, on the contrary, tenderness like a shoemaker's - the cat wept. Now he twists the nipples, then the chest crumples for hours, then all sorts of words that correspond to the rich and powerful vocabulary of the sailor, poison. We do not know the concepts of "caress" and "stroke"!"

Nadia: “I hate it when, during a blowjob, he grabs my hair and starts to push it on his dick. But how can you explain to him that this is humiliating and disgusting, at least?"

4. Darling, can you close your mouth and get down to business?

Tatiana: “My husband loves making happy moans and passionate sounds during cunnilingus. I understand that by doing so he proves his love for me and for this process, but, damn it, this is so distracting and interferes with concentration !!”.

Nika: “I had no luck at all with oral sex. He does not know how, and that's it. Although he is firmly convinced that he is an ace and a wizard. It’s her own fault, I convinced him at the very beginning that I’ll confine myself to just one touch of my tongue. Now I am suffering."

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5. Yes, I finished, I finished !!

Katya: “Mine loves to stop at the hottest moment and ask if I finished. Really, it is not clear that it is not yet, and is already unlikely?"

6. Or maybe you will strain for a change …

Lera: “And my pervert is still the one, he will put me solemnly on top and come on, work, baby. He also asks to whisper all sorts of dirty words in his ear. Well, I don’t feel like a bad girl, I don’t want to ask for punishments, spanking and other vulgarities. I would just take the missionary position and enjoy the love."

7. You are my hero …

Nastya: “My husband, be he … healthy, firmly believes that the number of changeable positions in 1 minute of sex must be maximum. Supposedly this proves his superheroism in bed. I only lay down in one and tuned in, he already folds me in a different way. Firstly, I am far from an acrobat, and it’s hard for me to wrap my leg behind my head, and secondly, who said it’s cool?”

8. Come here, my hamster

Lena: “I was always amused by a member in an inactive state. He is so small, soft, compassionate, just like a hamster. I just want to scratch him behind the ear, and then take home. But no, you have to make an enthusiastic face and praise this "miracle of nature": What are you … what are you … ".

9. What, nafig, sex. I have to go to work

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Nina: “I hate sex in the morning. As always, you are late for work, you chew a sandwich on the go, you try to button your skirt with one hand and your sandal with the other, and here he is, the God of love and sex. And away we go, a 2-hour marathon of bed delights "dry". Hello, another reprimand from the chief. Hello, irritation and non-movement of the legs."

10. What are you looking for there?

Natalya: “My beloved loves to dig into me with his finger. For a long time, for half an hour. What he is looking for is not clear. I’m silent, I’m waiting. Maybe he will find it after all."


Or maybe, well, his - to be silent. After all, we ourselves suffer from this in the first place. Well, he will not understand the first time, you can try again. And if it doesn't work out on the third, then we either take a pen in our hands and start drawing, or we change the man. After all, sexual dissatisfaction is not in vain for both partners.

And where is the guarantee that your desire and its realization will not bring him the same (and maybe more) pleasure?

Leave false shyness, be bolder, do not be afraid to lose an unworthy man (if he does not understand and laughs, then why is he like that at all ?!).

After all, each creature has a pair, and we are all made to match our partner. Nature is female, she thought of everything and did it for us.

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