Belorussian Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2011-2012
Belorussian Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Belorussian Fashion Week (BFW) is an international event focused on the popularization of “pret – a – porter” designer clothes in Belarus.

The main task of the BFW is to create favorable conditions for the development of pret-a-porte fashion in Belarus and to promote its popularization among potential consumers of designer clothes. The BFW Organizing Committee strives to shape the fashion business and make it one of the national treasures. Every developing country should not only be proud of and preserve historically established cultural values, but also strive to show its continuity to new directions in the life of society, which include fashion and everything connected with it.

The development of fashion as an independent direction helps to attract investments from world-famous fashion patrons, which proves the economic stability of the country and the existence of prospects for cooperation. All this attracts people working in the field of fashion, who join their efforts and meet twice a year at such a hospitable business platform as Belorussian Fashion Week.

Broadcasts of all Belorussian Fashion Week shows on the World Fashion Chanel TV channel and cooperation with a number of other authoritative media of international importance contribute to informing the European society about the state of fashion in our country.

Head of Belorussian Fashion Week Yanina Goncharova
Head of Belorussian Fashion Week Yanina Goncharova

Head of Belorussian Fashion Week Yanina Goncharova. This season, the BFW Organizing Committee has been selective in choosing the designers who will participate in the Fashion Week. One of the most important factors is the first organized exhibition "Fashion Weekend - SHOWROOM". Both designers, participants of the Fashion Week, and those who specially come to Belarus to show their clothes and find promising contacts will be able to present theirs to work on it.

Much attention will be paid to the creation of the BFW Fashion Study Center this season. The main goal of the project is to provide an opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge, exchange opinions, share experiences with each other. Topics to be covered are related to the legalization of the work of designers, the work of buyers, PR and work with the media.

In addition, within the framework of the Fashion Week, various institutions of the capital will hold special events, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on strengthening business, partnership and friendly relations between all participants of the Belorussian Fashion Week.

Belorussian Fashion Week - fashion starts here!

Head of BFW, Yanina Goncharova

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