The male answer to the female: "NO!"
The male answer to the female: "NO!"

Men are about girls who specifically "spin the dynamo". Potential consequences, what to do and how to behave correctly.

Why do women say, "No!" - we have already found out. But what do men think about this? And in general about the girls who specifically "spin the dynamo"? Several daredevils have agreed to respond to our candid interview.

See what came of it.

Our questions were answered by:

Dmitry Medvedev, civil engineer, 25 years old.

Yuri Antoshin, artist, 27 years old.

Vadim Zharkov, PR manager, 23 years old.

Maxim Lunin, photographer, 24 years old.

Have you ever heard: “No!”? How did the girl motivate her refusal?

Dmitry: "If you want peace, prepare for war !!!" … Sometimes it seems to me that this phrase is a kind of advice for a man: how to behave with a woman. I heard "NO" in my address - it was tough and specific, and since me and that charming girl were 15 years old, then, naturally, it was all motivated as - “I don’t love you!”, as they say, simply and tastefully …

Yuri: The motivation for the refusal was different:

- sometimes out of harm and from the desire to enjoy the emotional reaction of the one who was given a refusal. Then it is best for a man to demonstrate complete indifference, because in this case, a violent emotional reaction is what she expects from you.

- sometimes due to some unknown complexes that grow from childhood or from adolescence.

- for reasons to show that "I am not like that." Say NO, but hint that YES will come later.

- "NO" because I just didn't like it.

Girl wants to leave
Girl wants to leave
What to do and how to behave correctly so that you never hear
What to do and how to behave correctly so that you never hear

What do you think of girls (in general) who spin dynamos?

Dmitry: What do I think about the girls who "spin the dynamo" ?! Nothing good!!! Invite a hungry person, start cooking a lamb barbecue in front of him, put it on a plate, pour sauce over it, sprinkle it with herbs around and tell him: “What a delicious barbecue! Bon appetit! But I think you won't be able to taste it! " And, smiling, you go to eat it "insolently". And what will a hungry and all "slobbering" person feel at that moment ?! I think that such girls were created only to be "dynamited" and not loved.

What pisses off girls in men?
What pisses off girls in men?

Yuri: As for the "dynamo girls", it is better to calculate them right away in order to avoid wasting time and money.

Vadim: I don't think anything positive about such girls. If you're bored, then these girls are just right. The brain will be completely washed out, the nerves will be squeezed out great, and as a result, nothing will come of it. For a serious relationship, girls of this type are absolutely not suitable. Everything always in these relationships comes down to one thing: "Sorry, I think we need to part." But, if you could tie this girl to yourself and change for the better (for yourself), then you are just a superman!

Maxim: I don't think about them, as a rule, you can immediately see what they need. "Such" go on walking through their boutiques further.

So, as we can see from the poll, no one likes "girls-dynamists" and the guys try to figure them out right away. As for the answer "NO", then men will stop at nothing if they really like the girl and sunk into their hearts. They believe that this "NO" is just a transitional bridge to a new stage in their relationship, when she finally says "YES". If their feelings are mutual, this will definitely happen.

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