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Quotes by writer Hank Moody
Quotes by writer Hank Moody

In anticipation of the new season of the American television series Californication due out in January, we've re-watched the entire episode and underscored something for ourselves.

Californication, better known as Californication, tells the story of the colorful life of heartthrob writer Hank Moody. In this story, the main role of the "bad guy" was brilliantly played by David Duchovny, who showed an excellent acting game in the "adult boy".

In anticipation of the new season of the American television series Californication, which will be released in January 2011, we re-watched the entire episode and emphasized something for ourselves. Some, from our team, went into a binge, fell into a "male" nirvana or went all out. Now, sitting in a half-empty office, we is in a hurry to share the best quotes from the writer Hank Moody and other inhabitants of "Californication". Perhaps there are strong words in the depths of the intimate quotes, but we hope that the girls do not read the magazine.

Quotes from writer Hank Moody

“It's not about winning or losing. It's about how you play."

"Things are good. I'm sick of my life and of myself, but I'm not upset."

“I imagined myself as a kind of Martha Stewart for the poor. But what do you really want? Sitting at home on the couch, sitting with some simpleton and watching soap on the TV, and he would watch you get fat?"

"Yes, I am, I am for family values."

The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know
The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know

"I noticed that a tattoo over the tailbone is a sign of a tendency to messy connections."

“Maybe it's time to broaden your cinematic horizons and watch a movie based on the book?”

“Damn Los Angeles Forest. Henk hates you all. On my journey through this crazy little thing called life, I learned a few things. First, it is better to be awkward in the morning than to spend the night alone. Second: I may not go down in history, but I will definitely go into your sister. And third: when I’m down, I would like to see curls on my pubis, I’m not talking about the lush bushes from the “Playboy” of the 70s, but about something that will show me that I am doing cunnilingus for an adult woman. But I think the most important question: why does the city of Agelov break its women with such obsession?"

Quotes from Californication
Quotes from Californication

“Nobody loves you, you are a freak and your mom dresses you like a clown. Smile, you fucked-up animal "(in the mirror)

"Each one is the blacksmith of his … happy ending."

"I was lying if I said that I never dreamed of raping a Scientologist."

"Need to talk? Truth? Usually nothing good comes out of this venture. Never!"

“It's funny, these people are raving about the idea of saving the environment and that's all they talk about. And they themselves, for sure, burned somewhere 10 thousand pounds of fuel with their private jets to hit the road on the weekend in Cabo."

“You wanna side fuck, okay. Fuck whoever you want, I'm not a judge, just don't fool a woman and don't waste the best years of her life. Is not cool."

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

“After graduation, if you can do something else, like telemarketing, selling drugs or digging trenches, or becoming a Major League baseball referee, this is what I would advise you, because being a writer is dumb, it's like every day do your homework for the rest of your life."

“It's just the fact that people seem to me to be getting dumber and dumber. I mean, we have all this great technology and yet computers have become essentially four-fingered jerks. The internet was supposed to make us free and democratic, but the only thing we got was the cancellation of Howard Dean's candidacy. And 24/7 access to child porn. People, they don't write anymore, they blog. Instead of talking, they exchange text messages, no punctuation marks, no grammar. Lol this, that. It seems to me that just one herd of stupid people pseudo communicates with another herd of the same stupid people through some primitive language. More like caveman speech than standard English."

"The wine is not bad, but the whiskey is faster."

"You are an analog guy in a digital world."

"I'm telling you, even a hundred high-quality pussies cannot be compared to the love of a good woman."

“You know, most people dream all their lives, but never find true love. They say they found it, because everyone feels like a star in their own little romantic comedy, but, in fact, this is all dog shit. You and I had women who loved us as we are, truly loved us, and we fucked them up. For what? For the brainless asses that we forget in 10 minutes?"

The myth of a real man
The myth of a real man
Hank Moody quotes. Actor David Duchovny
Hank Moody quotes. Actor David Duchovny

“Do you know how hard it is to bring a girl to orgasm? It's like defusing a bomb. I mean, there are many different wires and buttons, you need to know how to combine all this and where to press? In addition, studies have shown that female orgasms are 99% mental. Who has time for this?"

"You can't sit on 2 chairs, you can't tell me to fuck you and ask me to forget you, and then burst into my life whenever you want."

"Research has shown that two out of three marriages end in divorce, sometimes more."

“Look at the clock: the hour shows - it's gone, and the minute - fuck you. It's good that there is no second, right?"

“She’s so sensitive.

- All are good.

“You are stunning. Only the make-up is like a whore, but maybe this is what you are trying to achieve, I don’t know.”

"And I like to think that I have a horseradish 30 cm, which is a vile lie, he is 5 cm shorter."

"God hates all of us."

“And may the force be with you, my gothic princess. Whatever you do, don't become like everyone else."

"You can call me an old bore, but I always thought that all the head is involved in is cheating."

“I'm not going to be held accountable for past sins. If you want to be angry about this shit, please, be angry with your health, just don’t feed me stories about how you always forgive, and then dig into the past, fishing for sins from there, which I had forgotten a long time ago. This is not forgiveness."

20 facts about men who don't know women
20 facts about men who don't know women

"A friend will not let a friend be sad, at least not alone."

"Without a challenge, life is fucking boring."

"You know, in 10 years, you might be the love of my life."

“I met a woman by chance, I didn’t strive for this, I didn’t seek love, but this is how the circumstances developed. She said something, I answered and in the middle of our conversation, I felt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Now I am more than sure of this feeling, perhaps she is the one, the only one, she is completely insane and brings a rather nervous smile, she is vital for me, she is you. This is good news, the bad news is that I don’t know how to be with you now, and it terribly scares me, because if we are not together now, it seems to me that we will be lost forever. This is a huge scary world in which everything boils and changes, and people close their eyes and miss the moment, the moment that can change everything. I don’t know what will happen to us, I can’t say why you should believe someone like me, but damn, you smell good, you smell good at home and you make great coffee, that also needs to be considered, right?”

Hank Moody quotes
Hank Moody quotes
Is it necessary to take revenge on a person for the wrongs inflicted? Your dark side knows the answer
Is it necessary to take revenge on a person for the wrongs inflicted? Your dark side knows the answer

"You only need to tie when you've touched the bottom."

"Whatever you do, don't give up, never give up."

"You can't live without love, you shouldn't live at least."

"Remember that ultimately everything is for her sake."

“Every time I catch myself telling a woman how beautiful she is, because it's true. Each woman is beautiful in her own way, you know, each of you has something: a smile, a bend, a mystery, you are wonderful creatures of women, the work of my life, but the night is followed by morning, a hangover and the realization that I am no longer the same, what was the previous evening. But she left and I can only think about the missed chance."

"You know, if you relax for a second and stop so persistently looking for a life partner, then perhaps one morning you will wake up next to him."

“Some women kind of fall asleep and wait for the prince, out of curiosity, to look through their dusty window and turn their lives into a fairy tale or something like that. But not you, you are not wasting your time."

"It's not easy to forget the kiss of a beautiful woman."

"Don't chase women with fake tits."

“It all starts with the best intentions, I just want to see that they are all special, everyone needs to be noticed and appreciated, and then things get out of control."

What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry
What are men silent about? 55 facts that make men angry

“Bitches don't like it when we fuck other bitches. And they don't like it when we call them bitches."

“Don't tell me what I have to. All my fucking life people have been telling me what I'm doing wrong, I'm always a fucking asshole, but I look around and see that everyone around me is even bigger assholes than me."

Hank Moody quotes from Californication
Hank Moody quotes from Californication

“It looks like we are the proud parents of a lesbian daughter. High five!"

"Hold your cock with a gun, but remember, the safest sex is phone sex."

"Nobody likes sly-ass."

"Any beautiful woman has a man who is tired of fucking her."

"You look like you climbed out of the trash heap outside a fish restaurant and you smell like a mermaid's ass."

"The sun is singing, the birds are shining, the water is wet, and life is beautiful, my love, life is beautiful …"

Congratulations, you are again on the territory of the sovereign state "Not Your Dog's Business"!

"You know, everything is like King's - rock and roll heaven."

"Your assistant makes me want to touch myself in indecent places."

“In the city of idle dreamers, time can play a cruel joke on you. Today you dream about something, and tomorrow your dream becomes a reality. It was the best time in my life. If I knew it then. But mistakes are made, hearts are broken, lessons learned are cruel. My family is doing without me, and I'm drowning in a sea of useless pussies. I don't know how I got there, but here I am."

Wise advice for men
Wise advice for men

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