Catastrophe. 10 reasons not to be friends with a man
Catastrophe. 10 reasons not to be friends with a man

Girls do not want to be our friends, not because we mercilessly hit them on the head with a portfolio and pulled by their pigtails.

It just so happened that all my mother's friends at one time gave birth to boys, so I, a beautiful rose, had to grow up surrounded by five idiots. On this occasion, I usually hear: "Oh, it's so cool when your friends are members of the opposite sex!"

The stereotype that a boyfriend-friend has an undoubted advantage over any girl when shopping and discussing relationships with your beloved, for some reason is firmly entrenched in the minds of most girls. This is not true. I am ready to write this phrase in giant red letters on the tallest building in the world, because it really is not so.

Do you also think that a male friend is a gift of fate? Here are ten reasons why a male friend is at least a disaster.

1. Men do not know how to listen.

Every girl periodically needs to speak out - this, if you like, is a feature of our body. Men are accustomed to convey only the essence of what happened, without lyrical digressions. Hence the dissonance - the discrepancy between our expectations and their capabilities.

A friend - he is not only to cry, but to laugh together and get nervous. If your best friend is a man, then you will have to keep silent about how wonderful Masha's new dress is and where her boyfriend works, if you tell how you met them in the supermarket. Otherwise, you run the risk of broadcasting into the void or being in an uncomfortable position. For example, I once found Max sleeping peacefully at the climax of my heartbreaking story.

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How to find yourself a girlfriend?

2. Men are stingy with emotions

They only laugh if it's really funny. It is unlikely that a man will be amused by the story of your neighbor, who broke her heel, was late for work, took a taxi, arrived and found out that today is Sunday and you don't need to go to work.

You should also not expect from him a sympathetic sob in connection with the end of your next romance. He may chuckle or even say: “Wow, what a scoundrel!”, But you should know - a man will never think so. He himself just broke up with his girlfriend yesterday and is not at all worried about it.

3. Men hate melodrama.

Oh, how difficult it is to get a male to watch a melodrama or a romantic comedy! It will only work if he is in a sentimental mood today. Otherwise, you'd better settle for an action movie, otherwise, until the very end credits, you will have to listen to how all this is feigned, what a fool Kerry Bradshaw is, and how strange that the Man of Her Dreams has not yet run away from her.

4. Men don't like shopping

It is only in films and books that male friends happily go shopping with the main character and spend hours there choosing a dress for an upcoming date. They really, most likely, will give sensible advice, only to drag a man to a store is a more difficult task than Russia's accession to the WTO. And even if your trip takes place, you need to plan it as carefully as possible, because it will be accompanied by incessant whining: "Well, how much you can choose!"

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How to invite a girl to date: 155 beautiful phrases

Keep in mind that in another boutique he may start flirting with a long-legged saleswoman, and then you will be stuck here for a long time. Don't want to hear accusations that you upset his personal life and deprived him of his only hope of a happy old age? Choose a dress from this store. And thank the girl for the great service. Perhaps you still have to meet with her already as the beloved woman of your best friend.

5. Men cannot appreciate your appearance

Don't expect praise from them. Or even so - expect only criticism from them. Then your male friend will not disappoint you, and the praise will be a pleasant surprise. The word "friend" in the masculine sense means "a person who wants to always hear the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth."

Men who consider you to be their friend will not make allowances for the fact that you are empathetic and vulnerable. Therefore, if you are not ready to put up with the fact that you have gained a little weight, and the new hair color does not suit you at all and the expensive dress fits terribly, then it is better not to approach your male friend with the question: "Well, how?" Don't provoke. At best, you will hear: "Normal."

By the way, about "normal". This, in the male sense, is a completely positive assessment, remember. So, if you were told - and not leaning on the TV, but looking at you - that you look "normal", then you are good today. My congratulations.

6. Men perceive you as male friends.

The best lessons our exes have taught us
The best lessons our exes have taught us

At some point, you become “your boyfriend”. In front of you, they shamelessly discuss other girls. You are slapped on the shoulder in greeting and asked to drive for a beer - do not be afraid, everything is in order. It is important to control the situation here. If the patting on the back doesn't bother you, you're fine. If you get mad, say so. Do not be afraid to offend a man, it is almost impossible.

However, pout your lips, turn away and show with all your appearance that you, a delicate flower, cannot be treated like that, you should not. They just won't understand you. Men do not recognize hints well - they prefer to be immediately told the essence of the resentment. And the male friends are sure - you will lay it out to them as if in the spirit.

7. Men have their own priorities

What is valuable for a woman and what is for a man? It is supposed to be the same - family, friends, love. This is if it is about eternal values. And if about specific? Let's not be cunning, girls are not in the first place in the list of priorities for men. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that your friend will most likely leave you alone and go to help Pashka fix his "swallow", and then drink beer. However, he can call you with him. But this automatically excludes beer and implies only car repair. And it will always be that way.

8. Men need praise

Why do girls endure the brain, swear, scandal or take offense?
Why do girls endure the brain, swear, scandal or take offense?

Men are confident that if they do something, they are the best. Even if they are hammering in nails or digging potatoes. Men are not used to praising each other - this is a feature of male friendship, in contrast to female friendship. And here you come in very handy - a real friend, but at the same time a woman who must constantly reinforce a man's faith in himself by his permanent praise.

Men are big children. And praising a male friend is your, if you will, a friendly destiny. It sounds ridiculous, but they really think we owe them this. I'll tell you a secret: when you become "good old" friends, the most banal thing will do: "You, as always, are great!"

9. Men are sloppy

It will take a long and difficult time to get used to the eternal mess in your friend's apartment (unless he lives with his mother). This is how nature decided that men for the most part are the most real sluts. They really find it easier to find two identical socks when one is under the table and the other is tucked into the battery. And the worst thing is that they know for sure that one is here and the other is there.

10. Every man sooner or later has a beloved

At first I even like it. You feel like a femme fatale, who is constantly being watched, no matter how she takes this "wonderful boy" away. And what is even more pleasant, you understand that you can really take you away, because even the mother of the “boy” calls you nothing other than her daughter. Another thing is that romance between best friends usually does not end well.

Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

But then the suspicious look of her evil eyes begins to annoy, because you can no longer see each other without her. And soon she doesn't want you to date at all. In this case, the best tactic is to accept. Retreat and not see him for a couple of weeks so that she cools down. It will be difficult, but imagine yourself in her place. What will happen if one day you also have to find yourself on the other side of the barricades?

Don't try to befriend your friend's girlfriend. Alas, if she is not your sister, all attempts will be in vain, the relationship will still be tense. So relax and give her a break.


Here I have named far from all the reasons why you should not be friends with a man. I would advise you this, if not for the mass of positive points that compensate for all the disadvantages listed above. It's just that we're not talking about that today. So, boys, my dear friends, if you suddenly stumble upon this article, do not be offended. I still love you very much!

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