10 most dangerous ski slopes in Europe
10 most dangerous ski slopes in Europe

Let pretty young ladies go down the slopes timidly under the supervision of instructors. Men are looking for the most dangerous ski slopes, where you can easily turn your head.

While novice skiers glide uncertainly down the "green" slopes, their experienced colleagues are looking for the most difficult "black" slopes in search of adrenaline. Where can extreme lovers go? Introducing the 10 most famous and dangerous ski slopes in Europe.

Alpe d'Uzz, France

This resort is home to the world's most famous track Sarenne. It begins on the glacier of the same name and stretches for 16 kilometers. Those who love to tickle their nerves can go down Sarenne at night, in the light of the moon, however, this cannot be done without the accompaniment of experienced instructors. And on April 23, 2011, extreme cyclists are expected on this legendary track: these days, the Sarenne Snowbike bicycle race will take place right on the snow-covered slope.

Val d'Isere, France

The eastern slope of the Bellvarde area is home to one of the most challenging downhill trails in the world. It's called Face. Its length is 3 kilometers, the height difference is 972 meters, and the maximum slope is 63 degrees! In general, experienced skiers will not be bored at this resort, because it was here that the three-time Olympic champion Jean-Claude Killy trained in his youth, in whose honor the entire ski area is now called "Espace Killy".

Val Thorens, France

The most visited place in the largest ski area of the Three Valleys is not Courchevel at all. From the top of Cime de Caron (3230 meters), a delightful circular panorama of the surrounding mountains opens. However, the lift will have to stand for at least half an hour - there are too many people who want to enjoy the beautiful view. You can go down the steep and dangerous "red" and "black" tracks. But the most desperate will not want to go back, but to drive to the fourth valley of Orelle along the now abolished "black" super track Pierre Lory along the extremely steep northern slope. Now only off-piste skiing is possible there.

Men are looking for the most dangerous ski slopes, where you can easily turn your head
Men are looking for the most dangerous ski slopes, where you can easily turn your head

Chamonix, France

Strictly speaking, the 23-kilometer descent along the glacier in the White Valley cannot be called a "black" track - it belongs to off-piste skiing. However, we nevertheless decided to mention this uniquely beautiful and most difficult route. It is only suitable for very experienced athletes and allows you to visit the very heart of this mountain range. It is recommended to pass it only in small groups accompanied by a guide! If you do not continuously grab the camera, you will cover the path in 4-6 hours.

St. Anton, Austria

This resort has two famous "black" runs Kandahar-Galzig and Kandahar-Kapall. Since 1928, St. Anton has been the site of the Kandahar-Rennen - a very challenging FIS (International Ski Federation) race in Germany, the forerunner of the modern Alpine World Cup, which was subsequently held in various resorts in the Alps. Local Arlberg-Kandahar-Rennen are still alive today and are held every three years.

Mayrhoven, Austria

In the ski area of the Mayrhoven resort there is the steepest Austrian track with the terrifying and quite eloquent name Harakiri. It sounds like a challenge, so all self-confident skiers, even if not at all experienced skiers, try to take it. Doing this is absolutely not worth it! More than one amateur has paid for his frivolity! Harakiri is exclusively for high-class athletes, because in some places its slope reaches 78 degrees!

Wengen, Switzerland

This alpine resort, belonging to the Jungfrau region, is famous for the Lauberhorn-Rennen World Cup race, which takes place on the challenging and winding "black" route of the same name - one of the longest downhill tracks in the world (its length is 4,455 meters with a vertical drop of more than a kilometer). Its upper section is uncomplicated, but the athletes who reach the passage between the rocks will have a surprise: their character changes dramatically. However, the most difficult section is at the very finish line: the final descent is extremely steep and usually covered with ice.

Lenzerheide-Valbella, Switzerland

This region is small and a more or less experienced skier will explore it all in a couple of days. One of the most challenging and exciting slopes in the region is the black Silvano Beltrametti, named after the famous Swiss skier who became disabled after a violent fall during a downhill in 2001. For the 2005 World Cup final, it was laid down the Parpaner Weisshorn slope. Its length is three and a half kilometers, and the slope is 66%.

Santa Caterina - Valfurva, Italy

Although this resort on the slopes of Cresta Sobretta in the picturesque places of the national park is usually recommended for intermediate skiers and most of the slopes on it are red, Cevedale, the famous slope that hosts the annual World Cup competition, is a magnet for experienced skiers. Pay attention: there are two more interesting "black" tracks Bucaneve and Adler located nearby.

Kvitfjell, Norway

Generally, Norway is known as a country of "quieter" slopes, but the track in Kvitfjell - a resort equipped for the Olympics in Lillehammer - is not only marked with atypical black, it is almost vertical! If you follow the competitions of alpine skiers, you have probably seen it on TV - it hosts the World Cup downhill every year.


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