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Brazilians in Dynamo
Brazilians in Dynamo

The Brazilian players, “exotic” for the Belarusian football championship, fell in love with Dynamo. However, in many ways it is difficult for them to adapt to the new team and new conditions. In particular, the weather. And for training …

The Brazilians from Dynamo are ready to train for 5 hours every day

The Brazilian players, “exotic” for the Belarusian football championship, fell in love with Dynamo. However, in many ways it is difficult for them to adapt to the new team and new conditions. In particular, the weather. And for training …

“In Brazil, the training is completely different,” says one of the newcomers of Minsk “Dinamo” Renan, who has been in the Belarusian capital for three months. - They are very different, and there are many of them: two, and often three a day. And every time - something new. Going to training, we often did not know what awaited us."

He is echoed by his teammates Furlan and Lukas, who also flew to Minsk just a few months ago: “We are working a lot on tactics, on building a match, on passes, while you have a lot of tackles and power struggles”.

However, perhaps most of all Dynamo's Brazilian legionaries are surprised by the duration and intensity of the Minsk team's training.

“The volume of training sessions in Belarus and Brazil is completely different. It is clear that there are fewer games in the Belarusian championship than in the Brazilian one, therefore the preparation for the matches is different. However, we are used to training two or three times a day, when there is not enough time for anything else, "they admit and immediately add:" No, it is not difficult for us to work in the current conditions. We feel great at Dynamo. We are very comfortable here."

All the “Belarusian Brazilians” got into the Minsk “Dynamo” in a similar way - they were noticed and invited to a distant country by the general director of the “white-blue” Valery Streltsov, who personally watched the players in Brazil.

“To be honest, when I went to Belarus, I imagined Europe - Italy, Spain - and expected to see something like that,” one of the Brazilians admits. “Having read on the Internet about some kind of conflict between Belarus and Russia, I imagined that almost military actions were being conducted here. Arriving, I was very surprised that everything was calm,”notes the second.

All of them now find those guesses ridiculous. And, answering the question "What advice would you give to other Brazilian players if they ask you about Belarus?"

“It's very good here, both at home and on the football field. Dynamo is a team of a very high level, with a rich history, claiming first places in the championship. I think any footballer will be honored to play for this club,”says Lucas confidently.

“The only difficulty we have is that it is cold compared to Brazil, and there are no beans that we like to eat at home. But warm clothes will save us from the cold weather, and our beloved beans are brought by our relatives,”say the Brazilian footballers.

Literally immediately after the arrival of the Brazilians at Dynamo Minsk, relatives began to visit them. His mother came to Lucas, a girl came to Renan, Furlan was waiting for the arrival of the bride. The presence of relatives, according to the Brazilians, greatly facilitates their life and raises their spirits. Moreover, everyone likes Minsk.

“In reality, Minsk turned out to be even better than in the photographs on the Internet. My family is thrilled too. It's very cozy here,”says Lucas.

“Our relatives help us to adapt in Belarus. And their opinion about this country, about Minsk and Dynamo is very important for us. And it's especially nice that it's positive,”says Furlan.

It is hard to believe that before leaving Brazil they knew absolutely nothing about the country they were going to.

Brazilians in Dynamo
Brazilians in Dynamo

Vladimir Novitskiy: Dynamo has become a pioneer in Belarusian-Brazilian football relations. "

The master of Belarusian sports journalism, well-known TV commentator Vladimir Novitsky called Dynamo Minsk a pioneer in establishing football ties between Belarus and Brazil.

“I am pleasantly surprised. I would call Dynamo Minsk's approach to cooperation with Brazilian schools and clubs interesting and even non-standard. Dynamo is a real pioneer in this regard. I am very impressed with the fact that Dynamo is leaving the beaten track and going its own way. It pleasantly surprises me,”noted Vladimir Novitsky.

The most famous Belarusian TV commentator, who has been on the air since 1981, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, a person who has traveled all over the world, reporting from the Olympic Games, World Football Championships, European Cups and Minsk stadiums, Vladimir Novitsky noted how many Brazilian players are playing now in other European teams and how important it is to match the level of football that they demonstrate.

“We often joke that maybe not every young man kicking the ball on the beaches of Capacabana will grow up to be an outstanding footballer, but definitely each of them dreams of becoming one. Yes, there is no difference between a Brazilian and a Brazilian, but look at those ball magicians who came to Dynamo Minsk! Even from the matches that they played in October as part of the Belarusian team, it is clear that the Brazilian landing in Dinamo Minsk fully justifies itself. These guys are by no means extras and definitely strengthen the team with their presence on the field,”Vladimir Novitsky expressed confidence.

Brazilians in Dynamo
Brazilians in Dynamo

“The appearance of Brazilian players of this level in Dynamo’s roster benefits the team, increasing its sports results, and also increases the interest of fans in this club and the championship as a whole. And this is already great for the entire Belarusian championship,”Vladimir Novitsky said.

Four Brazilians play for Dynamo Minsk: midfielders Leonardo (1992) and Renan (1989), as well as forwards Furlan (1992) and Lucas (1991). Another Brazilian footballer, midfielder Jefferson, was loaned to Dnipro Mogilev until the end of the 2010 season.

Press service of FC "Dynamo-Minsk".

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