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And kiss? Eskimo after French
And kiss? Eskimo after French

Kisses are different. Kissing can be a form of greeting, but it is usually a pleasant expression of emotion towards your partner. Types of kisses.

A kiss … everything begins with it, and it all ends with it. By kissing you can judge the character of a person, his intentions and the degree of sophistication. Besides, kissing is good. It has been proven that during a passionate kiss, 6, 4 calories per minute are spent (a very pleasant alternative to the gym is obtained) and immunity increases.

Kisses are different. For example, a kiss can be a form of greeting. Now many acquaintances greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, and, for example, in Latin American countries it is customary to kiss on both cheeks.

The tradition of kissing a lady's hand at a meeting has survived to this day. At the same time, the kiss is only symbolic here (lips lightly touch the hands). If the woman herself stretched out her hand to the man for a kiss, you should carefully take her fingers with your own, slightly bend over the hand and touch her back with her lips. However, nowadays, the following is also allowed: a man does not bow down to a woman, but takes her hand, raises it to the level of his face and, already in this position, kisses her hand. By the way, girls don't kiss hands. They do not do this even when they meet on the street, and during receptions they kiss the hand either only to one mistress of the house, or to all the ladies present.

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French Kiss

Well, God bless them, with the formalities. Let's move on to real kisses, romantic in nature. The most famous is the "French kiss". The term itself appeared in America in 1923, as a reaction to the atmosphere of sexual permissiveness in France, which was shocking for the then Americans.

Despite the popularity of this kiss, not everyone knows the technology for sure and often make mistakes that spoil the mood of both themselves and their partners. Let's start with the technique. Typically, the "French kiss" is initiated by one of the partners. The second is connected later. It is advised to start the "French kiss" with a kiss with a closed mouth. Next, you should open your mouth and look at your partner's reaction.

It must be remembered that the "French kiss" is quite sensual and many consider it possible only after a long acquaintance. So, if there was no reaction to opening your mouth, you can try to spread your lips with your tongue or run it along the lower lip, asking for permission.

Recall that the French kiss is distinguished by the active work of the languages of both partners during the kiss. You need to get a response from your partner and include his tongue in the kiss. The "French kiss" lasts on average from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. At this time, partners breathe through the nose.

The "French kiss" lasts on average from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
The "French kiss" lasts on average from 30 seconds to 5 minutes

Eskimo kiss

Let's go further. Eskimo kiss. In a nutshell, in the process of the "Eskimo kiss" a man and a woman rub their noses against each other or simply press them against each other's faces (locally - on the cheek). It is believed that the sensation of the partner's breath is the most important in this kiss, as the main organ involved, the nose, will feel it. The Eskimo kiss can also serve as a way to end the more passionate French kiss.

Direct kiss

The classic of the genre is "direct kiss". This is a closed-lipped kiss with a straight face. Some variety can be made if the kissing person slightly pouts his lips. Or, conversely, if the one who is kissing does it. As one of the versions of "direct kiss", by the way, you can kiss your partner directly under the chin or above the center of the upper lip, under the tip of the nose.

Japanese kiss

The Japanese Kiss is a simple touch of pursed and still lips. The chastity of the "Japanese kiss" can only be compared with the "kiss of the young". In this kiss, the active role is played not by the lips, but by the finger. The partner kisses the tip of their finger and then touches the other person's lips with it.

Vacuum kiss

"Vacuum kiss" is a rather active type of kiss. Its essence is as follows: one partner holds the lips of the other between his lips, pulling them into himself. It is important to remember this: you should loosen the kiss carefully, then there will be no unpleasant sound at the end. Also, do not get carried away with drawing in the lips of a loved one, otherwise no pleasure will come of it.

Kiss sandwich

Kiss Sandwich. In this kiss, the man takes the woman's lower lip between his lips. The woman sucks the upper lip of her lover, and he sucks her lower lip. The alignment is capable of changing to the diametrically opposite. You can bite your partner's lips while kissing, either with your lips alone or with your teeth.

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Kiss Sandwich. In this kiss, the man takes the woman's lower lip between his lips
Kiss Sandwich. In this kiss, the man takes the woman's lower lip between his lips

Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

A pinch kiss

A very gentle kind of kiss-pinch kiss. With this kiss, the partners only lightly touch each other and very slightly capture the lips of a loved one with their lips, as if carefully trying something. Due to the extreme sensitivity of the lips, the range of sensations from such a kiss can be the most extraordinary.

Contour kiss

"Contour kiss" - the partner draws the tip of his tongue along the contour of the closed lips of his beloved. As a variation: the tongue can be slowly and gently passed over the lips themselves, as if licking them.

Delicious kiss

"Delicious Kiss". Before the kiss, one of the partners drinks a cup of aromatic tea. With the kiss, the taste of tea spreads in the mouth of both. Then you can take a berry in your mouth, for example, a strawberry and pass it on to the lips of your partner. A nutritious and enjoyable meal is guaranteed.

A stroking kiss

"The Caressing Kiss". Lightly touching the forehead with our lips on one side, we gently pass them across the entire forehead and kiss on the other side. Exactly the same stroking kiss can be kissed on the lips. Having touched the corner of the mouth with our lips, we run them along the lips and gently kiss in another corner.

Profile kiss

And finally, "profile kiss", which is a series of kisses made along the line of symmetry of the face, starting from the middle of the forehead, then dropping along the nose to the center point of the mouth and ending in the middle of the chin.

Whatever the different kissing techniques, experts advise adhering to several rules: in addition to being sensitive to your partner, be creative. Change the pace of your kissing. Try experimenting with temperatures (a piece of ice will spice up the kiss not only on the lips, but also on other parts of the body). Do not forget to touch your partner's ears, neck, back of the head during the kiss in order to express your feelings more fully.

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And the last is patience. You should not pounce on your partner right away. Everything has its time and place. It makes sense to focus on how you begin and end your passionate kissing series. After all, this can radically change a partner's attitude to a kiss.

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