Development of the karate kyokushin monster, Texeira
Development of the karate kyokushin monster, Texeira

Brazilian kyokushinkai karate fighter Everton Texeira gave an interview to the official k-1 website before the K-1 WGP FINAL16 tournament.

In search of new experience and knowledge this year Ewerton Teixeira For two months he trained in Holland, rightfully famous for the strongest school for training fighters in the K-1 format. The Brazilian expects this valuable experience to help him achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the K-1 champion. On October 2, he will face off against legendary Dutch fighter Peter Aerts to reach Final 8.

Tell us why you came to train in the Netherlands?

To improve, I have to look for different types of training. That is why I came there.

Different type of training?

The teaching methods differ depending on where you study. I wanted to incorporate part of the Dutch learning style into my regular training.

There are many strong wrestlers in the Netherlands. Have you found the key to their strength?

Well, one of the reasons is that they are really tall. But this is all secondary, they train very hard. They do a lot of practice.

How long were you there?

Approximately two months.

What was life like there?

I was just practicing and practicing. I practiced a little more. I sometimes took a short break. I trained every morning and evening, and sometimes also during the day.

The main mistakes people make in a fight
The main mistakes people make in a fight

What did you do on your free day?

I mostly just watched the DVD.

Did you have a good time in the Netherlands?

The purpose of going there was to practice hard. So, in that sense, yes, I had a great time.

What did you do special?

To be honest, nothing was settled until I got there. Their training was similar to Karate, so I learned the basic technique while taking a practice bias. It was good to train with tall fighters because usually I can't do that since there are not many tall fighters in Japan.

Until now, at best, you were in the 8th. Do you think that now you can pass this obstacle?

Yes! I went there looking for something that I could add to my own way of fighting.

Well, how are you doing?

I think I am one step closer to my dream of becoming the K-1 WGP champion!

What should you improve the most?

I feel like the answer is in my tough fights. I have felt in recent fights that I have made positional and distance mistakes frequently. This gave my opponents a better chance. I have strengthened this part.

So you got good results from your trip to the Netherlands?

In general, yes. I became able to control my breathing and sense distance. I also used the foot to kick before, but after learning the Dutch style, I now use the shin as well. My fighting style has also changed. I was pretty still, but now I feel like I'm able to move a lot more.

How to give back?
How to give back?

We saw that you fought quite aggressively in Australia in July. You really increased the pace

Teixeira: I trained a lot with tall fighters in the Netherlands, it helped me a lot in that fight. I think I wanted to fight like this as I haven't fought in a long time.

Do you feel like you are developing as a Kyokushin karate fighter?

Yes, I think so. I recently took karate lessons whenever possible..

So that means you can win the title this year, doesn't it?

I want to show everyone something different. I have 2 or even 3 times more strength now!

What is your impression of Peter Aerts?

He is a legend in K-1 and fights aggressively, so I have to be ready and train very hard for this fight.

Are you confident enough to defeat the legend?

Of course. I got something in the Netherlands and the Ichigeki team is teaming up and working well. I'm sure I can win the title.

Does the fight between the champion Kyokushin and the K-1 Legend have a special meaning for you?

Yes it is. I want to show my fans what the power of Kyokushin is. I want them to see that the Kyokushin World Champion is the strongest fighter.

You will face the former WGP champion for the first time. Are you worried about this?

No, I'm really excited about it. I want to fight as soon as possible. I can not wait.

How to avoid a fight?
How to avoid a fight?

What does this meeting mean for you personally?

Teixeira: This is not the ending. Each fight is a step that I have to climb to become a WGP Champion.

What is your final goal?

Become the K-1 WGP champion this year.

I heard that you are going to take part in the Kyokushin World Championship next year. What is more important for you to win consecutive titles there or become a WGP champion?

They are both important to me. It will be difficult for me to compete in the K-1 WGP next year because the Kyokushin World Championships will take place in November. So this year I will go all out to become the K-1 WGP champion, and next year I will do the same to remain the Kyokushin World Champion.

While Francisco Filho and Globe Feitosa were only one step away from the WGP Championship. If you win this year, you will become the highly anticipated K-1 champion from Kyokushin

Teixeira: It's true. I'm going to show you the power of Kyokushin!

Finally, share with us how determined you are

I'm very excited right now. My team is amazing and we have a strong bond with each other. All I have to do is to meet their expectations and get results.


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