Gray Maynard's interview
Gray Maynard's interview

We offer an interview with Gray Maynard, nicknamed "the bully", an unbeaten fighter currently playing in the UFC.

Gray, you've been cool for a long time - a state wrestling champion in high school, a national wrestler at the university, and now you're climbing to the top of the division with the UFS lightweights. Has anyone ever met anyone stupid enough to talk to you outside the ring?

Since I became a fighter, no. There are many people chasing nonsense about fighters on the Internet, sitting under a pseudonym, but no one personally said anything to my face. At school and university it is a completely different story - I certainly had enough squabbles there.

What was the outcome?

When I got into a fight, the worst thing was that: A) it was always jammed or was interrupted and B) after it was over, real problems began like arrest, intercession of enemy friends, convictions, or payment of enemy hospital bills, so I am very satisfied salary for their fights now, instead of spending money on courts and hospital payments.

We love killing ourselves here at Kid Dee - some of us are partial to Jameson, others to excessive beer. What are you poisoning with, Gray?

This is a very serious question, which I have pondered more than once. The effect of each of these drinks goes away along with a dysfunctional evening. Drinking tequila was the longest, I really liked tequila, but it all ended one morning when I woke up in the police station on a rug, sharing a single urine jar with another guy who had time to wet himself, and an answering machine full of messages of angry people waiting for me at home … The whiskey, rum and gin were short-lived, but the finish was like Tequila.

Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?
Survival in the city. How to get out of trouble when attacked?

With vodka, it was a little more solid - my buddy is a club promoter and for that reason asked me to make a small visit, but when I got there it was a big nightclub that was hosting a fashion show, with rehearsals and all that kind of nonsense. I thought, "Where am I going?" and began to hammer cocktails with vodka. Anyway, after the show, I ended up drinking more vodka and all sorts of idiocy, which is not so bad until the next day, when your buddies remind you of every idiotic little detail you did that night. Now I just stick to beer - I don't care if I'm in the best club in the world, bring a case of beer for me please.

Not to the point of being hot and fashionable, but why do MMA fighters wear fig clothes? Unlike you, they all look like they were raped by a bunch of lunatics copying everything from the screen. I understand that you cannot take and tell a professional fighter so directly that he looks like a tampon, but seriously, they should know what they are wearing, right?

Not always - I think some guys wear this because they get money from the manufacturer, and some just really like it. In all seriousness I saw some T-shirts that had 5 kilograms of ink in the form of dragons, skulls, pit bulls, brass knuckles, and historical and religious symbols randomly applied to the entire front and back. It looked like a junkie with 3 days of withdrawal, locked himself in a room and ended up with a monotonous design. I'm not a fashion expert at all, but they have to understand that bigger isn't always better.

How to fight off a pack of dogs?
How to fight off a pack of dogs?

If you had the opportunity to fight any celebrity, who would it be?

Most likely Eminem, the impression is that he whines a lot. I say this to the fact that: What the hell is he constantly complaining about? However, I don't think kicking ass won't help him, I think he's just pathetic.

Historical personality?

I'll just quote Dr. Emet Brown "Changing the past can create a chain reaction that unravels the matter of space-time duration, and destroy the entire universe." I don’t want to be responsible for this.

Once in the parking lot I saw a dude who was knocked out, his hands froze at right angles as he leveled himself with a board, smashing his head on the back of the road, and really thought he was dead. Have you ever hit someone with the thought after that that you killed him?

I don't think so, but I never tried to spin around admiring the work done, but always quickly scrambled out of there. One of the funniest things I've ever seen was when a big guy who considered himself a gangster, his girlfriend, and all his friends, began to find fault with an ordinary-looking guy, next to a bar, also in the parking lot. The girl, and all these friends of the gangster guy, yelled to kick him up properly, so the gangster guy, thinking that he was safe, runs up to this little one, and the little one drops him with a powerful blow. The sight resembled what you saw - he hit his head on the ground. All his friends were taken by the dead silence, but they did not think that he died because he got up and barely walking mumbled "I have to get out of here.", baby, this is not your car. " It was like in a movie - a guy tries to look cool in front of his girlfriend and friends, climbs up to someone inferior in size, then falls over with one blow - a classic.

Fight. Advice
Fight. Advice

Most of Kid Dee's team members grew up together in Denver. I remember in our school years, I invited everyone to watch the first UFSI held at the Mammoth Sport Arena, which was rather eronically broadcasted from the big Denver, Colorado. A local fighter named Patrick Smith smeared the ninjutsu dude's face all over the carpet and it was the wildest sight for me. Now this is spending free time all over America, and I consider it a real personification of the warrior spirit. Do you ever think about what you are doing in this sense?

I will not give you a left-handed, generalized answer like "I am on this earth to beat people." but I think everyone has their own motivation and reasons for who he is and what is provided for him. I think that I am a very active, strong, competitive person, so this job suits me very well and I love it. Some people have creativity, others have intelligence, and so on, as the saying goes, "Various species are involved in the formation of the whole world." You are a really happy person if the work is what was destined for you. I think that if you do what you love, everything will be decided by itself in the end, because it is easy to put all the positive energy into it.

Are there any UFS fans? They must be the craziest bitches in the world …

Yes, anyone who is even partly famous has female fans. There are UFS fans who know everything about you, about all the other fighters, and ask questions, talk about fights, then they tell you how they train in the local gym, are interested in technique and stuff like that, or tell you that you are their boyfriend's favorite fighter - kind of bizarre. Then there are the fame fans - they don't even know who you are and what you do, but there are many people around who like you, and that's all they need to know. My friend Forest Griffin says "They don't even know the music and the band, but they are ready to go to bed with the main singer any day of the week."

How to fight in a street fight? Secrets of defeating hooligans
How to fight in a street fight? Secrets of defeating hooligans

You're from Arizona. What do you think about all this immigration gimmick? (* Laughs.) Just kidding

Thanks for just kidding.

What inscription would you like on your headstone? Complete the following sentence: "Bully" rests here.

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