Movies and men's tears
Movies and men's tears

The rainy autumn has come, it's time to get under a warm blanket and, having stocked up with a mountain of disks with films, check your emotionality.

A list of films, from various publications, to which you can cry alone or with a girlfriend, if you are not afraid to seem sentimental.

British edition BBC News Magazine in 2010 ranked 20 films that make men cry.

  • "The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King". Andy Bishop from Kent wrote that he cries every time during the final scene of the characters' farewell.
  • The Shawshank Redemption impresses Chris Mattley of Lincoln - he wants to experience the same loyal friendship in life as shown on television.
  • "Up" - when watching this cartoon, wrote Steve from British Columbia, Canada, all his relatives cried, except for his father-in-law, "because he is a robot."
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest upsets Mike from Essex with its tragic ending.
  • “Marley and I,” said Chris Hennessy from Manchester, brings tears to his eyes just at the thought of this film, which tells the story of a dog. Perhaps because he himself is a dog breeder.
  • When watching the movie "Champion" the eyes of the entire auditorium sparkled, although it was filled with young soldiers, who seemed to be at ease, recalls Keefe Eystorp, who now lives in the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo.
  • The movie "Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks made a certain Bob burst into tears. Everything would be fine, but it happened to him in the passenger cabin of the plane, and no one except him was watching the film at that moment.
  • The film "Babe" impressed Chris from the UK.
  • "The Field of His Dreams" ("Field of Dreams") is a film that an unsubscribed reader from American Westchester is ready to watch over and over again in new formats. Although he never cried - until his daughter was born.
  • I saw my father crying only twice, one of the cases was watching the movie "Chariots of Fire" - writes Lauryn McConnell from Taunton.
  • The list of the most tearful films also includes "Railway Children", the Finnish documentary about saunas "The Steam of Life", the 1941 cartoon "Christmas Eve" about Tom and Jerry, "Anger", "Mary Poppins", "Life is Beautiful", " Bridge to Terabithia "," Green Mile "," My Dog's Life "and" Sincerely, Crazy, Strongly. "

American Sports Magazine "Sporting News" also compiled a rating of films that even make athletes drop a mean male tear.

Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors
Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors

Sporting News's list of movies that make men cry by ascending sob and tears:

  • "This Wonderful Life" 1946 release. About how a guardian angel descended from heaven to earth to a desperate insurer.
  • "Schindler's List" whose plot, I think, does not need to be retelling.
  • "Radio wave". A film about a depressed policeman who managed to establish contact with his late father through the radio.
  • Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir. About a closed boarding school for boys, a new teacher and love of poetry. No vulgarity.
  • "Forrest Gump" is the legendary film by Robert Zemeckis, which made Tom Hanks famous in many ways.
  • Sports movie "Normal" starring Robert Redford. The movie tells the story of the extraordinary life of baseball player Roy Hobbs. It would be strange if the athletes did not appreciate this.
  • "The Shawshank Redemption". Apparently, the story of life in one of the darkest prisons in America can throw anyone off balance.
  • "Big Fish" by Tim Burton. An unrealistically beautiful film that tells about the difficult relationship between a realist son and a dreamer father.
  • "Favorite". The film has everything to squeeze a tear out of a person: a mule trying to climb to the first places at the races, and a blind rider.
  • Believe it or not, there are people crying over The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Passion of Christ. It is difficult to imagine a fighter, three hours in a row sobbing over the creation of Mel Gibson, but in religious ecstasy people are not capable of that.
  • "Alien". Hollywood classic, Steven Spielberg's film starring tiny Drew Barrymore.
  • "Green Mile". Here we absolutely agree with the rating. When I see Michael Clarke Duncan, I want to hug him and cry.
  • Spielberg's film is Saving Private Ryan. And again Tom Hanks.
  • Yankee Pride is a chronicle of the life and career of legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig.
  • The film "Rudy" is a football story this time.
  • "Brave Heart". There certainly is something to cry over.
  • Brian's Life. A 1971 film about the fate of American football player Brian Piccolo.
  • Disney's film "The Old Liar" is a story about the friendship of a boy and a lop-eared dog.
  • But most of all athletes sob over the film "Field of Miracles" ("Field of Dreams") with Kevin Costner in the title role. The story of how a simple farmer from Arizona, having listened to voices in his head, built a baseball court on the site of a cornfield.

If you haven't shed more than one tear, then it's okay, maybe you are just a robot, an alien or a very harsh and brutal type.

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