Male solidarity: "Guys, save!"
Male solidarity: "Guys, save!"

What is male solidarity? The line between solidarity, friendship and willingness to help is almost imperceptible …

… Having heard the essence of the problem with which Sidorchuk, my husband and father, telephoned, I sighed: apparently, zoo-suffering is my personal divine punishment and test. As soon as I decided the question of the unwanted offspring of the native cat Buska, a similar attack happened in the Sidorchuk family: their dachshund Funtik matured and became interested in female corporeality. And not only the dog! The other day he impudently harassed Sidorchuk-wife, and yesterday he dared to declare his intentions to Sidorchuk-mother-in-law …

Due to the absolute promiscuity in the choice of the lady of the heart at the family council, it was decided to deprive Funtik of the most precious thing - hope for offspring. And, what is outrageous, the "Areopagus of the Elders" was presented only by those who suffered from Funtikova lust, that is, their mother-in-law and wife. Now Sidorchuk, husband and son-in-law, demanded a fair trial and invited me to join:

- Max, do the words "male solidarity" mean nothing to you?

- That means. But what are you suggesting - catching and shaking off the vet in order to preserve Funic wealth?

Andryukha paused for half a minute, insulted, breathing harshly into the receiver, and gave birth to a sentence:

- Call my Lariska and tell me that you can do without extreme measures. Max, understand that Funtik is also a man, why are we leaving him to his fate ?! We, men, must help each other, today - you to me, and tomorrow - I to you!

- Andryukh, are you saying that tomorrow Funtik will help me repair my car or apartment? Or will he call my Svetka and lie that I'm not at all in the sports bar with you, but stuck in a traffic jam?

- Max, don't act like an idiot. I have already realized that it is pointless to expect male solidarity from you.

There were short beeps in the receiver. Yeah, never mind the day started. As soon as I was about to twist, the door opened and a disheveled colleague Leshka dived into the office. Judging by some characteristic features, the day before the valiant manager spent his leisure time so sparkling that now he looked, as Ostap Bender aptly put it, like a king in exile.

- Max, great. May I ask you? If my wife calls today, please tell me that yesterday we had a banquet on the occasion of the chief accountant's anniversary. And I was present until the very end!

I sighed sadly again, and Leshka whined:

- Max, what do you need? Today you will help me out, and tomorrow I will help you. Show male solidarity!

I smiled: at least, if one day I have to "work undercover", Leshka will be able to call my Svetik and explain something coherently, and not bark, unlike Funtik. The languishing manager was delighted with the affirmative nod and departed for the workplace. And your humble servant remained completely puzzled …

Our answer to Chamberlain

You say - "male solidarity"! And how does it manifest itself? This is not solidarity, this is male chauvinism!
You say - "male solidarity"! And how does it manifest itself? This is not solidarity, this is male chauvinism!
But as it turns out, it really was. Bar, football, beer, 30-40 people. A body runs out into the middle of the hall: "Guys, my wife is calling!" Instantly, deathly silence hangs, the unfortunate man turns on the speakerphone on his mobile. On demand, the guard turns the TV on and off, the bartender pours water into a glass, and three fans jump on the couch. How 40 people can understand and feel! "

I don’t understand anything

I decided not to give up and look for cases where male solidarity still pursues good goals, and does not cover up someone's sins. But it failed. Because the line between solidarity, friendship and willingness to help is almost imperceptible …

When the wife of a friend Vadik needed a blood transfusion after the operation, the whole company without discussion went to the hospital "for delivery." Does it count? It seems to be yes, but the poor girl's friends did the same. Is this solidarity of both sexes or human participation?.. Then sidekick Mityaya managed to fall in love with the inaccessible beauty Olesya. I can proudly say that we won Olesya's heart with the entire male department of the hostel: we dressed Mityai from the general wardrobe stocks for dates, borrowed money for him, because Olesya didn't want to fall in love for free, without dinners in restaurants and going to the theater …

When a colleague Denis was late for an important press conference, and editor-in-chief Larisa Vladimirovna was eager for retribution, I called "late" and warned him to stock up on irrefutable evidence of innocence. But I would have done the same if Lidochka or Lyudmila Pavlovna were late, anyone, regardless of gender and degree of friendship. This is an elementary desire to insure a person, because trouble can happen to everyone … I wonder if a warning “winking” with headlights about the fact that a police officer is hiding in the bushes is considered male solidarity? I think not, because we are talking about a narrow-profile fraternity of motorists, which the fair sex also belongs to.

Apparently, you will have to find the elder Nel in Odnoklassniki and other social networks and admit: yes, male solidarity is pulled out into the light of day only when it is necessary to save the reputation of a “stumbled” fellow. Perfectly realizing that he was wrong, but cherishing in his soul an excuse: “Anything can happen in life. One day they will save me that way!"

… Torn by doubts, I spent two hours looking for Nelly. Fortunately, it was not in the virtual space.

And I allowed myself to be comforted by the thought that male solidarity also has a peacekeeping mission - it is aimed at avoiding conflicts and preserving the family

Now I will think about how to save the childbearing (or not the childbearing? After all, he is, sorry, male) abilities of the loving Funtik …

Photo: Vincent Boiteau

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