A man or not a man? Privileged Equality
A man or not a man? Privileged Equality

How is a man different from a man? What does modern society, primarily its female half, mean into the concept of "man"?

Every representative of the stronger sex at least once asks himself a rhetorical question: "Am I a man or not a man?" From the very posing of the question, I want to frown, bang my fist on the table, run to build a house, plant a tree, conceive a child and, in general, start vigorous activity on all fronts.

But, perhaps, it is worth slowing down for a moment and asking yourself a couple more questions. How is a man different from a man? And what does modern society, primarily its female half, mean into the concept of "man"?

Late one evening I go to the convenience store for a carton of milk. Package price - 39 rubles. I give the half-asleep saleswoman four tens, she shoves me milk … and, in fact, that's it. I am transparently hinting that I would also like to receive a ruble of change. The saleswoman immediately wakes up:

- Ugh, how petty! I'm ready to hang myself for a ruble! Also to me, the man is called …

Spit, sulk, tired woman, all day forced to serve such bores and stingy guys, such uncomfortable men like me. Thank you for not developing the topic of my sexual inferiority. Well, everyone has their own preferences: maybe she secretly dreams of some dashing and generous horseman: "Slyushay, parsik, no need to surrender." And here I, a refined indigenous, went to buy milk, goods - money - goods, that's boring stuff.

A male perspective on gender equality. We're just stronger
A male perspective on gender equality. We're just stronger

I gave my coat to the dry cleaner after the winter. Further, exactly according to Raikin - there are no complaints about the buttons, they are sewn tightly. But everything else … In general, they ruined my coat, slapped it even more, there was only three kopecks of work, and now the expensive thing will have to be thrown away. I begin to argue with the receptionist, trying to draw her attention to her own oversights. Where there! Sends far, far beyond the horizon. I want the director of dry cleaning. Ah, the director "is not there now and will not be"? Okay, tell him I'll have to go to the Consumer Protection Committee. In response, I hear:

- Go, go, complain, unfortunate nonsense! Well, what a man has gone today, I have no strength, worse than any woman!

Whom did the mistress of the powder and the iron still more insulted? The opposite sex or your own? Or maybe the receptionist hoped that I, ashamed and wounded, would immediately withdraw my insignificant claims, and even run for a bouquet of daisies? After all, a real man should be a knight - always and everywhere.

I'm going out of town. I am standing at a bus stop, the bus has disappeared somewhere, the "tail" is growing and growing. Finally, a bus pulls up, my turn comes, but then a young woman appears out of the ground. No bags, no crutches, no children, not pregnant, but still trying to get through. I politely remind you that on intercity routes, boarding the bus is strictly in turn. The reaction follows immediately:

Men's fears, problems and complexes
Men's fears, problems and complexes

- Why weren't you taught in childhood that girls need to yield?

Okay, okay, my girl, I give in. But this is not the end of the story. Behind me are two ladies of Balzac age. Unkindly sparkling with gold teeth, the ladies attack me with reproaches:

- Why are you, mumbler, let all sorts of mischievous go ahead? Are you a man or not a man ?!

An interesting situevina turns out: whatever one may say, it turns out that I am not a man and I am to blame for everything.

The lights went out in the house. It's hot, everyone's windows are wide open, I can't help hearing the conversation of the neighbors upstairs - an elderly Jewish couple who moved to Moscow from Odessa. Elena Davidovna, in her loud commanding voice, orders her husband:

- Khima, call the ZhEK, it's time for you to become a man!

Nakhim Lvovich dials the number:

- Hello, is this the housing office? Girl, dear, tell me, when will the light be turned on? You see, my wife's butter will melt in the refrigerator … No, girl, you're wrong, I'm not a goat, it's just that my wife's butter is melting … Ah-ah, and her patience is melting too …

- Khima, you are not a man, give me a pipe here!

I'm completely confused. What does it mean to be a man? Probably, every woman here will give her own definition. But sometimes the fairer sex, uttering phrases like "Are you a man or a dog shit?", Openly speculate with this concept for their own selfish purposes. Some fears, like emancipated persons, strive to kick the damned males on I **** to make it more painful. And they will also sarcastically doubt that the opponent has these same me ***

In a store or in any other office, I want to be a customer, and nothing more. I just want to get a quality product or service, and I pay money for it. So where does the relationship of the sexes, pray tell? And I want to get on the bus in accordance with my place in the queue, since this is the order. If it was accepted that women come in first, and then men, I would not have uttered a word.

Girls must give in, girls must not be offended, and at the same time girls do not want to feel oppressed by boys in any way. It turns out some kind of "privileged equality", and sometimes it comes to absurdity.

To become a boor (who does not know, in Polish this word means "plebeian", "man") I absolutely do not want to. I officially declare: I'm not a man. I can’t say anything bad about men, I’m just a person of a different kind. The peasants in the village sow rye and raise cattle. And with their women, by the way, they do not stand on ceremony - just that, immediately with the reins in one place.

And if you are a gentleman, then there will be hunters to sit on your neck. So you have to look for a middle ground all your life. Would women be more likely to act like ladies?

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