Why men love grown women: ten reasons
Why men love grown women: ten reasons

The average age of women included in all kinds of "tops" in men's magazines is 25-30 years. So what attracts men to adult women?

It turns out that men love grown women. This does not mean that they secretly melt and melt away from women of pre-retirement age - it is just that men's views on female attractiveness are somewhat different from women's ideas about these views.

True, pop culture has created a cult of youth and beauty in our minds, and we are used to thinking that the ideal woman for men is a blonde nymphet with an invitingly half-open mouth, large breasts, thin waist and legs "from the ears." But in fact, men are attracted not by such specimens (they are secretly shy in front of them), but by adult women with established views, who are able to understand and share their interests. By the way, the average age of women included in all kinds of "tops" in men's magazines is 25-30 years. So what attracts men to adult women?

No. 10. They value their independence

Surprisingly, but men love adult women, including for their independence - in every sense. They are not offended if the man does not call during the day or invites them to a meeting with friends. They do not need to be entertained and play an unpleasant role of a nanny for them. They already had a serious long-term relationship, and they know that a man needs freedom, and next to him a man wants to see not an obsessive hysterical woman who watches his every step, but a free woman who has her own interesting life.

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# 9. They are confident.

Adult women are often more aware of their aspirations and needs. Therefore, they boldly let the man understand if they are interested in his attention and are not inclined to play tedious games, then bringing the man closer to themselves, moving him away. If a twenty-year-old girl can drive a man to a frenzy with her coquetry, posing as a hard-to-reach, then a femme fatale, a thirty-five-year-old woman is unlikely to waste her time and a man's time, and will directly declare her feelings - or lack thereof. Men greatly value this kind of directness and honesty, especially in women.

No. 8. There is something to talk about with them

Many men will agree: what could be worse than asking a pretty girl out on a date and spending the whole evening in the company of a monster who for an hour devotes you to the plot retellings of "House-2", and then talks about how he bought a handbag at a sale - and all this without stopping to chew and not letting the man insert a word. Meanwhile, an interesting conversation excites men no less than some parts of a woman's body. And women who know how to maintain a conversation are much less common than sexy beauties with model parameters. Unfortunately, young girls rarely have this gift, often because of a lack of experience and knowledge, and not at all because of stupidity. In addition, most of the girls talk mostly about themselves and do not know how to listen at all. Can you imagine what Ronnie Wood can talk about with his young lover Katya Ivanova? We are with difficulty.

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Why are older women the best conversationalists for? It's very simple - they are older, more experienced, have seen more, experienced and know more. They can tell interesting stories from their own lives and provide advice. Don't underestimate the ability to be an interesting conversationalist - even when the initial passion fades, talking can help maintain a close relationship.

# 7. They support themselves

Men appreciate if a woman is capable of supporting herself. And this speaks not only of how self-serving and stingy men are. They are just pragmatic. Therefore, it is natural that mature, successful women, with a well-established career and a stable income, are more wealthy than girls who are just starting to climb the career ladder. Of course, having a well-paid job is far from the main thing that can interest a man in a woman, but in the end it also plays a role. The fact is that next to a successful woman, a man can not strain and constantly not think about the fact that he needs to pay for her always and everywhere. Few men are willing to contain "future models" or "future actresses" who use them as a springboard for their - often unfounded - ambitions.

No. 6. They know how to be friends

Young women often exist in "flocks" - they communicate so closely with their girlfriends that a man, meeting with them, is forced to constantly share them with numerous girlfriends. They call back nonstop, exchange sms, spend whole days on social networking sites, in LiveJournal and chats, where they often report all the details of their personal life. To become a "boyfriend" of such a girl, a man will have to get the approval of all her friends. In addition, she will coordinate every step she takes with her friends, so a man will have to try hard to convince her of anything, and this is very tiring.

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No luck with girls

Mature women are less dependent on the opinions of their friends and loved ones. They are able to make decisions on their own and do not seek the approval of their friends. They don't call their girlfriends to find out what dress to wear on a date with you, or what to cook for dinner. They are confident and self-sufficient. They understand that "friendship" is not a discussion of the last episode of "Lost", but help in difficult times. They don't waste time on idle chatter and meaningless relationships. They have already experienced the disappointment and betrayal of their friends, youthful enthusiastic "friendships", and now in their phone book there are only numbers of close trusted friends.

No. 5. They know how to have a good time

It is more interesting to spend time with older women. Why? They have a more sophisticated taste and versatile interests. Simply put, they love and know how to have fun "like an adult", and not get drunk to the point of feeling insensible in a nightclub to spend the rest of the evening hugging the toilet. They will not be lost on the dance floor all evening and arrange a striptease at the pole to deafening music. They have already safely passed this "wild" phase and no longer want to constantly be in the spotlight. They are able to enjoy jazz, love to go to the theater, they are not ashamed to introduce them to friends and relatives.

No. 4. They are less emotional

The excessive emotionality of young girls can be understood - they have so many things “for the first time” that they simply do not know how to react to this or that event. First love, first betrayal, first betrayal - their emotional outbursts and scandals are completely justified. In addition, they always tend to overly dramatize events - if a man does not call the next day after a date, her heart will be broken! Because of their emotional immaturity and unpredictability, they give meaning and special meaning to the most harmless things. When meeting a young girl, a man should always be prepared for the fact that a crisis may break out at any moment, and his every word or deed can cause an unexpected reaction in the girl. And since very few men manage to keep calm during the crisis, it is impossible to continue such a relationship for a long time.

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Mature women have learned to appreciate their nerves and do not throw tantrums because a man watched an unfamiliar girl. They maintain their composure even in a critical situation, are able to solve problems, including problems in relationships, and do not let men into their troubles.

No. 3. They are more experienced in bed and love sex

If you ask men what they like best about mature women, most will not hesitate to say - sexual liberation. Mature women are wonderful lovers. It is a fact. They are confident in themselves, are not ashamed of their bodies and their desires, they are liberated and ready for experiments. Moreover, they know how to please a man, and even prolong it. It is never boring with them in bed.

# 2. They have more experience in serious relationships

Mature women know how to bypass "pitfalls" in relationships, and if problems persist, they are ready to compromise and find a solution that is acceptable to both parties. Again, because they have more experience, including in a serious relationship. In addition, women do not harbor illusions and do not make unrealistic plans. They do not believe in the fairy tale of a handsome prince and are ready to put up with the shortcomings of their partner, so it is easier to build long-term relationships with them.

# 1. They value the time you spend together

Unlike girls, who are often not serious about relationships and do not appreciate the man who is next to them, the mature woman knows how to be grateful for what her friend is doing for her. She will not take a man's attention and care for granted.

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A clear understanding of true values allows adult women to value more the time they spend with their partner. In addition, they will not play with the feelings of a man in order to amuse their pride. This is probably what men most appreciate in adult women.

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