The male "cockroaches" that are the hardest to fight
The male "cockroaches" that are the hardest to fight

We all have our so-called cockroaches - character traits or flaws that sometimes interfere with living both for ourselves and those around us.

Some "cockroaches" are easy to put up with, and some can be very difficult. Therefore, they often become the cause of litter, conflict and even divorce.

These are the male "cockroaches" women consider the most terrible (information taken from real women's forums)

1. Not mindfulness and indifference. A woman cannot expect a compliment from such a man. He is deeply indifferent to what she is wearing and what color her hair is. An old anecdote describes such a man well, when the wife could not attract the attention of her husband and finally, in despair, put a gas mask on her head, which was followed by a laconic male question: "Did you pluck your eyebrows?"

2. Excessive care. Such a man, on the contrary, begins to decide literally everything for a woman: what kind of handbag you buy, what lipstick to put on, what length of hair you should grow.

3. Boredom without a sense of humor. “Why are you looking at me like that”, “Why do you have such a voice”, “Why did you put me 10 dumplings, and not 9” …

4. Hypochondria. He constantly finds new diseases in himself. Day and night he talks about his sores. A couple of sneezes can unsettle such a man. Covered in a blanket, he will moan, whine, talk about how bad he is.

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5. Foolishness. At the sight of the steering wheel in such a man, a clouding of mind occurs, the result of which is the thought that he is Schumacher, rushing to the finish line.

6. Love for friends and gatherings. He constantly invites friends, relatives, friends into the house, or he himself constantly disappears from them.

7. Love for mom (mama's son). Mama's son is always rushing between mother and wife. They are self-centered and spoiled, the universe must revolve around them. They consult with their mother all the time, do what their mother wants, his mother is always right. The best praise of such a man would be: "You did like my mother" …

8. Unwillingness to have children. She says that children are a burden and a problem. Avoids any talk about children, or, conversely, likes to talk about how bad it is when they are.

9. Insecurity. He promised to call today - I called in a week. He said that he would buy plane tickets - he would buy a train. He promised to meet - he did not.

10. Dependence. He is always waiting for someone to decide something for him. In the store, in order to avoid responsibility, he happily agrees with the choice of his wife. He cannot pay the rent himself, buy his own pants.

11. Beggarly worldview. Briefly, a man's train of thought can be described as follows: "The whole world owes me and does not give, but I myself will not ask."

12. Gluttony. He is always hungry. He harasses everyone with his food talk. No matter how much such a man you feed, he still looks in the refrigerator.

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Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

13. Pathological neatness and love of order. The first thing such a man does when entering a house is to check if the dust has been removed in the farthest corner under the closet. At the same time, he will not be too lazy to push it aside.

Male "cockroaches", which are the most difficult to deal with
Male "cockroaches", which are the most difficult to deal with

14. Pathological lie. He constantly lies, often even when it is not at all necessary.

15. Polygamy (womanizer, lover of women). Doesn't miss a single skirt, including someone else's …

16. Primitiveness. He is not interested in anything. His favorite pastime is to eat on the sofa. TV is his best friend. With him he is ready to spend all the time.

17. Absent-mindedness. He constantly hovers in the clouds, always confuses something, forgets or loses.

18. Narcissism. Such a man speaks only about himself. If someone starts talking about something else, cannot keep up the conversation, he immediately becomes bored and uninteresting.

19. Overconfidence and self-confidence. First, he is knee-deep in the sea and mountains on his shoulder. He himself knows everything and can do everything. Other people's advice is not needed, and then he blames everyone and everything for his failures.

20. Avarice. Counts every penny. He constantly talks about how much it costs. Plagues loved ones checking checks and reproaches for unnecessary spending.

21. Squandering. Such a man, on the contrary, instantly spends all the money that he has.

22. Subtle mental organization. He says things that are incomprehensible to those around him. Reads strange books. He rents a separate apartment to be alone.

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23. Workaholism. He works a lot, or rather, always. He doesn't have time for anything else.

The list of these cockroaches is endless. But is it that important? After all, the main thing is that male cockroaches get along with female ones.

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