If you have a desire to become a master in your field, it is quite clear that you need to take the following elementary steps.

Knowledge is necessary at least in order to properly formulate your dream. Well, let's say you have already done it quite clearly. And now you sleep and see your dream, clearly imagine yourself as its owner. But what to do next, time passes, and it remains only a figment of your imagination? I will make a powerful statement to complement one of my previous articles.

Attention: "The power is not only in the knowledge itself, but in how you can apply this knowledge!"

For those who can apply the incoming knowledge, the library is a treasure! Anyone who is only formed in it, treats it differently, cannot truly appreciate all the delights of those millions of words that preserve age-old wisdom! Anyone who does not strive for knowledge, and even more so for its application, does not read this magazine, so we will not talk about them either.

Quite recently, an interesting incident happened in my life, reading one of the books Napoleon Hill, I came across the phrase: "As a rule, professors, scientists, teachers are not wealthy people." In 1963, he wrote these words, but if you look closely, they are true for our time. Why is that? Why does a professor from the Department of Economics, for example, barely make ends meet? It would seem that all economic instruments and methods for accumulating wealth are perfectly structured in his head, but he is poor. It's all about special knowledge and the ability to apply it. I repeat, it is in special, not theoretical. Apparently, those who have not learned to use their knowledge themselves cannot be allowed to teach others. Well, okay, this article is not about that.

Live in uncertainty
Live in uncertainty

For whom, after all, is specialized knowledge characteristic? Certainly for the Masters! On the way to material independence is skill in your business. Look how it was before, those who wanted to succeed went as an apprentice. This teaching method is the most direct, most effective. It was from the Master that a person learned the practice, the very process of producing those goods or services that he wanted to produce or provide. What prevents a modern person from turning directly to the master? That's right, nothing. If you have a desire to become a master in your business, it is quite clear that you need to take the following elementary steps:

1) Go to the Internet (or any other information resource) and find all the Masters of the business that you would like to do.

2) Make a list.

3) Get acquainted with their biography (at least briefly).

4) Get their addresses or phone numbers. That is, all those communication channels through which you could contact them.

5) Now you need to choose the only one of the Masters and go to him with a clear proposal.

6) The most important step, having clearly defined your goal, is to burn the bridges behind you. Only forward!!!

After the last step, you are left with two options: either you reach the goal, or you reach the goal! In my opinion, both options are fine. In the history of mankind, there are many examples of how a person who clearly knows and lives his goal, achieved it. Of course, difficulties await on the way and so on, but believe me, difficulty is an integral part of success. Perseverance and somewhat stubbornness are the best friends of success. In conclusion, I would like to cite the following statement of one very wise person: "It is impossible to defeat the one who does not give up !!!"

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