Features of men's hair care
Features of men's hair care

How to take care of men's hair. Men's hair.

This requires a slightly more meaningful effort. Namely, a man should:

Wash your hair more often

If the skin is not excessively dry, then shampoo should be used as often as possible. If there is dryness, then you can alternate shampooing your hair with simple rinsing of your hair with water.

It often happens that men, due to excessive use of anti-dandruff shampoos, dry out their hair. In such cases, you need to switch to milder means. And in general, it is useful to alternate shampoos from time to time.

Use a hair balm

Men often have rather coarse hair, and this problem is especially acute when a man with such hair tries to let go of it in order to change his hairstyle.

In this case, a good balm will help. It helps thicken and soften coarse hair, giving it shine and elasticity. After shampooing, rub conditioner into your hair, wait a minute and then rinse.

Dry your hair properly

Oddly enough, but even such a trifle as the process of drying your hair, if not properly organized, can harm your hair.

Therefore, there are rules here as well. First, wipe the hair with a towel, then connect a hairdryer to the process, set to a medium or high heating position, but at a low speed.

Should men shave their armpits?
Should men shave their armpits?

In order not to dry your hair, you need to stop drying when the top layer remains slightly damp.

Use hair gel or mousse

It is perfectly acceptable for men to rub some gel or mousse into their hair for better styling. Here the whole point is to choose the appropriate tool for yourself.

Some gels are invisible, others constantly shine on your hair, others have practically no effect, while others simply make your hair slick.

So you have to choose according to your taste. Each type is used in a different way, so read the appropriate instructions.

Comb your hair gently

To tidy up your hair after washing and drying, you should comb it. In principle, your own hand may well be enough for this. But if you use a comb, it is better to give preference to wood combs with sparse teeth.

A stiff brush will cut through matted hair, which can damage it; it can be used only when it is necessary to style the hair in the desired direction.

Choose a hairstyle to match your face

Men's hairstyles, unlike women's hairstyles, do not differ in any particularly wide assortment, nevertheless, it must be remembered that there are face types for which this or that hairstyle may not suit at all. For example, if you have a large nose, do not part in the middle, which appears as an arrow pointing to your nose. And if you have a square face, let your hair be longer at the back, which will give the impression of oblongness.

I'm bald: positive instruction for bald people
I'm bald: positive instruction for bald people

Most men have short hairstyles. In this form, a haircut is more convenient: it eliminates the constant combing, does not require the use of hair styling products. In case of baldness, a bald haircut may be the best option.

But a man's hairstyle can be long. This is not only a tribute to fashion, but also the desire to look your best. After all, as already mentioned, a hairstyle can hide a long nose, give the desired shape to the face, etc. In addition, the owners of a stylish hairstyle feel more confident.

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