What women dream of: 10 qualities of a confident man
What women dream of: 10 qualities of a confident man

Confidence. Hundreds of books and articles have been written on this topic, many of us would like to impress others with the impression of a confident person.

At almost all times, confidence has been synonymous with success and strength.

So what is the attraction of a state of self-confidence? How confident is he? And what is a confident man?

American psychologist Andrew Salter mentions six qualities of self-confident people:

1. Open expression of your feelings and spontaneity in communication.

2. Correspondence between verbal and non-verbal expression of feelings.

3. Belief in oneself, the ability to defend one's own opinions and desires.

4. Willingness to take responsibility and speak on our own behalf, using the pronoun "I" instead of "we", without trying to hide behind a facade of vague and muddy formulations.

5. Ability to accept compliments and praise, as well as the courage to compliment others.

6. Ability to accept yourself as you are. By condemning and denying any of your traits, you cause yourself discomfort and close yourself off from others.

However, this is the opinion of professional psychologists. And what do women say about this - the most sensitive connoisseurs of male charm? What kind of confident man is he?

Being confident in yourself, in the opinion of the fair sex, means:

1. Be bold.

2. Have a firm attitude in life.

You are a very good guy
You are a very good guy

3. Be decisive and responsible regardless of the circumstances.

4. To be able to accept a woman for who she is: without detracting from her abilities, intelligence and beauty.

5. Be independent.

6. Be noble externally and internally.

7. Do not be afraid of emotions.

8. Be sociable.

9. Be able to maintain optimism and instill it in your beloved woman.

10. Take care of her and their relationship. A woman always strives for a sense of security, which means that a confident man is the one who can protect her from the whole world. Someone with whom she can feel like a stone wall.

Self-confidence adorns any person, and a man in particular.

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