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Life support methods
Life support methods

Life support methods specially designed for special forces soldiers around the world that are best never used.

Below are some tips for getting fire and food. The advice is quite doable for any healthy person. But! If you want to continue to maintain your health, then it is better not to use these tips.

Extraction of fire

If you run out of matches and have nothing to light the fire with (cigarette, bikfood cord …), it doesn't matter. Surely you have a first-aid kit, and in it there are many substances with which you will make fire.

For example: glycerin and potassium permanganate. A mixture of these substances ignites spontaneously. After a while. It all depends on the ratio of the components taken. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of one of the components, then it will not light up at all. Instead of glycerin, you can take gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, alcohol (cologne).

Potassium permanganate mixed with aluminum and magnesium powder (sawdust) also ignites spontaneously, or rather explodes, when stirred and especially when rubbed or struck.

The medicine cabinet also contains ammonia and iodine solution. Pour both solutions into a common dish and wait for the water and alcohol to dry and evaporate from the solution. What remains is ignited (or rather explodes) even from a ray of sunlight and a fly flying nearby. So put flammable materials next to the solution and wait for it to light up.

Survival just in case, but cases are different
Survival just in case, but cases are different

By the way, if you have time, then you can kindle a fire even easier. Rake up a bunch of wet garbage (leaves, sawdust, hay-straw, manure is possible) and after a couple, three weeks, the heap will smoke and eventually catch fire. This method is simply necessary for future saboteurs and pests to know. Since in this way you can harm (the enemy) even without having explosives.

Real saboteurs also hold a high esteem for the combination of regular sugar and concentrated sulfuric acid. Also an instant flash-explosion. It was this mixture that caused the explosion in Hitler's bunker when (Hitler) went out to smoke.

The spark can also be obtained by using a battery, an explosive machine, and spinning magneto. Sparking on a fleece by connecting wires in a 220 or 380 volt network is also possible, but I do not recommend it. One of my acquaintances decided to light a cigarette from such a device, and for a long time he was called Fantômas for his adorable face.

Perhaps this method will seem difficult to someone. No problem! We collect about a third of a plastic bottle of manure, no matter what kind, and add a little bit of water. It is necessary to squeeze out all the air from the bottle, to the last drop. After a couple of hours (in the sun and warmth), the mixture will bubble, flammable gas will begin to evolve and fill the bottle.

For reference, if you shake the bottle, then in the end (within a week) gas will be released by weight, about three quarters of the weight of the shit taken. An eternal gas can for your lighter. If you do not follow the bottle, then it (as a result) will explode from the excess of gases. By piercing the bottle or supplying it with a tube with a tap, you can ignite the escaping gas with a spark. I warn you right away that if the air from the bottle has not been removed enough, then a bomb with shit will explode in YOUR hands. It will be a lot of fun for those around you, but you will get the light.

13 extreme facts that could one day save a life
13 extreme facts that could one day save a life

Combustible gas can also be obtained by collecting gas bubbles from the bottom of muddy reservoirs in a (plastic) water bottle. For this, the bottle is provided with a funnel and the funnel is held over the bubbles. The muddy bottom is stirred up with a stick.

If there is no humor, then swamp gas (or shit) can be collected in an empty chamber from the car and with the help of this gas you can cook dinner on a mini gas stove.


By the way, it is not necessary to cook. Especially if you don't care about your own health while performing a combat mission. All of the following can be eaten raw.

Personally, I was taught by one gallant major. He built the new arrivals, took out a handful of living earthworms from somewhere and squeezed blackness out of the next worm, put it in his mouth. Chewed, swallowed, peeled and ate again. At the same time, I watched how the newly arrived in the ranks behaved. All who vomited, he rejected.

Everything that somehow moves and grows is edible. Only some dishes are edible only once. Others can be eaten for several days to achieve the previous effect. Still others can be eaten without fear for their health, but we will not remember these products in this article. In this article, we will only talk about exotic things, so that the one who tried it could later, if he survived, spread his fingers to talk about his coolness and belonging to the elite.

So eat whatever catches your eye. If you don't die right away, then you will have several days, and you will be lucky even weeks, to complete your combat mission.

What is included in the emergency briefcase? What does it take for the apocalypse?
What is included in the emergency briefcase? What does it take for the apocalypse?

Any worms, insects and larvae are edible. Beware only foul-smelling, bitter and brightly colored. Bloodworms are also brightly colored, but very nutritious. Maggots (fly larvae) are also quite edible. Maggot also detoxifies the substrate on which it feeds and can be baked along with the substrate in the form of a cake. You can eat (drink) the contents of the substrate with maggots and raw.

About the substrate. This is not just what you think. This, for example, is also the grated roots of a yellow and white egg capsule. Some experts suggest eating these and other little-known roots at once, but some roots first need to be specially processed, otherwise you can immediately get poisoned. But if a (live) maggot is found in the grated roots, then the roots are already edible. Stale (to put it mildly) meat, both animal and human, is quite edible if soaked in vinegar or mustard to remove the smell of decay. And it is better to keep the meat for a week in a brine made from table salt and aromatic herbs. For example, half of the sausage, especially semi-expensive and semi-smoked varieties, sausages (and salmon tenderloin too) is exactly what they do.

In especially extreme cases, it is considered edible and the dermo of many animals, especially herbivores. Shit from predators and mixed-food animals can contain remnants of sharp bones, which can damage the next eater's teeth and intestines. Again, predators (and semi-predators) are intermediate carriers of dangerous parasites (including the causative agent of the whirligig), which can lead to an overly rapid loss of combat effectiveness.

Actions in the event of military conflicts
Actions in the event of military conflicts

P. S. the information is given for educational purposes and the magazine categorically does not recommend testing these ways of life support!

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