Love and medicine
Love and medicine

The causative agents of this disease are viruses of three main varieties: brunettes, blondes, redheads. Love and medicine

Occasionally, there are subspecies that have mutated under the influence of drugs such as hydrogen peroxide.

The disease affects the muscles of the heart and lungs.

The transmission routes of this disease have not yet been studied.

The disease can occur in both acute and chronic forms.

The acute form of the disease is accompanied by fever in the chest area, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, lacrimation. In severe cases, the disease is accompanied by dementia. The acute form of the disease can turn into a chronic one, which usually occurs after the patient has suffered several relapses in an acute form. In this case, the symptoms of the acute form disappear, the disease becomes latent. In the chronic form, in many cases, symptoms of compliance or, as orthodox medicine say, henpecked symptoms appear.

People with weakened immune systems can be infected with several viruses at once, both of the same type or different.

It should be added that the disease is allergic in nature. The virus is especially active in the spring, when there is a lack of vitamins in the body.

The disease is considered incurable with medications. Immunity can cope with the virus on its own, but most often this happens with an acute form of the disease. At the same time, there are cases of patients recovering from a chronic form of love.

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