Note to Nove (Casanova)
Note to Nove (Casanova)

I read a couple of books on seduction … If you learned and mastered everything that is written there, you would become a clown in the eyes of a real man. Note to Nove (Casanova).

Do you remember: New Year's, Eighth of March or some corporate party where girls gather for at least three hours and look eighty percent more attractive?

You put on your best jeans, a shirt (if you have one), socks, if possible without holes, and, if it’s a very decent holiday - your dress pants, undoubtedly, splashed with your best perfume (in the worst case - deodorant) and … Go ahead! Conquer and delight the beautiful half.

Here you come in, the music stops, everyone turns around in amazement, yours is snow-white for thirty-two. In the eyes of the girls, admiration and light intrigue, they flirt with you, you make witty jokes, you are a welcome guest at any table and the soul of the company, you have no equal on the dance floor …

And so, you actually open the door and … Music laughter, the smell of good alcohol and expensive snacks all around, the girls' eyes sparkle with coquetry, wide smiles on the faces of men. You gain a full chest of air and … sideways move to the far table, where your already half-drunk friends are sitting. They stretch out their hand to you, without taking their eyes off the salad on their own plate, and again pester you about something. Then it dawns on you that, in principle, everything will be the same today as it has always been. All evening you will sit at this table, listening to the same vulgar conversations or, even worse, attempts to reason on serious topics. Often, with envy, you will glance at the table at which a large noisy company is sitting, where girls adore looking at a smiling, handsome guy who is provocatively gesturing and telling something funny …

The samurai has no purpose. Only way
The samurai has no purpose. Only way

Hi, my name is … well, let's say Max. Yes, this, in principle, does not matter - I, like many, was among those embarrassed, hesitating in the company of girls and hating themselves for this guys.

“So what,” many will say, “there is someone who will accept me as I am. And he will love."

Yes, there will be and will love. But believe me, you will secretly dream of the one that attracts the eyes, the one that arouses admiration, the one around which many suitors are hovering. And, looking at your "love", you will indulge yourself with this very thought - but she accepted me as I am !!!

But there is one "but" - I never accepted myself as I am - I made myself better. And this slogan - let people accept you as you are !!! What squalor …

That is, if you are the last pig, lie in a dupu drunk near a bench in the park and yell to every girl passing by something like:

“Hey baby !!! Let's get acquainted???!!! No??? Why not??!!! Well, I went to … from here !!!"

Then you are just perfect, you are brutal and cool, and stupid chicks are not able to understand and see all your beauty and masculinity.

Or a quiet batan who smiles modestly all his life at any word addressed to him. Who masturbates powerfully in the bathroom, even to a friendly pat on the back of a fellow student. He, too, is waiting for the day when she is found. And there will be - eighty kilograms of live weight for two centimeters of optics, a body covered with tight jeans! Yes, she will accept anyone, as he is, if only … at least someone !!!

Disagree with me? Then kiss the body that accepts you, and revel in happiness - you are hopeless !!!

You are a very good guy
You are a very good guy

Why am I saying all this?

I've read a couple of books on seduction … Seduction is a word! The eighteenth century is straight. I read it and was amazed at the delirium that I saw there! If you learned and mastered everything that is written there, you would become a clown in the eyes of a real man. These books teach you to humiliate yourself, grovel, go to forbidden tricks, in general, in every possible way to lose your dignity (the main male quality !!!) Many of the tricks described in them are simply wild.

For example, there is such an ugliness: if you want to sleep with two girls, go somewhere in a cafe or a nightclub to a pretty girl and say unhappy:

"Hi Babe! You know, I'm tired of ordinary sex, today I want you and your girlfriend …"

Do you know what will happen ninety-nine percent of the time? - you will be sent as they rarely sent, you will remember for a long time. Or some friend of this very "baby" will sweep you away so that "mother" cannot be pronounced, let alone "baby".

I have no doubt that many have also noticed the stupidity of most of the advice in such books. That's why I decided to smear some e-paper - in order to get many out of this trap.

Hmm … Let's start perhaps.

Many people advise - Hit the girl! Surprise her !!! And she will lift her defenses. And then !!! Then act macho!

Ha!!! Rave!!! Nonsense!!!

They have no defense !!!

Just imagine: you are walking down the street - it's sunny, warm, there are tanned girls all around - the soul sings, and the eye rejoices!

Here, do not understand where to you, with a smile of down and an unhealthy gleam in her eyes, a girl is jumping with a cleverest question:

- Hey!!! I bet I'll make you smile ??? !!! - you naturally will first look at her with a keen eye. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, no makeup, eyebrows are thick, under the nose is a huge pimple, eyes are colorless, the face is not a fountain, the height is a meter with a cap, the figure - I am a collective farmer, you are generally silent about clothes …

Friendship between a man and a woman is possible: it's all about heterosexual comrades
Friendship between a man and a woman is possible: it's all about heterosexual comrades

- No, thanks, - and you try to get through. And here she (who has read books on seduction), mistaking this for defense, grabs your hand, takes out some pieces of paper from her purse with her other hand, puts it under your nose and gives:

- Choose !!! - and you didn’t knock on one place, you keep looking at her pimple and thinking how to get rid of it as quickly as possible, naturally not wanting to be rude (after all, a man, not a man), you choose a piece of paper.

- That will give !!! - she yells cheerfully (her voice is also far from pleasing the ear) and shows what is on a piece of paper. And it says: "Smile!"

You smile - just to take it off. She decides that the defense has been removed and offers to go with her to a cafe. Here you decisively retreat. She thinks she hasn't hit you enough and delves into her book looking for a more powerful way.

Now imagine a beautiful girl instead of yourself, and yourself instead of a collective farmer. She just doesn't like you. You even sing an aria to her, even make a circus elephant dance a rumba - she’s up to one place, well, you don’t like that! What does defense have to do with it ???

A friend of mine described a woman with whom he would stay forever - a tall blonde, fit, with perfect breasts (in his opinion, size 2), tastefully dressed, with skillful make-up, stupefying smelling, on a good car and with a good dough.

I grinned, asked him:

“Have you ever wondered if such a woman needs you? An ordinary, unremarkable pepper without a job?"

Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors
Stay true to yourself, but betray the rest of the traitors

He was terribly offended.

Note to Nove (Casanova)
Note to Nove (Casanova)

Ask yourself too. Maybe the girl of your dreams needs you, like a dog's fifth leg?

Look at yourself from the outside and compare with those guys who are able to interest such a girl. Truth is learned by comparison, isn't it? So compare! His appearance and his, his style and his, his body and his, his speech and his, his look and his … Compared? Now imagine a girl who would like you the way you are now. If you are honest with yourself, then this is clearly not a fashion model.

Appearance. She decides everything. They are greeted by clothes and blah, blah, blah …

Yes it is. If you want a cool girl - learn to match the level that you swung with an unwashed paw!

First of all, clothes. What? Do you feel that it is already difficult? Buy clothes, spend money, and get rid of your cool and dear ones? You are a curmudgeon. The world does not need curmudgeons. Moreover, cool girls do not need it.

Now on the net: you regret the dough - look for yourself the same curmudgeon. Know that if you want to match, you have to spend.

Open the closet and see what is there - most likely a bunch of clothes, in which, perhaps, with the guys, beer is blowing at the entrance. Take the money and go buy at least jeans in a normal store. Next month a shirt, then a jumper, then a T-shirt, then underwear, etc. By a normal store, I mean at least slightly recognizable brands.

But before that, think about how you want to look, what you feel most comfortable in, but do not flatter yourself - you hardly look like that macho from the picture. So, what looks brutal on him is unlikely to make you cooler. Choose your clothes so that you can wear them with each other in various combinations. The colors should be normal, after all, not in a kindergarten for a cheerful matinee, there should be no lurid mega acid colors that destroy nerve cells! And deal with the style yourself. Classic?

Crack it up? Glamor? Street man? Nerd? Decide for yourself, but I say again - do not flatter yourself, you are far from being a pretty guy from the cover!

What is masculinity?
What is masculinity?

Expensive? Not good. Shop for seasonal sales for over fifty percent discounts.

OK, with clothes, like, hinted transparently. Now, what's with your hairstyle? For each type of hair, a certain haircut is suitable. For example: thick curly (like mine) has one type of haircuts, say, medium length. But for straight lines less dense - another, curly hair - a third, etc. Don't assume that the best hairstyle is the one that is maintenance free. Maybe for us men it is, but in the eyes of women, the best hairstyle is the one that suits your face shape and hair type. And absolutely wildness - fits your style !!! Brr, the most creepy … But where to go? In short - type in a search engine - a haircut for thick and curly, or what have you got there? Choose and scratch to the hairdresser. Short? Grow a little. There is nothing wrong with that.

Well, clothes and style, that's okay.

Once I was sitting in the billiard room with a friend and observed the following picture: a very decently dressed young man approached a girl who was chewing something with appetite. He thumped in front of her and began to tell something. Brave guy - behaved assertively, spoke clearly without bleating, usually characteristic of guys at the first contact. But, apparently, that girl was not in solidarity with me and culturally sent the guy to an intimate address.

What should a man be able to do?
What should a man be able to do?

Defense, you say? Nope - rudeness! Moreover, from the guy's side. For some reason, girls generally feel guilty when they eat something in front of strangers (it always amazed me, they really commit a sin !!!)

And then some guy comes down, sits down in a brazen opposite, something tryndit, and your mouth is stuffed with salad, dill hung on your lip and it is not known where else mayonnaise is … The girl is shocked, irritation quickly comes and the consequence of the latter is side of the dynamo.

In addition to competent packaging, you still have to learn such a wildly ancient thing as politeness!

It's no secret that women like gross guys with a confident look and leadership demeanor. Dear comrade, you can still mimic the brutal mana for the first five minutes of acquaintance, but later your hare-like insides will catch her eye like Anna Karenina under that train. And you won't even understand it. Surprised? OK, I'll explain. Man, if he is brutal, then brutal in everything. Let's say you went to a cafe for packing, everything is as it should be - all such a leader! You see the goal, with a creak you put on the smile you rehearsed the day before and walk boldly.

- Hi, how about coffee? - she looks at you. First things first, it scans how you are dressed. Then how do you behave. This is where troubles arise. In your eyes, flashing gray ears, a hare's insides rushing about, a blush on your cheeks, averted your gaze, scratched the back of your head, smiled uncertainly - that's all. Everything, buddy, be sure - she understood!

No need to mow under a macho, if nature has already given - become one. But if she didn’t give it, take it yourself! Macho (Gross) is not a Hamlo with huge biceps, fucking everything that floats by. This is a look, this is self-confidence (not to be confused with narcissism), this is masculinity, this is independence, courage and frankness. In short, it is a leader. The girl at the first glance at him clearly - this is a Brutal macho! And on you - it's a gross mana. When you hesitate and get confused in your own speech, wanting to invite her out on a date, he tells her about it directly, calmly looking into her eyes with a pleasant smile. Experience the difference.

Men's joys
Men's joys

Let's say you plucked up the courage and approached the same girl in the same cafe. Eyes are eagle, speech is direct, like a runway, demons are dancing in the eyes. So she agreed to coffee, you talk, they bring you a bill, and then you nicely offer her to pay and go to her for a couple of hours. There is disappointment in her eyes.

Stop! You are not a macho - you are a pig and a cattle. Do not confuse directness and assertiveness with rudeness and beastly.

Politeness in a straightforward manner. Here is your weapon. She thinks it is bewitching rudeness.

Many girls ask me on the first date:

- Why me? Why is it so fast? (in other words, describe to me what a paramedic I am), while preparing a bunch of leading questions, which, ultimately, should push me to the wall and make me confess how unique it is.

- I had free time today and I decided to spend it with you. Why? Because I liked it. Usually after that they give up this manner of conversation, which is more inherent in drooling. But some especially stubborn or notorious - I haven't figured it out yet - will make one last try:

- And what did you like me? I immediately understand, not just waiting, but really thirsting for admiration. Do not think, I am not against it, on the contrary, I am very much in favor of weighing out an elegant complement to another beauty, but when they pull so brazenly, then my whole masculine essence will interfere!

The qualities of a real man. Who is a real man and how to be?
The qualities of a real man. Who is a real man and how to be?

- How why? Do you have mirrors at home? Or do you think I would start dating freaks? Here I insert a slightly clumsy smile in order to soften the seeming rudeness of what was said. Then he removes from balanced girls as if by hand.

You probably already understood what I am for directness and masculinity.

So remember the last time you hesitated in front of a girl (if there was such a thing), how you were afraid to come up and invite, you were afraid because you thought that you would refuse. And I thought correctly !!!

Of course, he will refuse, if you are supposed to shake even in front of such nonsense as offering coffee or a movie. Who needs a notorious loser? To be sure, first of all you have to like yourself.

Another delirium of American psychologists? No, it's the truth that hurts your eyes. Is it hard to please yourself with a belly through a belt and folds on the sides at twenty-six? Don't try. It's useless. You not only do not like yourself, but also many people even close to you. Unpleasant? Continue to sit on the couch and sip on beer, laughing at the stupid jocks.

You must like yourself! Go and make yourself what you would like to see!

Do not want? So, either you are a billionaire, or you are not interested in girls … You are hopeless, your destiny is collective farmers or, at best, kept women, who, by any means, have a gross handsome man on their side.

If you want success, work hard on yourself. Make your body so that at least it does not cause disgust. And there you can already think of something. In general, if you want to become the new Casanova, you cannot escape the gym. There is nothing sexier for girls than a pumped-up male body.

Myths about men
Myths about men

When I have my first sex with a woman, I always relish the moment when she looks at my body with admiration, cannot help but stroke the abs or bulging breasts. Understand that they are dragged away from this, just like we are from the amazing figures of those beauties whom we see off almost every day! It is important for them that with them, even for a short time, there was a real man, a male, the embodiment of strength, firmness and inflexibility. This gratifies their pride.

So, you plucked up the courage (no matter how funny it sounds) to meet a girl. You are packed, trimmed, the style really matches the character. You walk down the street and choose. You pass one girl, the second, the third … the tenth. You sigh and with the thought that at least you had a good walk, you trudge home. You're a weakling boy.

Tell me what's wrong with you? Will she insult you? Or will a low kick kick in? Or start yelling all over the street, what kind of loser are you? What will she do that you cannot survive?

One friend asked for advice on how he should be with the girls - well, he just can't seem to stick with it, you see!

We loaded into the car and rushed off towards adventure. Night, summer, embankment. I met two girls and we all rushed around the city together. It was then that it dawned on me! The guy doesn't know how to talk to girls at all. He answered any question as if he was taking an exam in HSE at the university. For example:

- And how old are you? She asks.

“Twenty,” he says.

- And where do you study? - after a moment's silence she asks.

- In the University.

Silence again.

- Do you ride for a long time?

He looked at his watch and said:

“Forty-eight or fifty minutes.

This is a nightmare! For each of her questions, you can think of dozens of interesting or promising, or humorous, or hinting answers. Remember - you are the leader! At least you are the leader with her. You decide where, when and for how long, she only makes a proposal. This is inherent in nature. The man decides, he leads. And this is not my male self, this is what they want - women. Even in conversation, you are. Forget all this feminist nonsense about equality. In a relationship between a man and a woman, you are a man, period. So match, do not spoil the rest of the image.

How to be arrogant and confident: Courage and cockiness always help
How to be arrogant and confident: Courage and cockiness always help

Having entered a cafe, many stand at the entrance and look around in confusion in search of a place, despite the fact that most of the tables are free. And then you start to blunt - ask her where she would like to sit: near the window or closer to the wall, or to the TV, etc. And she answered - where you want, I don't care, and you to her - there is no where you want to go there and we will sit … And so you both chew snot while visitors laugh at you. This is not the behavior of the leader, this is not the behavior of the male.

Girls often ask me a question about where we are going today, what are we going to do today? I believe the best answer is clear and unanimous:

- Today for a cocktail and walk along the embankment …

- Today bowling, and then I'll see …

- Today in billiards …

- Today at a party there and there …

She needs to feel the leader. Over time, she will get used to it and will already choose - naturally with your gracious consent - a place.

Learn to speak clearly and confidently. It is not difficult if you are confident in yourself. If you are not sure, immediately assert yourself !!!

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