Safe shaving
Safe shaving

Many guys deal with stubble by leaving wounds on their face every day. Experts give advice on how to shave with quality and pleasure. How to choose the right shaving cream and razor.

Experts give advice on how to shave with quality and pleasure.

The facial hair of the average man consists of 25,000 hairs as strong as copper wire. A man spends about 3000 hours shaving throughout his life.

The first to start shaving were the Egyptians. Taking baths several times a day, they removed body hair, sometimes even with the help of clam shells. Although men have shaved for thousands of years, many still regret it deeply, despite the wonderful technology of today - waterproof cordless electric shavers! Razors with four blades! However, a lot of guys still cope with stubble, leaving wounds on their facial skin on a daily basis. Experts tried to figure out what they were doing wrong.

Advice for men

According to experts, the first thing to do before shaving is to prepare the skin of the face. Massaging your face with shaving cream or soap will make your hair stand up. All you need to do is lift and soften your hair, so that you can then cut it off in one stroke.

Most men do not follow instructions on creams or soaps, or soaps and creams do not have adequate instructions. First you need to warm up the skin, and then massage the soap onto it. Dermatology experts believe that shaving in the shower is beneficial. Adjust the water to be warm. You can even put a hot, damp towel on your face for a few minutes before shaving, like in those westerns where the guys are covered with towels by the barbers.

How to choose the right shaving cream and razor

Why do many experts prefer shaving gel over shaving cream? The fact is that soap, which costs much less than any shaving gel, tends to foam. In fact, the positive effect of shaving does not depend on how much lather you have on your face. In addition, shaving gel tones the skin much better.

As for expensive (often British-made) shaving products, it must be remembered that a high price is not always an indicator of the same high quality.

Some men use shaving brushes to apply shaving cream to their face. However, experts point out that the use of shaving brushes in hairdressing salons is unacceptable, since bacteria can remain on the pile that can infect customers. If you are using a shaving brush and bar soap, be sure to change the shaving brush when the soap runs out.

Although there are many different types of razors, some hairdressers and dermatologists still prefer a single-blade razor, justifying their choice on the basis that razors with two or three blades irritate the skin. They claim that once you've prepared your skin for shaving, all you need is one blade. The main thing when shaving is a sharp blade.

Today, special shaving creams have also been developed for African Americans, since the hair of this race is curly and differs in its characteristics from the hair of, for example, Europeans or Asians. About half of African Americans use an electric razor to shave, as depilatories for hair removal do not address skin irritation.

Practice your shaving technique

Safe shave
Safe shave

Remember that hair grows in different directions on different parts of the body. Feel the hair on your face and neck with your hand to see which direction it is growing.

After shaving, rinse your skin with cold water and pat dry, but do not rub with a towel. In addition to shaving, two more layers of skin can be removed after this process by rubbing with a towel. After shaving, it is recommended to use balms that do not contain alcohol. Their formula is designed so that the balm does not leave a greasy film and does not make the skin shiny.

Rinse the razor blade thoroughly after shaving, but do not dry it with a towel as this will dull the blade. Using a dull razor is most likely to cause discomfort, and part of the hair is not shaved off.

The notion that you should only use one type of razor is wrong. Many men use electric shavers for a week, using them, for example, in a car, on weekends they switch to a regular shaver, and on Monday they return to an electric one. In fact, such changes will not bring you or your skin any concerns.

How to deal with ingrown hair problems? Some specialists and dermatologists recommend laser hair removal for patients suffering from ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal may not get rid of your hair permanently, but it will become much softer and the rate of hair growth will decrease significantly. Therefore, laser hair removal is regarded as an excellent solution for ingrown hairs.

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