Bronze mirrors. Revelation of female feet
Bronze mirrors. Revelation of female feet

Female legs are able to tell about the character of their owner, her habits and affections, the main thing is to get closer to them.

Probably, fans of female legs can rejoice. Yes, indeed, the object of their adoration is worth it. But the point is not only in those erotic fantasies that cause female feet in men, but also in how much they are able to tell about the character of their owner, her habits and affections.

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Chernyshevsky was especially successful here. And it was not for nothing that Vladimir Nabokov, the author of the even greater Lolita, ridiculed him in his great novel The Gift. But the Soviet followers of the connoisseurs of "folk forms" were in complete agreement with this ideal. That is why powerful women with oars stood on powerful pedestals, whose wide and strong bare feet proudly caught the eye of everyone passing by. But poets of all times and peoples still preferred to sing the praises of the narrow leg, as well as the elegance of forms in general.

But still there is such a thing as taste. Plus also psychology, multiplied by sexology. And apparently it is still worth standing on these three whales in order to understand such a delicate issue. So what does the shape of a woman's foot say, if we consider it as a mirror of a woman's character?

What mistakes do girls make on dates? 55 girls mistakes
What mistakes do girls make on dates? 55 girls mistakes

A narrow foot that is not too large in fact testifies to the subtlety of a woman's character. About the wealth of sexual, and, in general, imagination. Such a woman, as a rule, loves not so much of everything and in everything as exquisitely. And therefore, she is the best model for romantics with a refined soul, an object of their adoration.

It is from such women that they willingly accept all their whims, and it is such women who cannot stand the careless word spoken in their address. They always see in front of them the transcendental throne, so much sought after by them every day on earth!

The middle foot, naturally characteristic of most women, speaks with all the diversity of their owners, about a more or less equal attitude towards their romantic image. For them, of course, it exists, but they need not so much a royal throne in the clouds as a good, safe place here, in a mortal life passing by. They want to see next to them a moderately romantic, but quite pragmatic man. Not a page, but a reliable companion.

A wide foot can tell us not at all about complete earthiness. Not even at all! But such women, accepting a bouquet from their gentleman, think not so much about the sophistication of his speech, but about the fact that the act should last more than a century … They may want sex for hours, think about it often and not too subtly. This has nothing to do with their education and upbringing. It's just that there is more natural here, connected with the fact that merging with a man is not words, but actions.

Male secrets that a woman should know
Male secrets that a woman should know

A tendency to flat feet, regardless of the width or narrowness of the foot, is a common sign of self-doubt. It may seem to a woman that a man, while complimenting someone, not her, specifically wants to hurt her, or even just offend her. At the same time, it can be very effective and enjoy increased attention.

The foot is the mirror of the soul

In any case, her sensual part. If a woman, even in deep autumn or fierce winter, when the shoes completely hide her leg, carefully cares for the skin of the foot, meticulously rubs the heel with a pumice stone, and even the entire sole, then it means that she really loves herself. And he tries to present himself as if in a moment a gentle hand, or even a man's tongue, will touch this mirror surface. It does not matter to her whether it is for real or she is waiting for an ordinary routine day, where no one will simply see her well-groomed legs.

It doesn't matter what shape the foot is. The attitude of her mistress to her is important. Then her heels become "bronze mirrors" in which all that romantic image that she has created for herself looks:

If a woman carefully cares for the skin of her feet, then it means that she truly loves herself
If a woman carefully cares for the skin of her feet, then it means that she truly loves herself

Ointments were rubbed into the body.

And the bronze warrior broke

Its character is made of steel.

He crawled on your knees, Longed for bronze lines.

As if he was told so

She was a formidable goddess.

The one in front of whose statuette

You loved to pray.

Warrior with an apt phrase

I was able to flatter you.

All the losers howled

And they whispered threats.

He named your heels

Bronze mirrors.

The big secret of the thumb

A lot about a woman's character can be said by the big toe on her leg. If it is longer than all the others, then it means that its owner is inclined to a certain dominance.

It does not have to be expressed in any external imperative forms. This can be a proud self-confidence, which does not prevent her from hearing the opinion of another, first of all, her boyfriend, boyfriend, husband, in a word, a man who is next to her, in any capacity.

If the big toe is inferior in length to its neighbor, then this does not even mean the weakness of the female character. But it can tell that this woman is ready not only to trust the man, but also to go the way he proposes. However, such women can easily turn away from yesterday's partner, while the previous category of ladies is tougher, but more idealistic.

What kind of compliments do men like?
What kind of compliments do men like?

A pedicure can say just as much. If a woman's toenails are deliberately long, then this is not so much a symbol of her inner sexuality as her aspiration for a career, to establish herself. But the ladies, with expressively trimmed, oval nails, just want more inner, heart victories. They seem to mentally represent a man who kisses these legs, where everything is so gracefully rounded …

Different legs are needed

And yet, all female legs are beautiful if their owners watch their bronze mirrors
And yet, all female legs are beautiful if their owners watch their bronze mirrors

But an enthusiastic attitude towards women's feet is not the property of some perverts or half-crazy poets. This is a deep subconscious knowledge that through our feet mighty streams of life energy of Mother Earth herself come to us. Just as through our energy center in the crown of the head the energies of the Great Intelligent Cosmos rush to a person.

And by the way, do not think that women do not pay attention to the condition of the feet of the stronger sex. How they do it! But that's a completely different story. And it should not be told by a man, but by a woman.

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