Male signs
Male signs

Signs of male attention - male sexual signals - primarily affect a man's line of behavior, his gestures and postures.

Studying ethology - the science of animal behavior, we can say that man is not far from our smaller brothers and his closest relative - the monkey. Man differs from the latter only in the presence of consciousness and the ability to create. And if it is still possible to argue about consciousness, as the prerogatives of Homo sapiens, then only he, and even the Lord God, creates in living nature.

Most human impulses are unconscious, even subconscious. A lot of actions, like thousands of years ago, are performed according to the old patterns of mother nature without the participation of free will and reason.

Thousands of quite ordinary and everyday human reactions are innate. They are nurtured by evolution and have nothing to do with conscious actions. As for the sphere of courtship and signs of male attention, here these features are manifested especially clearly and unequivocally.

Signs of male attention - male sexual signals - primarily affect a man's line of behavior, his gestures and postures. (Although the body as a whole undergoes changes, including chemical reactions in the brain.) Consciousness does not control such signs, but for an attentive observer they are obvious and visible, so they can and should be seen and read. And then, having not yet heard a word from the man, the woman is able to understand what interested him, what she likes. A simple list of sexual signals is given below.

How to communicate and what to do with scum?
How to communicate and what to do with scum?
Having found a sexually desirable object for himself, a man transforms before our eyes. It seems to straighten up, stretches upward, trying to appear more attractive, and in this case it is no different from a proud peacock, straightening its patterned tail. The man automatically stops slouching, straightens his shoulders and pulls in his stomach. At this moment, sharp hormonal shifts occur in his body. As a result, the body tenses up in preparation for action.

Dressing up. In the presence of an attractive woman, a man unconsciously and inevitably begins to smarten up. He can automatically straighten a tie or collar, shake off non-existent and real specks of dust from clothes. The courts, however, can be attributed to the involuntary fastening or unfastening of buttons, cufflinks, watch straps. The man will iron his clothes, straighten or smooth his hair. In general, he with all his might and, without realizing it, will begin to improve his appearance.

Sight. There are two types of views here: intimate and “undressing”. If a man is interested in a woman, his gaze, as if by chance and involuntarily, begins to slide over her entire body. This look is called “stripping”. The intimate look is so named because it unconsciously lingers on the partner for a little longer than decency requires. In this case, the pupils of the eyes of a man interested in a woman, as a rule, are narrowed.

Hand position. A man intrigued by a woman may unknowingly put his hands on his belt or hips, hide his thumbs behind a belt or in a slot in his pockets.

Such rather frank gestures indicate a man's immediate readiness for active actions, called flirting or courtship. The position of the legs. If a man is sitting, he involuntarily spreads his legs wider. If it is, its legs are also slightly apart. In this case, the socks of the man's legs spontaneously turn in the direction of his chosen passion. This property is especially clear in a situation when there are several women in the room - the toe of a man's boot, like a compass needle, will point to the one he preferred.

Do I need to take revenge on a person for the wrongs inflicted? Your dark side knows the answer
Do I need to take revenge on a person for the wrongs inflicted? Your dark side knows the answer
- the most overt signs of male interest. Usually a well-mannered man automatically touches the palm or hand of a woman below the elbow, which does not contradict love etiquette and good manners.

Copying. Another sign of a man's sexual interest is the instinctive copying of a woman's postures or actions. This "body empathy" can manifest itself in the repetition of signs of agreement in conversation, head tilts, neck bends, and so on.

Voice. Regardless of the desire, the voice of a sexually interested man becomes lower in timbre and quieter.

And on this we will end the list of signs of male attention, for when a voice sounds, the time for compliments comes. And speech belongs to the second signaling system, which is realized and controlled by a person. Here, a man, depending on experience and inspiration, can embark on any manipulation. The only thing he will give himself out in this case is that an insincere person will unconsciously touch his lips or nose during a conversation.

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