Sports nutrition: pros and cons
Sports nutrition: pros and cons

Many novice athletes have a preconceived notion about sports nutrition. Pros and cons of sports nutrition components.

Sports nutrition has generated a lot of controversy. What they do not intimidate newcomers - and violations of the functional system of the body, and drug addiction, and complete disability. As a result, many aspiring athletes have preconceived notions. Let's try to clarify and analyze the "pros" and "cons" of the components of sports nutrition.


The purpose of sports nutrition is to help people involved in sports, fitness, dancing and other types of physical activity lose weight or, conversely, build muscle mass. In other words, get a slim and fit figure.

What does it consist of?

Sports nutrition is not a set of nutritional supplements. Its constituent components - proteins, creatine, gainers - are a product of processing of natural food raw materials. In fact, this is the quintessence of ordinary food, from which all substances that are not useful are "thrown out". This means, for the most part, they are safe for humans.

One of the most important elements of sports nutrition is protein - a concentrated protein of animal or plant origin, obtained in various ways from natural products. After all, if you intensively engage in strength training, there is a danger of its deficiency. So a diet with a high protein content is just what you need - it helps to maintain balance in the body.

How to speed up your metabolism? 20 ways to boost your metabolism and stay fit
How to speed up your metabolism? 20 ways to boost your metabolism and stay fit

Gainers are cocktails with a high protein and carbohydrate content. Their use helps to more effectively gain muscle mass and replenish the energy expended in training. This product is especially attractive for novice athletes who want to quickly see the power of their muscles. But, unfortunately, the main effect of the gainer is just a quick set of mass, and not relief muscles, which can be "built" only through competent and persistent training, reinforced by proper sports nutrition.

Fat burners

Fat burners, or thermogenic complexes, activate metabolism by accelerating carbohydrate-fat metabolism at the cellular level and removing metabolic products from the body. By the way, this process is not the same for everyone: for someone it is faster, for someone it is slower. Fat burners contain a wide variety of ingredients, including green tea extract and caffeine. According to some researchers, they boost immunity and increase the body's ability to use calories to help burn fat. Others advise staying away from caffeine, as it erodes health by overstimulating the nervous system. Here, everyone has the right to decide for himself what position to adhere to.

The steroid problem

It is impossible not to touch upon the very urgent today "problem of steroids" - drugs that are similar in structure to testosterone. They affect almost all types of metabolism in the body. Their use allows you to build muscle mass and reduce the percentage of adipose tissue in a short time.

How to speed up your metabolism? 20 ways to boost your metabolism and stay fit
How to speed up your metabolism? 20 ways to boost your metabolism and stay fit

However, steroids are doping drugs. Some changes in the body of an athlete taking steroids are irreversible, in particular, a dysfunction of the immune system and an increase in blood cholesterol levels, which leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Recall that excessive consumption of sports nutrition products can make the positive effects of bodybuilding and fitness negative.

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