Men's earrings. A sign of love of freedom
Men's earrings. A sign of love of freedom

Fashion for men wearing earrings originated in the era of hippies and it became the custom - a man wearing an earring in his ear, if not a marginal, then certainly a creative person.

Many people wear earrings. But if a woman with an elegant branchlet in her ear is more likely the norm, then they still look askance at a man wearing this accessory - a woman, of course, seeks to decorate herself, but what does a man need an earring for?

Men put earrings in their ears not today or yesterday. The pirates of the 17th-18th centuries pierced the earlobes, as they believed that the sight becomes sharper from wearing an earring.

Modern medicine has proven the truth of this belief - you just need to know a special point that should be pierced. Apparently, the pirates, sailing the continents, learned the art of acupuncture from some aborigines.

They wore, and even now, paying tribute to traditions, Cossacks wear earrings. In the Middle Ages, various Turkic tribes roamed the steppes of southern Russia: Pechenegs, Polovtsians, Khazars. From them, the fugitive Slavic slaves adopted a quivering love for horses, trousers with wide stripes and earrings.

The earring in the ear of the Cossack meant that he was the only son or breadwinner in the family, such a Cossack was not sent on long military campaigns, and they took care of them in local battles. There is another version - the Cossacks borrowed the custom of wearing earrings from the gypsies. In gypsy families, it is customary in the event of the death of the first-born boy to pierce the ears of all the remaining and future male offspring, so that the spirits do not take them away either.

Female and male piercings
Female and male piercings

Among the indigenous peoples of America, Africa and Australia, the presence of an earring in a man's ear is associated with the passage of initiation - a ritual of initiation into a man.

Not only the ears were pierced, but also other parts of the body - this procedure was bloody, painful, and whoever withstood all the tests with honor became a full-fledged man - a warrior and a hunter. In the future, the earring served as a talisman against evil forces or indicated status - whoever has a larger and heavier earring is the leader.

In the West, the fashion for men's wearing earrings originated in the 60s of the last century, in the era of hippies, who were passionately fond of the philosophies of ancient civilizations and ethnics in general. Since then, it has become a tradition - a man wearing an earring in his ear, if not a marginal, then certainly a creative, extraordinary personality.

Modern young men and women pierce everything they can - lips, nostrils, eyebrows, tongue, navel, nipples, genitals. Someone does this for beauty, for someone it is important to designate their belonging to a particular subculture.

Some, very desperate, pierce the skin on their backs, insert hooks there and hang themselves on chains - an eerie sight, but, according to the people being suspended, this activity allows them to "feel the magic of flight."

Still, most men prefer to stand out from the crowd with the help of a small, neat male earring - a simple ringlet or "washer" ("carnations", "snakes", crosses, and even more so massive "bagels" remained in the 80s and 90s. NS)

“Born in the USSR” wear earrings (and at the same time long hair), nostalgic for the years of their adolescence, when for an informal appearance they could easily be expelled from school, companies of young rebels gathered in the courtyards in riveted jackets, “leather jackets” and a heavy rock.

Jewelry for men
Jewelry for men

It happens that a woman, noticing a handsome man with an earring, is not averse to getting to know him better, but she immediately has a reasonable question: is he not gay? If a man is over thirty, then you should use the old "rocker" rule: "Left is right, right is wrong", that is, men of normal orientation should wear earrings only in the left ear.

If a middle-aged man has both ears pierced, then he is either a freak, or a piercer, or indeed gay (homosexuals rarely wear only one earring in their right ear in public places - they are shy).

Adult men with earrings are not necessarily all street musicians and drunken would-be artists. "Pierced" guys can work as producers or advertisers and be quite successful and wealthy people.

But in "serious organizations" they are not allowed to go - the standard corporate dress code does not allow such liberties. However, the owners of pierced ears do not want to sit in stuffy offices themselves - freedom is more expensive.

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