We swing shoulders and back
We swing shoulders and back

Beautifully built shoulders and back muscles are well worth some effort from men. Effective exercises for developing the muscles of the back and shoulders.

The shoulders are involved in almost any hand movement. So there are plenty of opportunities to train your shoulders. But the back muscles require more attention. Of course, they tense up even when we are standing. But the development of absolutely all back muscles requires movements that are not done every day.

Exercises to develop the muscles of the back and shoulders:

Rowing Is a great way to develop your back muscles. Gyms make this easier with a variety of machines that simulate rowing movements. On such simulators, you sit like in a boat and pull on the crossbar (to which the load is attached), lowering it in front of you. This movement also works the muscles of the legs to return the load to its original position. On some machines, you can lower the bar behind your head. During this movement, only the muscles of the back work.

Pulls down on a high block. On this simulator, the bar is lowered behind the head, i.e. The work focuses on developing the vastus dorsi muscle, which extends from the bottom of the shoulders to the ribcage. These exercises allow you to achieve a V-shaped figure (which is so popular with athletes).

Dumbbell Exercises - simple and safe movements to develop the muscles of the shoulder and upper back. Place your left knee and left hand on the bench. The spine should be parallel to the floor. With your right hand, lift the dumbbell in such a way that at the top lifting point the forearm is perpendicular to the spine. (Do not lift the dumbbell with your hand pressed to your chest.) Use a weight for the exercise that will allow you to repeat the movement 8 to 12 times. Repeat the same on the left hand.

How to restore vital energy?
How to restore vital energy?

Shrug. Shrugs are great for developing the deltoid muscles of the shoulders. Take a barbell with two hands or two dumbbells in each hand. The arms are extended downward. Standing straight, shrug your shoulders. At first glance, this seems easy, but it is a very effective exercise (especially with a certain weight) for the rapid development of shoulder muscles.

When should you stop strength training?

The simple answer is never.

Although strength training with a barbell and machine is commonly associated with bodybuilders and weightlifters, such training is very important in slowing the loss of muscle mass with age. Studies have shown that strength training is beneficial even for long-livers (100 and older). It is the most effective method for increasing muscle mass and strength in the elderly.

The main thing is to gradually increase the load with an increase in muscle strength

Experts recommend performing two or three sets of 8-12 times. If you are able to do this, you can increase the weight of the projectile. The main advantage of strength training is the ability to increase the load. These are the so-called "progressive strength training": the weight of the projectile increases gradually, and the body adapts to the new stress.

Strength training has many beneficial effects. Of course, aerobics is also useful: energy costs increase, excess weight is lost, and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. But for increasing muscle mass, muscle strength, strengthening bones and increasing physical endurance, strength training is the best choice.

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Why can't I lose weight?


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