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Anger control in men
Anger control in men

Why do we get angry? It is perfectly normal to be angry about certain things, but every man has a different manifestation of anger. Anger control in men. How to calm your nerves.

Why We Get Angry - And why uncontrollable irritation is a serious health threat.

Life provides men with endless situations that make them angry, irritable. The angry waitress who refused to look your way while you were desperately waving your check. The simpleton who ran across the road, not paying attention to the flashing traffic lights. Missed call, cold shower, gum on the soles of your shoes.

While it's perfectly normal to be angry about this kind of thing, every man has different manifestations of anger. For hot-tempered men, minor troubles turn into anger that cannot be controlled. It seems that some men, despite the fact that anger is a mortal sin, do have a very hot temper. It can be proud of it or it can be a symbol of masculinity. Even if you don't drink alcohol every weekend at a roadside restaurant, you are probably enjoying the expression of anger. You must feel that anger is helping you to achieve success and causing success.

But there is also a downside to masculinity - the tendency to explode easily, the personality type A. “After examining people with this character, we found that anger and hostility can be fatal,” according to Charles D. Spielberger, Ph. D., distinguished professor who studies a psychology research at the University of South Florida that has been researching anger for 25 years. By lethal outcome, he means the person who becomes angry, and not the one on whom this anger is poured out. The fact that anger can worsen your health is constantly increasing. And, of course, uncontrollable anger in men can shatter your marriage and your career - aside from your teeth - to pieces.

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So what are these emotions that we constantly share but rarely think about? How do you know if your anger is under control - and what does it do to us?

Understanding anger

Is anger just emotion? As long as we think so, it will be much more than just an emotion. “Anger - both psychological and physiological,” according to Dr. Spielberg. When you lose control of your emotions during traffic jams or playing football, many biological reactions occur in your nervous system:

The level of hormones such as cortisol rises.

• Your breathing quickens.

• The pulse quickens.

• Pressure rises.

• If you are overheated, you start to sweat.

• Pupils dilate.

• Frequent headaches appear.

Basically, your body prepares itself for intense physical activity. When we are exposed to stressful situations, our body prepares to fight, or simply spirals out of control.

According to Dr. Spielberg, anger is common and has the advantage of developing. “Fear and anger are also present in animals. They have evolved over the centuries to help animals fight and survive."

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Health risk from inability to control anger

Anger control in men
Anger control in men

In fact, uncontrollable anger is worse than useless: It's only worse for you. Several studies have shown that there is a link between anger and illness. For example, a survey of 13,000 people found that those with high anger levels - but normal blood pressure - were more likely to have coronary artery disease or heart attacks. The possibility of getting a heart attack is in people who do not know how to control anger.

How does anger turn into illness? Your body's physical response to anger is short-term and increases your intention to survive. But if this burst of emotion occurs too often, you may be subject to long-term influence. The stress hormones of anger can affect the development of arteriosclerosis, the buildup of platelets in the arteries, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. These hormones can also increase the level of C-reactive proteins, which can lead to inflammation or cardiovascular disease. A 2004 study of psychosomatic medicine found that people prone to anger had C-reactive protein levels that are two or three times higher. Anger can even cause electrical disturbances in the rhythms of the heart.

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Anger has also been closely associated with depression. People who are often exposed to stressful situations are less likely to take care of their health. They smoke more often, abuse alcohol, eat poorly, and do little physical activity. In these cases, it cannot be argued that anger is the cause, rather it is an unhealthy lifestyle. Anger is also a manifestation of feelings of helplessness or depression.

Controlling your anger

But Dr. Spielberg doesn't want anger to be possessed. It is not harmful. “Anger is a natural, human emotion,” according to Spielberg. “And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

He argues that if directed correctly, anger can be conditional. He can get people to discuss and solve problems. This impulse is right after literature or music. The infuriated anger of the right person is often a powerful, positive force in our world. But the problem is that every man can conditionally use his anger, there are many angry outlaws who spend their lives making frequent appearances in police drive logs.

If anger is a natural phenomenon, how can you deal with it?

There are two ways to deal with it, Spielberg said. The first is to think it's perfectly okay if your anger is out of control. Some guys think that yelling at people, throwing things at them, hitting the wall acts like a laxative and makes them feel better. In fact, your anger can only increase your reaction - with the result that you lose control of your anger.

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Here's another wrong opinion: pin down your irritation and keep smiling. Some men believe that any expression of anger has a negative impact on health and is also antisocial and should be reduced.

Studies have shown that two approaches that either loudly express your anger or calmly hide it are equally harmful and can trigger the same health risks, according to Dr. Spielberg. If you still cannot control your anger, then what to do?

There is another option. Let the anger be released, but control the process, as Spielberg argues. The first step is to recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Don't let yourself lose your temper. Instead, learn to be aware of your anger. This is the only way to determine what is causing your anger.

Once you can identify the real problem, you can try to solve it intelligently instead of getting pointlessly pissed off. If you are angry with someone, talk about it in a positive, but not aggressive, tone. If specific situations generate uncontrollable anger, learn to prepare for it. For now, it's best to learn how to avoid situations in the future, if, of course, it is possible. In fact, you should try to deal with the problem, not shout about it, and then you will definitely achieve the desired result.

How to calm your nerves

Anger control in men
Anger control in men
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• Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale deeply, feeling your diaphragm, which is located under your breasts. After a minute, you should feel the tension release. The advantage of breathing exercises is that they can be done anywhere, according to Dr. Spielberg. You can even do them during marital quarrels or business meetings.

• Take a break. If you feel your anger is spiraling out of control, a change of scenery is necessary. If possible, it is better to leave the room and go for a walk.

• Concentrate on something else. Count to 10. Try to imagine yourself in a quiet place. Or repeat soothing words.

Do a couple of exercises. Introduce exercise into your daily routine, it will be a great way to relieve stress.

If the anger problems are more serious, then it requires the intervention of doctors. Perhaps the phrase "self-control" sounds insignificant and goofy.

But if you think that uncontrolled anger is interfering with your life, ask for help before it hurts you completely. Learn to transfer your anger into something useful. Because taming your anger will not only benefit the people around you, but also make your life better and healthier.

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