6 factors, without which longevity is impossible
6 factors, without which longevity is impossible

Many people are obsessed with the desire for longevity, but without the following factors, it will be incredibly difficult for you to become a long-liver.

Improving the quality of life, rapidly developing medicine, proper rest - all this, undoubtedly, is a good help in our quest for longevity. But if these factors are still optional, then without the following it will be incredibly difficult for you to become a long-liver.

1. Young parents

One of the prerequisites for becoming the age of the century and at the same time feeling like a million dollars is the presence of young parents. All statistical studies that have been conducted on this topic indisputably indicate that the age at which your mother gave you life has the most direct impact on life expectancy. If your mother gave birth to you before the age of 25, then the chances of becoming Methuselah you have significantly increased. It was actually understandable without research - the younger the woman in labor, the better her health. If mom has reached the age of 30-35, then all the illnesses, stresses, bad habits that she has acquired by this age will certainly affect your future health. The requirements for dad, of course, are exactly the same - the younger the better. Within reasonable limits, of course.

2. Striving for leadership

Being a leader is not only good in your social life - your career, high positions, financial strength - all of this will certainly help you feel satisfaction from life and, as a result, prolong its duration. But it is much more important to be the first in biological matters. If you are born the first-born, your claims to a long-playing life have very high chances to be justified, because professional centenarians turn out from the first-borns, almost twice as better than among those who were born the second, third, further in succession, children

3. Fear of loneliness

Probably every married man secretly dreams of being single - no obligations to you, no reproaches, wide choice, independence and other joys of the existence of an inveterate mare. Only now, it turns out, it is not married women who should be jealous, but vice versa.

Scientists have found that those who do not find loneliness attractive, who have married and live a stable family life, live 7 years longer than a bachelor.

Health-promoting habits
Health-promoting habits

So it’s time for mature ladies' men and skaters to think about it. And come to your senses.

4. Trained brains

You can run a hundred meters faster than a gazelle, do 200 push-ups and bend the reinforcement into horseshoes, but this will give you nothing but universal respect. And even more so, guarantees of a long and painless life. You can intensively engage in sports and physical education, but die before reaching the cherished hundred years. And all because increased physical activity exhaust the body and undermine its chances of longevity. On the other hand, trained brains promise a distant and very bright future. Train your memory, read as many good books as possible, memorize poetry - and everything will return to you a hundredfold. Among centenarians, there are practically no marasmic fools, they retain a high level of intelligence until old age, and, by the way, it is believed that it is this high level that guarantees such a long and fruitful life. Also, do not forget about exercises for the development of fine motor skills (this is all that you were occupied with in kindergarten - playing with blocks, applications and other entertainment activities) - it is directly related to the activity of the brain. Pay attention - old women who knit on a bench near the house, as a rule, live more than others.

5. Vivid impressions

You yourself have probably noticed more than once how quickly time flies by, how days, weeks and months instantly fly by. Before you know it, how you celebrated your birthday, and now a new one is coming. It seems that he has just recovered after the New Year holidays, but it seems that it is already necessary to prepare for new ones. But those few days that you spent on vacation in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Sochi seemed to you long and long.

The secret is simple - new vivid impressions saturate our life so much that they somehow lengthen it.

This, of course, looks like self-deception - no adventure will add extra life to you, but everything that is released to you, you will live tightly and brightly, with a wonderful and childish feeling that every day lasted for ages.

6. Proper food

No, diets have nothing to do with it. The main thing is to know a few simple truths about gluttony. First, a lot of food is evil for a future long-liver. Fat people have never been able to boast of a long life expectancy, so do not take an example from them. Secondly, eat less overseas food. All these sushi, tom yams, burritos and other foreign food are made according to a recipe that contains products not from your region, but any such product for your body is stress. Therefore, know when to stop in food, push on fish, vegetables and fruits, but do not forget about fats - they are very useful for prolonging life.

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