9 myths about skin care
9 myths about skin care

Skin care products are presented to people with a slight trick. 9 most famous skin care myths that are found in practice.

Many skin care products are presented to people with a slight trick. How can you know which product is best for your skin. Experts identify 9 myths about skin care.

There are many different skin care products available today. "Use this cream.", "Exfoliate." "Drink more water." "Buy this particular acne remedy."

Among all the numerous advertisements - and the arrival of more and more new products - it is very difficult to separate the really high quality from the fake. How do you know how to do this?

With the help of several top dermatologists, we have received answers to our questions. Below are 9 of the most famous skin care myths that are found in practice.

Skin Care Myth # 1: An upright tanning bed is safe when it does not contain UV rays

We all know that tanning is harmful and can cause skin cancer and premature aging. Does this apply to vertical tanning salons? Companies that make vertical tanning beds claim they filter out so-called "sunburn" ultraviolet rays, according to Jenny Kim, professor of medicine and dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles. But when you visit vertical tanning salons, you still expose your brown hair to ultraviolet rays, which penetrate deep into the skin and damage it, which causes premature aging and the development of skin cancer.

Skin Care Myth # 2: The higher the sun protection factor, the better the protection


The sun protection factor on sunblock or sun lotion indicates the level of protection of a product from UV radiation. Sunblock creams or lotions, in fact, should protect against ultraviolet B and A rays. Choose products with a protection level of at least 15 and and, so that the composition must contain one of the components: mexoryl, benzine oxygen or avobenzone for UVA protection or dioxide titanium or zinc oxide (which block UVA and UVB rays).

Skin Care Myth # 3: You don't need to use sunscreen on a cloudy day

Dr. Kim says that even on a gloomy day, ultraviolet radiation from the sun reaches the earth's surface. Therefore, you can be sure that you need to use sunscreen every day and at the same time apply every two hours, as well as after bathing.

Also, do not take into account the myth that if you use cosmetics with UV protection, you are protected. According to research Leslie Bowman, Ph. D., head of the Miami University Cosmetics Group and author of “Solving Problems of All Skin Types,” you will have to use 14-15 times more makeup, while the average person will take into account the protection factor on makeup. The same thing happens with foundation and liquid makeup. Be sure to use sunblock along with your makeup.

Skin Care Myth # 4: Cleansing your face with soap will help your skin to be healthy and acne-free


"When you wash your face, you remove the protective layer of oil from it, which can cause breakouts or even burns," according to Sandy Johnson, Doctor of Science, board certified dermatologist. Instead, she claims to use mild cleansers, preferably moisturizers or sunscreens.

Skin Care Myth # 5: It's best to squeeze pus out of your pimple

“Even if you seem to feel like you need to squeeze out pus, in fact, it (pus) goes deeper into the skin,” according to Johnson. “If it goes deeper, it can cause inflammation, which leads to scarring and spreads under the skin. Therefore, you will have more and more acne every day."

According to Dr. Johnson, it is very important that people take good care of their face. But if you cannot resist, make sure you are doing it right. Never squeeze out inflamed pimples. Instead, use a special device - an inexpensive tool that can be purchased at beauty salons. Press down firmly on the tool, then twist around the pimple and pull it out.

Skin Care Myth # 6: Facials and skin micro-resurfacing are great ways to take care of your skin every day

This is a very popular myth, according to Bauman, especially today with the ever-increasing number of beauty salons. But recent studies in India have shown that facials cause acne in 80% of people.

“They feel good, but the effect does not last long after relaxation,” she says. "They are considered just a complete and unnecessary waste of money, like micro-resurfacing of the skin, which only cleans the top layer of the skin."

Skin Care Myth 7: Expensive skin care products work better


Dr. Kim agrees with this opinion. Most of the active ingredients found in anti-aging skin creams are very similar, but they are sold both in local pharmacies and in expensive boutiques. But of course, expensive skin care products can also be effective. But the truth is, you can get something for less.

“If you want to pay for the feel, smell and packaging, it's your right,” she says.

Skin Care Myth # 8: Anti-aging skin products (or "anti-wrinkle creams") can smooth wrinkles

Most anti-wrinkle creams simply moisturize the skin, make it puffy, and give it a temporary look, as if it were truly beautiful. So don't fall for tempting ads. There is one product that has a great history and an impeccable reputation for smoothing fine lines and that is a popular retinoid, Bauman says.

These creams or drops, which are sold under the names Retinol or Tretinoin, penetrate the skin and increase the turnover of skin cells. Research has shown that these remedies are really effective in treating acne, reducing expression lines, halting the aging process of the skin, or reducing sun damage. Some retinoids are available over the counter without a prescription. For stronger remedies, get your doctor's prescription.

Kim also recommends using antioxidant creams that contain vitamin C, but be careful as they deteriorate very quickly, so you should only buy such creams from reputable companies.

But remember, "Miracles do not happen."

Skin Care Myth # 9: A laser machine can make my skin 20 years younger

“There are many types of laser machines available on the market, and they all work in different ways,” Kim says. “Some people get relief from spots that appear in the sun, others - fight against wrinkles. Some penetrate deeper and activate collagen. It sells very quickly, and people believe that it will help them transform into completely different people."

She believes that laser machines are much better now than they were a few years ago, and today they give much better and more positive results, but there are several side effects, patients should be aware of what they are doing. “If you've damaged your skin, there are many ways to fix it,” she says.

In the end, what are the implications of using skin care products and anti-aging strategies? Experts say you shouldn't sunbathe in the sun for a long time, and be sure to use anti-tanning products daily and throughout the day.

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