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How to find a good gym?
How to find a good gym?

How to find a fitness club that can meet your personal requirements and keep you interested in your workout. How to find a good gym?

Is the gym you visit right for you? Below are five helpful tips to help you choose the right fitness club for a consistent and enjoyable visit.

Before putting stress on your legs in a decent gym, you need to work hard with them to find such a gym. Finding a fitness club that can meet all your personal requirements and keep you interested in exercising means going through the period when you will take notes, ask key questions, take a sober view of the situation and set specific goals.

According to personal instructors, after the New Year holidays, a lot of men join the gym. They may be hoping to finally shed those extra pounds or pump up their pectoral muscles, or they may be recovering from knee or back surgery when damaged muscles need help to get back in shape. Sometimes a man simply wants to improve his golf swing. But nevertheless, most of them stop going to the gym after a month or three.

The main problem is that with a huge number of fitness clubs that cater to the needs of their clients, men are not too worried about choosing a gym that suits them. What steps do you need to take to protect yourself from the fact that your fitness membership card will eventually become a debt obligation and your gym visits will soon cease altogether? Here are 5 practical tips to help you choose a gym.

1. Try looking for a gym near your home or office

Ideally, the gym should be 10 minutes walk or drive from home
Ideally, the gym should be 10 minutes walk or drive from home
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It seems like a pretty straightforward condition, but choosing a gym that is too far away is one of the most common mistakes. The location of the fitness club is a deciding factor, according to the words. Located 20 minutes from home, the gym is suitable for a man until the weekly schedule gets too busy. When choosing a training location, it is important to consider the factor of heavy traffic, unforeseen delays at work and sudden urgent matters. When time "starts to run out", a person loses the desire and incentive to train.

Ideally, the gym should be 10 minutes walk or drive from home. Often, men choose a gym close to the office, hoping to train during their lunch break or at the end of the working day. But at the end of the day, the prospect of training, and then another 30 minutes of the way home becomes an unnecessary headache. Better to find a gym near your home that will allow you to exercise in the morning and go to work after a shower.

2. Carefully study the conditions for visiting the gym

Your evaluation of a fitness club begins on your first visit. You should not consider the options for gyms where you are offered "the best prices in the city" or "do not leave the checkout" rush to purchase a subscription on favorable terms. It is important at the first visit to feel a high level of professionalism and a proper attitude towards you as a client, and not a source of income. Good fitness clubs start by asking you about your workout goals, your preferred activities, and your preferred time of visit.

Be sure to take an interest in the subscription and membership offers of the club, which will allow you to choose the most convenient and flexible training schedule. You should not agree to seemingly profitable long-term membership offers, which often imply small discounts, subject to the signing of various kinds of long-term contracts. In such cases, the fitness club is most likely in need of capital, which may affect the quality of the services provided.

Beware of hidden club costs. Ask carefully about what is included in this or that type of subscription. Do you need to pay an entrance fee? This will help you avoid spending on activities you don't need.

If you are on a budget, make every effort to find the best price-quality ratio. Remember that a gym that is too cheap is likely to be overcrowded. If you focus on privacy and want to work with a trainer individually, you will have to slightly increase your budget for visiting a fitness club.

Try to consider all the factors before choosing a gym. Some fitness clubs provide services to help you exercise while dedicated gym staff look after your child.

3. Do not be too lazy to look at the options you like one more time

Before you sign the sports club's client agreement, you should go over the ones that you liked the most. It is important to pay attention to the smallest details. It doesn't hurt to take a look at sports equipment and check it out in action. Pay attention to the condition of the equipment and how carefully they are kept clean and safe. If the inventory is out of order, ask how long it will take to repair it. Check that there is no rust on the iron parts, the leather or artificial upholstery of the simulators must be intact, without damage. The good condition of the inventory and the pleasant interior furnishings indicate the correct use of the membership fees received from the clients by the hall.

Nowhere is quality more important than in the dressing room. A locker room with a floor wet with water, towels scattered on it, and dirty showers with cracked tiles will most likely discourage you from training in this gym. Therefore, make sure that all sanitary standards are met in the locker room, there are clean towels and a toilet - so that you do not wait for your turn to shower after an hour's workout. Lockers in dressing rooms are essential, especially if you go to the gym before or after work, which makes it necessary to safely and neatly arrange your suit and valuables. Make sure it is safe to leave your belongings in the locker and find out if there is an additional fee.

4. Pay attention to the principles of the gym

Muscle Beach, California USA 2008
Muscle Beach, California USA 2008
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An important criterion for choosing a fitness club is the ethical principles of its work, as well as the qualifications and quality of work of the service personnel. Instructors, for example, should follow the training process, treat visitors with courtesy and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the gym.

Make sure the gym can provide you with all the services you need, whether it's a dedicated weightlifting program or a basketball court. If a fitness club has trendy sections such as yoga or Pilates, you may be wondering if it is possible to attend groups exclusively for men or work out under the guidance of a male trainer. Such a desire is quite natural and is justified, first of all, by the insufficient flexibility of the male body in comparison with the female. It is important to be as comfortable as possible while exercising, and not to worry about not being able to place your left leg behind your right ear, like the woman in the third row from the right.

Also note if the gym has a limited audience. For example, if a gym is training exclusively for women, you will not be allowed there, which can significantly limit the time you visit this gym and thus prevent you from training at a convenient time for you.

Fitness clubs usually offer beginner programs, such as initial one-on-one workouts, where an instructor explains in detail how different machines work. Make sure that you need it, and if such an activity is useless, refuse.

5. Remember: you chose this club exclusively for yourself

Muscle Beach, California USA 2008
Muscle Beach, California USA 2008
Photo: RightIndex

The choice of a gym is a very individual matter. You should not follow the "advertising" advice of familiar people and buy a fitness club membership just because your friend is visiting it. You can find a training partner in any gym. It is recommended to do this exactly in the club that you personally selected exclusively for yourself.

The decision to train with a young bodybuilder is a mistake if you are sedentary and in your forties. Going to the gym with friends and family will only be worthwhile if you have the same training goals and are in the most similar physical shape possible. Remember: you train exclusively for yourself, and the results of the classes depend only on you.

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