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Reflections on Self-Defense and Street Fighting
Reflections on Self-Defense and Street Fighting

Survival tactics and rules in street combat. Detailed FAQ of a street fighter.

“You can tell how these techniques are worked out, and what miraculous results are obtained. Naturally, it is not profitable to say that you need to hone the technique for hours in training to a seventh sweat, and then there was a magic wand in the form of energy. It turned out that in order to hit an effective blow, it was enough to "send an energy wave through the channel." After that, it must be understood, the adversary should, at best, fly off a few meters.

Further more. We started talking about "mental training", during which you don't even need to move your hands, you can just sit in the lotus position (or at worst, if your legs do not bend, in Turkish), imagining how you are fighting with a tough and scary man (and, of course, you win!).

These training options are quite effective when … the opponent matches them. Probably, an energy wave can seriously disable an energy opponent, in other words, a ghost, and mental training perfectly prepares you for mental sparring with an imaginary opponent. Perhaps some people encounter such opponents and even pose a certain threat. True, then you need to go not to the gym for help, but to the doctor. In hospitals of a certain profile, they have learned to cope with such problems very well. For me, like most of those who train in the gyms, as a rule, there are opponents made of flesh and blood, in a fight with which energy blows help little, or rather do not help at all, or rather even interfere. More often correct and methodically correct working out, honing, knurling helps."

But we must not forget about the psychological aspect of fighting and preparing for it. One of the methods consists in the fact that all the attention of the fighter is focused on the process of action. At the same time, consciousness is not tied to possible results and consequences, both positive and negative. Its evaluation function is, as it were, disabled, only the mechanisms of orientation in space, perception of the enemy, control of movements work, and they work in automatic mode. For a fighter fully immersed in action, the enemy is nothing more than a revived dummy that stimulates the necessary motor reactions. Therefore, he is absolutely calm, relaxed, acts decisively and consistently. Such an algorithm of actions becomes possible thanks to self-programming, but only on condition that appropriate stereotypes of behavior are developed during numerous trainings (sparring, work on simulators).

How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?
How not to be numb with fear and not fall into a stupor in the face of impending danger?
Another method is entering the image. It was widely used and is used in the so-called 'animal styles' of wushu, ninjutsu, in some Indian schools. The essence of the method is that a person inspires himself through certain procedures (or this is done by his mentor) that he has become someone else. For example, a beast of prey, which is a totem of his kind, or a creature of divine origin. Own psyche is completely subordinate to this being (and in fact, to a certain model of its own consciousness), which completely takes control of the behavior of this subject during the fight.


In an ordinary street skirmish, always bet on the simple option - it is the most correct one
In an ordinary street skirmish, always bet on the simple option - it is the most correct one
- Bet on the proven option.

In an ordinary street skirmish, always bet on the simple option - it is the most correct one. Most people attack in a similar way, and therefore it makes sense to rely on proven movements. Technique or style has not won a single fight yet, each time it was the person who did all the work. If you take a closer look at a fight with a victorious end, you can see the combination of spontaneity, activity and clarity that won the moment, rather than belonging to any style, system or tactics.

Learn to fight at close range

Because this is how street fights often start. If you are attacked, defend yourself where you are. There is no need to change position. The goal is in front of you. Attack with your palms, elbows or knees. Retreating in close combat is tactically worse than going forward. The more aggressive the enemy is, the faster and more powerful you must be. Push, move your center of gravity towards and through the enemy.

The main mistakes people make in a fight
The main mistakes people make in a fight
For God's sake, remember that in no case should you stop until the enemy is completely blown away. This is not an honest yard fight before the first blood. Either he will quiet down for a long time, or you will go to the next world. The choice seems to be clear.

In no case:

  • Turn your back on the attacker!
  • Put your fellow travelers in the back seat (and it is better not to sit down at all, you were given this dozen for gasoline)!
  • Approach the car with your mouth open and not noticing anything around! It is at this moment that most of the attacks take place - the enemy jumps up while you lazily open the door or thrust yourself into the car, all gnarled and defenseless.
  • Do not look at the back seat before getting into the car (there may already be some lurking guests waiting for you there)!
  • Digging for a long time with the keys at the door (whether it be a car or your apartment)! Get your keys early - waste less time and leave the criminal less likely to attack spontaneously.
  • Enter a room with suspicious people, even the most vague ones. Trust your intuition - as the military say, it is better to overdo it than to miss it!
  • Be shy when it comes to saving your life!
  • Be silent. We must shout - and as loudly as possible!
How to fight off a pack of dogs?
How to fight off a pack of dogs?
- How, on the defensive, not to kill the villains out of fright?

It’s just with a fright that you can kill. And without fear, at worst, an article. There is the Criminal Code, where everything is written about the necessary defense. In addition, blows to the knee, shin, breaking fingers, legs and arms, tearing off the ears and nostrils are not fatal. It remains only to learn the techniques.

How to prevent me from being killed in the fight?

Read this article carefully again.

What are the basic rules of street fighting?

The first rule is to run. The second rule is hit and run. The third rule is to fight as brutally as possible: and run.

What if after a fight the enemy is wounded?

This is his problems. If your conscience is very painful, call the police to the villain. He will be very happy.

What if I am wounded after a fight?

Bloody nose? Head down - let it flow. Are your hands, fingers broken? Immobilize and see a doctor. If the wound is really serious, you will have a hard time without the help of others. Therefore, pray. Better yet, take an emergency medicine course in advance.

Situational self-defense

  • Find out who might attack in a specific situation that interests you.
  • Find out at what time it is easier for him to attack.
  • Find out where the most dangerous places for the attack (or habitat) of the aggressor are.
  • Think about where you can hide.
  • Think about someone who will help you protect yourself.

Based on the formula:

  • Watch and recognize the aggressors in advance.
  • If the time of your business coincides with the "dangerous" time, find another time for business.
  • Avoid (go around) possible attack sites.
  • Seek help from those who can help in a specific situation.
How to reprimand a person?
How to reprimand a person?




  • In street combat, the winner is the ‘fearless lion’ and ‘wise rat’
  • In street fighting, the enemy is likely to be larger than you, heavier than you, more numerous or more violent.
  • In a street fight, the aggressor has a psychological advantage
  • Street fighting is not a sport or an art, it is ugly and dishonest.
  • Street fighting will take place in any weather, in any light and, as a rule, in clothes, shoes and an uncomfortable place that are uncomfortable for the defender
  • Street fight will definitely take place on uneven surfaces
  • Street combat is ‘explosive’ and usually lasts no more than 1 minute
  • In street fighting, the most effective techniques are the most insidious and cruel
  • In a street fight, only those techniques and actions that are worked out to automatism will be saved
  • In a street fight, the winner is the one who hits first. The best defense is attack
  • In street fighting, the first blows come to the head
  • Street fight will usually end on the ground
  • In a street fight, as a rule, passers-by do not help.
  • In street fighting, physical fitness is not critical.
  • In street fighting, there are no breaks for rest and gathering strength
  • You can't be a humanist in street fighting - strikes only to defeat
  • In a street fight, in most cases, the enemy will use a weapon (knife, stick, bottle, etc.)
  • In a street fight, a fallen person is usually finished off with feet and objects.
  • The main goal of street fighting is to deliver an unbeatable blow and apply indestructible defense
  • You can't relax at all stages of street fighting
  • A cool street fighter doesn't win a fight: he doesn't get into it.

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