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Male charm
Male charm

“What a charming man!”, Women whisper behind the back of such an individual. And the question immediately arises, what is this, masculine charm?

“What a charming man!”, Women whisper behind the back of such an individual, “just lovely!” And immediately a completely fair question arises: what is this, masculine charm, and is it possible to learn it, if by nature it is "not given"?

There are several supposed options for the primary source of male charm, I propose to consider each of them in more detail.

1. Is charm sexy?

-Oh, you are such a sexy man! - this is the most coveted compliment for any representative of the strong half of humanity, regardless of his age and social status.

What is sexuality? Most likely, this is an excellent knowledge of the Kama Sutra (starting from poses and ending with exciting kisses), good endurance, tenderness (in moderation), "machismo" (also in moderation, without fanaticism), an excellent hanging tongue and … charm.

It turns out that in order to be known as a sexy man, one sexual technique is not enough, also give charm. So sexuality as the primary source of charm is not suitable. If a man is not charming, then you don't want to have sex with him at all (even if he is fluent in sexual positions and other wisdom of physical love). Well, it doesn't feel like it, and that's it …

Male charm
Male charm

2. Charm - is it looks?

-What a handsome! - women sigh and immediately begin to make eyes at the handsome man.

Let's start with the fact that every woman has her own concept of male beauty. Someone is foolishly like Philip Kirkorov, someone just drags on Kolya Baskov, and to someone Nikolai Valuem seems to be an icon of male beauty. Therefore, the concept of "handsome" is too vague and vague, but even if we take the "standard" canons of male beauty - tall, wide shoulders, big hands, sensual lips, it still turns out that appearance alone is not enough to be branded as "charming."

Personally, I know at least two men whose appearance resembles that of a model, but I would not call one or the other charming. Already after a couple of minutes, it becomes uncomfortable next to them, their beautiful faces begin to resemble masks, and I desperately want to yawn and take my legs away. It turns out that a beautiful appearance is also not a prerequisite for male charm.

3. Is charm a social status?

A huge office with a panoramic window, behind which Moscow is noisy, a young beauty secretary in high heels in a short skirt, and he solves ALL problems with one phone call. Cool? Or - a luxurious foreign car and a number of escort cars with security. A successful businessman, a politician of the highest rank, an oligarch, after all, well, or a deputy. By the way, has anyone seen at least one charming deputy? -)))

I do not argue that a certain social status raises a man in women's eyes to a sufficiently high level, but … Social status and male charm are rather incompatible concepts than one field of berries. Moreover, many formerly charming men who set foot on the path of social success have completely lost this charm. Instead of charm came a harsh (haughty, condescending, regal - choose what you like more) facial expression and a lot of complexes (although from the outside it seems that it’s just the opposite).

Male charm
Male charm

4. Is charm money?

“Chickens don’t peck money at him,” is what they usually say about such men. He rests in Mallorca or Goa, his car is "Bentley", and he drinks "Rolex" watches and cognac exclusively "Beaute de Siecle" from "Hennessy".

It looks like this guy can really buy everything, everything except … charm.

Even if he starts to waste money left and right, even if he buys a million scarlet roses for his beloved woman, he still will not become charming. He will look either silly, or romantic, or both together.

5. Is charm power?

Steel biceps, sculpted back, but he just bends horseshoes with his arms. Needless to say, physical strength - at least looks impressive and at least commands respect (sincere or feigned).

A strong man looks like a man (forgive the tautology), and behind his huge and strong back you want to hide like a stone wall.

A normal female reaction - weak women have always been drawn to strong men, because strength is protection, but, alas, not charm. Although the combination of physical strength and charm is not such a rare thing! Let's remember Dynamite, why not "charm"?

6. Is charm eloquence?

Well, this copy says so that the ears are wrapped in a tube.

- Dear, as soon as I saw you, I realized that I was waiting for you all my life!

- Honey, I will give you all the stars of the universe!

- Darling, I'm ready to kiss the sand on which you walked!

Beautiful? Well, anyone else, but it seems to me that it's stupid, because a normal and adequate man cannot bear such nonsense. Although … if he is a poet or prose writer …

The main thing here is that the eloquent man looks charming, not funny. And it’s better to be branded as a silent man than a hundred percent yap. Again, a discrepancy - charm and eloquence can go hand in hand, or they may not intersect at all. I know at least one terribly charming man who is extremely stingy in his statements, but as he says, he will say so!

Male charm
Male charm

Can charm be learned?

So what is charm? It is clear that this is a dark matter. Why are some men, and it seems they are not beautiful, and not rich, and not Casanova, but so charming that you want to communicate with them and communicate (and not only communicate -)) But there are others - both with money and with iron biceps and their foreign cars are cool - and the female gender is not drawn to them. And the question quite rightly arises, is it possible to learn charm? I will allow myself a bold answer (purely feminine logic) - it is impossible. Is it possible to learn a sense of humor (one of the main components of charm)? Internal sexuality? Glitter in your eyes? Emancipation (not to be confused with swagger)? Charisma?

If a man does not need natural charm, then it is better not to try to squeeze him out of himself artificially - at least it will look ridiculous. Live yourself without charm, because not all women love charming, some just love the rich-)!

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