Erectile Dysfunction Sounds Like African American
Erectile Dysfunction Sounds Like African American

There are words that they try not to say aloud when speaking. One of them is "impotence".

There are words that they try not to say aloud when speaking. One of them is "impotence". It is unlikely that you have met a man who would say: "I am impotent." Another thing - "erectile dysfunction" - sounds incomprehensible, scientific and somewhere even beautiful.

It's like in America. Nobody will say "Negro" - only "African American". Loyal, respectful, neutral. However, “what is in my name for you? …” One way or another, the problem is named, it will not disappear from it by itself.

Impotence (sorry, erectile dysfunction) is known to mankind for about as long as mankind itself exists. Trauma on the hunt, a nervous breakdown after the struggle for the position of leader, overwork after defeating a hostile tribe - these are the reasons for failure in the process of breeding our primitive ancestors had.

Now, for the same reasons, there are others - a sports or household injury, a nervous breakdown after being appointed director of a company, overwork after the takeover of a rival company …

Completeness, but others? Well, that's not the point. The result is important, but the result is depressing. When, finally, after hard work, you remember the joys of life, these joys may not be available to you. At the most crucial moment, your "friend", with whom you are going to introduce your lady, betrays you in the most impudent way and refuses to do what nature intended for him. And if one failure can be attributed to an accident, then a series of failures makes you wonder: who is to blame? What to do? What not to do?

How to be always young? What accelerates aging and how to avoid it?
How to be always young? What accelerates aging and how to avoid it?
Impotence (erectile dysfunction) - the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Most believe that impotence is characteristic of middle-aged and elderly men. But research shows that age is almost irrelevant to this problem. Men aged 20 and older can suffer from impotence.

Statistics show that more than a third of men over 35 suffer from impotence.

Unfortunately, not many men seek help from a specialist, considering impotence a purely personal problem! Meanwhile, urologists and sex therapists have great opportunities to solve the problems of impotence.

Impotence can be observed with: atherosclerosis, cardiac, renal, respiratory and vitamin deficiencies, diabetes mellitus, prostatitis, adenoma, etc. Sexually transmitted infections, as a rule, lead to inflammation of the genitourinary organs, which in turn, in most cases, leads to impotence.

Often, impotence is caused by psychological factors, for example, various kinds of sexual phobias or general stresses. Along with these reasons, the possibility of age-related changes is also highlighted; in addition, spinal injuries, which impede the transmission of impulses from the brain, can play an important role.

What not to do?

Do not take on your own and uncontrollably stimulants that have a temporary effect, but can permanently destroy your health.

What to do?

Of course, see a doctor.

Modern medicine has reliable and effective means to return full sex at different ages. Among them: the use of stimulating drugs, including those based on medicinal herbs, the effect of specialized equipment on the main cause of the disorder, and of course, wise advice from an experienced sexologist.

I'm getting fat. What if you get fat before your eyes?
I'm getting fat. What if you get fat before your eyes?

Contacting a professional doctor allows you to get rid of impotence, return to a full life, and, in addition, determine the presence of concomitant or primary diseases, and, if necessary, undergo their course of treatment, anticipating the development of undesirable consequences.

Today, methods and means have been found that can lead a man to a full restoration of potency at any age.

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