Increased grip strength. Exercises
Increased grip strength. Exercises

How to break three decks of cards at the same time? Muscle training to increase grip strength. Sometimes the capabilities of the human body are amazing. You can also somehow understand the security forces, because they, performing various exercises, try to use as much muscle mass as possible to obtain maximum results. But how can, say, break 3 decks of cards at once?

In this case, you have to use mainly the muscles of the forearms, and they are usually small and weak. Okay - 2 decks. Well, at least one … Okay, let's do something simpler: bend the horseshoe with one hand. And people bend!

Charles Van Sittartseveral decades ago I did these tricks and a bunch of others, and some records have not been broken until now. For example, the same ripping of three decks of cards at the same time or ripping a tennis ball (!).

Russian hero Ivan Zaikinat the beginning of the twentieth century, anyone could easily tie a tie made of thick striped steel.

Alexander Zass (Samson)trained constantly with chains and was able to tear them as if they were molded from wax. (Zass Tendon Exercises)

Moreover, all these power numbers become even more amazing if you understand the structure of the hands and forearms. All the muscles in them are small, with very long tendons, which in itself does not at all increase their strength, but, on the contrary, decreases it. There are only three main functions: flexion at the wrist, extension, squeezing the fingers (also their unclenching, but this does not count). But the possibilities that these three functions give us are very diverse.

A new generation of weaklings. How to get stronger physically?
A new generation of weaklings. How to get stronger physically?
isometry and dynamics of the wrists at the end of arm workout or after pressing;
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Why play sports: 70 reasons to get involved in sports
do something for the hands if the next day you have a pulling session or deadlift.

Let's assume that the workouts are carried out according to a simple "press-pull-legs" pattern. This means that a specific complex for training the hands should look something like this:

Day 1

Main muscles: chest, deltoids, triceps

Additionally: we do nothing, because the next day we will need workable forearms.

Day 2

Main muscles: Lats, biceps


Exercise function repetitions or time sets note finger grip

keeping the pancakes from the bar

30-40 sec


the weight must be chosen so that by the end of the repetition it has already fallen out of hand

isometry of the wrists

holding the hands horizontally with the barbell in the support with the forearms on the bench

for 15-25 seconds

2 straight grip and 2 reverse


dynamic grip

squeezing the wrist expander

20-50 times


depending on the elasticity of the expander *

* A wrist expander must be selected such that you can squeeze no more than 20-25 times, otherwise the training will be mainly not strength, but muscle endurance. Day 3. Main muscles: vadriceps, hamstrings, calves Additionally:

Exercise function repetitions or time sets note grip static

Farmer's walk

from 10 sec


be sure to keep your back straight, shoulders unfolded

wrist dynamics

flexion-extension at the wrists

8-12 times

2 palms up and 2 palms down

since these are purely rocking movements, the number of sets can be safely doubled if you deem it necessary

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Wrist strap myths

Wrist straps are simple devices that allow you to perform heavy pulling movements without fear of dropping weight from your hands. Around them, modern minds have invented so many legends and myths that sometimes ordinary sports fans are completely lost in guessing what is true and what is fiction. Let's figure it out …

Opinion: Belts allow you to better concentrate on lifting weights and increase maximum deadlift results.

This is the purest truth! Most of the pulling movements are performed with the participation of the broadest muscles and the common extensor of the back, which are assisted by the posterior (largest) bundles of deltas and biceps. Naturally, the joint work of such significant muscles is capable of moving huge weights that may be beyond the strength of small forearms. This is where the belts will save us. We put it on, attach the weight to our hands, give out 100% of the power in the pulls and rejoice at our own achievements. Otherwise, the bar may leave us a little earlier than we would like it to be … This time. And two: according to the leading institutes of body development, a person's confidence that the weight will obey him increases the maximum result by 4-6 percent. Add to this the same amount due to the purely physical ability to still hold this weight (if, of course, you train the strength of the hands …) and you will get more than 10% increase in deadlifts!

Opinion: Constant use of straps contributes to the atrophy of the muscles responsible for grip strength.

Wellness every day
Wellness every day

This can be considered true ONLY if the person does nothing AT ALL to develop the brushes. The proponents of this theory constantly remind us that the removal of the harness leads to a significant increase in the load on the forearms. They say that, they say, the additional load gives additional muscle growth. And why, then, an excess load on other muscle groups (biceps, deltas, etc.) can lead to overtraining and stunted growth, but the forearms must be trained with each approach to weight? Who came up with these rules?

If to be logical, then purely practical attention should be paid to wrist straps. That is, if you can give your best in any particular set 100% without belts, then just go to the apparatus and do the planned number of repetitions. Well, if you need help in maintaining weight to fully pump large muscle groups, then do not hesitate to use wrist straps and do not worry about the strength and volume of your forearms. In any case, you can train them separately and get consistent results.


It is important for bodybuilders and powerlifters to firmly hold the weight they are about to lift. Climbers need tenacious fingers. Wrestlers need grip strength and powerful wrist flexor-extensors … Everyone chooses what he needs. Maybe someone decides to develop only a finger grip and completely abandon everything else. Or maybe someone is already crushing bricks with their fingers and generally does not consider their development necessary … The choice is yours.

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