Workouts at home to gain muscle mass
Workouts at home to gain muscle mass

Building muscle at home and without equipment. How did muscles develop at the beginning of the last century? Houses? Without inventory? Really!

In any oriental culture, there is always an expression that, loosely translated, will mean something like the following: not a single person will shy away from work that he knows how to do well.

Although for the Russian ear it sounds a bit angular, but sometimes, willy-nilly, you have to think about the amazing accuracy of such phrases. Often, when a certain goal is achieved, people are stopped by the usual inability to perform certain tasks. And in order to BE ABLE to perform them, you need to KNOW how they are performed.

Consider building muscle at home, for example. Well, how can you train at home if you don't even have a pair of dumbbells at hand, not to mention massive simulators? After all, we have been hammered into our heads for a long time that for pumping it is imperative to visit well-equipped gyms. Every now and then from the TV screens some broad-shouldered guy broadcasts: “Aren't you tired of being small and weak yet? Come to our newly opened sports complex! Only we have such a large selection of exercise equipment … ". One gets the impression that if these "miracle machines" for building muscles disappear, then it will become impossible to train.

How then did people develop muscles at the beginning of the last century? And even earlier, say, in the XIV century? This is something we are not told from blue screens, because if everyone thinks that you can pump up at home, then who will go to the halls?

Why can't I lose weight?
Why can't I lose weight?
Push-ups from a support (hands on the floor, legs on a support) - upper chest lobes.

Push-ups from support (hands on support, feet on the floor) - lower chest lobes. They are performed much easier than other types of push-ups, therefore they are well suited for finishing off exhausted muscles.

Push-ups with a narrow setting of the brushes - the middle area is used a little more. They differ from triceps push-ups by raising the elbows to the sides.

Push-ups on the uneven bars (body tilt forward, elbows to the sides) - perfectly outlines the outer edges of the pectorals. I recommend it for mandatory use.

Latissimus dorsi. Pull-ups "behind the head" - load the top of the lats more, but pull-ups in front of you also load it quite well.

Pull-ups with a reverse grip with a narrow setting of the hands (try to keep the chest horizontally) - will transfer the load to the very bottom of the lats.

Biceps. Pull-ups with a reverse grip with a narrow setting of the hands - the external beam will receive more load.

Pull-ups with a reverse grip with a wide setting of the hands - the inner beam will receive more load.

Triceps. Push-ups on the uneven bars (body upright, elbows as close to the body as possible) - well draws individual triceps heads.

How to fill yourself with energy?
How to fill yourself with energy?
Standing leg extensions - for the very bottom of the quads. Proceed as follows: Stand facing a wall or something to hold onto. Get on your toes (and stand there until you finish the set). Begin to slowly bend your knees while keeping your hips in line with your body. Only the knee joint should be involved in the movement. When you feel that further lowering will not end well for you - slowly rise.

The use of weights

If suddenly you have an ownerless barbell pancake in the far corner, then it can be successfully used to increase the load, and therefore the intensity of the training. The simplest use is when doing back push-ups. When you are in the starting position, place the pancake on your hips (or ask someone to do it). Then the effect of the exercise will increase significantly. You can also hold the pancake behind your back while doing squats.

An even more rational use of various weights will help a weightlifting belt with a chain threaded into it. For such a "device" pancakes or weights cling to when pulling up on the bar and push-ups on the uneven bars.

It is convenient to practice strikes with small expander dumbbells, especially since 10 minutes of waving your arms in the air will successfully replace an entire aerobic workout.


Let's go back for a minute to the beginning of the article. There we wondered that if you know how to do something, then there will be no reason to avoid it, and in order to be able, you need to know. Now you know "WHAT", you know "HOW" and you know "WHY". Can you find an excuse not to start exercising right now..?

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