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10 ways to increase your stress
10 ways to increase your stress

Have you mastered the art of stress management? Can you increase it by 100%? How proficient have you been in the art of stress management? Can you increase it by 100%? Amid complete health, well-being and peace?

Everything is in your hands, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can use the following tactics. When he says, "You look tired," you say, "I knew you didn't like me anymore." And if he says: "It seems that the meat is not salted," this gives you the right to say: "You are always trying to humiliate me."

1. Voltage

Just tense your muscles. Frown your brows. Clench your teeth. Compress your chest to make breathing hard. In principle, this is enough. If desired, you can add the hands, thigh muscles, and so on.

Effect: Your experiences, feelings and thoughts immediately become an order of magnitude more catastrophic.

2. Don't move

Do sedentary work all day and spend the rest of the time in front of the TV.

Why do we need stress? Photo of the smoking room
Why do we need stress? Photo of the smoking room

Why do we need stress?

Why do people artificially increase their stress when there is enough of it in life and without our efforts? Because the state of stress allows us to solve some problems or, as psychologists would say, delivers a "secondary benefit." In particular, stress:

- gives an adrenaline jolt and invigorates when there is not enough risk in life;

- allows you to feel like an important, significant person who is always busy and always does not have time;

- allows you to avoid intimacy and keep distance: when a person is afraid of relationships, he can go headlong into important work;

- allows you to avoid responsibility ("I have no time to solve this problem, I am very busy");

- allows you to demand obedience from others, as in a state under martial law.

Effect: Not even a few days of motionless life will pass, as the stress will greatly increase. You will begin to think about troubles, from which you used to be distracted by movement.

3. Natural pharmacology

Nicotine, caffeine, sugar - constantly and in increasing quantities. You can also alternate coffee with alcohol.

Effect: You will soon find out how much health depends on biochemistry. Even the most legal and common "psychotropic drugs" in large quantities disrupt the natural mechanisms of wakefulness and relaxation.

4. Listen to the body

Pay close attention to your body. Don't you have any strange sensations in your left hand? And in the stomach - are there some almost imperceptible vibrations and tingling sensations? Isn't that suspicious?

Effect: You will definitely find incomprehensible sensations and you can fantasize about your unknown diseases. This technique is especially effective when combined with a study of the medical literature.

5. Think globally

Regularly worry about things that you cannot control. Think for half an hour a day about epidemics, hurricanes, cooling of the planet and similar global matters.

Effect: Feelings of helplessness, anxiety, tension.

6. What do I lack for happiness?

Look at your life from the point of view: what I am missing. You can go over in your mind successful acquaintances or biographies of celebrities. It is also useful to flip through the catalogs and find there items that you are not able to buy because of their high price.

Effect: If you look at life this way, you will always have a reason to feel unhappy.

7. Haste

Girl in the sea. Observing the plane
Girl in the sea. Observing the plane

Laughter and stress

Laughter and stress don't get along well. Here's what laughter does to stress and its effects:

- increases mental and muscle relaxation;

-Maintains a sense of well-being;

- releases natural hormones of happiness - endorphins;

- reduces the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol and some others);

- lowers blood pressure;

- keeps the heart in good shape;

- cleanses the lungs of carbon dioxide;

- increases muscle flexibility;

- stimulates the immune system.

Try to be in a hurry all the time. Even on vacation or playing with your child.

Effect: All things in your life will be done superficially and will completely cease to bring satisfaction.

8. Let's do it after

Systematically postpone all cases and decisions for later.

Effect: This maintains a constant feeling of guilt, and after a while helplessness will appear in front of an enormous mountain of accumulated problems.

9. Strive for complete perfection

Set yourself up to the highest standards and curse yourself for the slightest shadow of failure or imperfection.

Effect: Since perfection is virtually unattainable, you are guaranteed a permanent sense of chronic failure.

10. Nothing funny

Eliminate humor and laughter from life.

Effect: Stress will rise as it does not mix well with humor. After all, stress is a serious matter.

These, of course, are not all tactics for increasing your stress out of the blue. There are thousands of them. Maybe you have already successfully applied some of them? Or do you have other favorite and original techniques? It's important to see them. When you understand how you are increasing your stress, it becomes easier for you to control it. Because you are free to use them or refuse them.

Stress for two

Increasing stress can also be successfully paired with a loved one. For example, here are some simple recipes:

- Let it change

Make it your mission to change the other person.

Effect: The task is insoluble, and your loved one, when they want to change him, begins to resist. Then any joint activity - sex, dinner or a walk to the supermarket - becomes a merciless and fruitless battle.

- Stress in bed.

Never tell your loved one what you like about sex and what you don't.

Effect: This provides constant dissatisfaction with sex, plus gives the right to chronically offended by misunderstanding and insensitivity from the beloved.

Mind reading

When he says, "You look tired," you say, "I knew you didn't like me anymore." And if he says: "It seems that the meat is not salted," this gives you the right to say: "You are always trying to humiliate me."

Effect: With the help of a skilful interpretation of the secret thoughts of a loved one, you will find a reason for resentment in every his most innocent remark. If you also include amateur psychology here ("This is in you unconscious aggression and the unresolved Oedipus complex speaks"), any word and action of a partner will increase stress, and he will never be able to justify himself.

Without closing your mouth

Try to talk non-stop all the time you are with your loved one, filling in any pause with words.

Effect: A typical man will quickly feel overwhelmed - he is generally able to listen carefully for only 10-15 seconds. Therefore, he, most likely, will withdraw into himself, and you have the right to complain that they do not listen to you and do not understand.

Shut up, hide. Photo of a man in a mask
Shut up, hide. Photo of a man in a mask

- Shut up, hide and thai

Do not talk to your loved one about the unpleasant: what you do not like in life together, or what you would like, but you do not get from him.

Effect: This technique does not give an instant effect, but it leaves behind a very persistent stress, and for many years. If you do not tell your loved one about your disappointments, dissatisfaction and problems, stress constantly and invisibly builds up its tension. Which can end in an explosion - or complete cooling and disappointment.

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