Private property
Private property

Don't have the money to buy your own apartment? Calm down, you can live like a king in … Δharfour!

Minsk, Belarus

Average cost of 2 rooms. apartments: $ 100,000

In November 2006, the price for 1 m2 was $ 1000. In November 2007, the price for 1 m2 is already 2000 dollars. At the moment, the price for 1 m2 has slightly decreased.

House in Detroit
House in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

Median home value: $ 157.258

Since 1950, more than a million people have left this city due to unemployment, and the mass exodus continues to this day. Thousands of abandoned homes are being auctioned for as little as $ 5,000 - less than the bricks used to build them.

Northern Ireland

Median home value: $ 501,172

“Bad news for newbie shoppers,” says Tom McLelland of the Royal Institute of Certified Surveyors of Northern Ireland. Absolutely. The Northern Ireland housing market is growing faster than any other country in Europe.

Not life, but a fairy tale. The truth is terrible
Not life, but a fairy tale. The truth is terrible

Darfur, Sudan

Median home value: $ 196 (refugee tent)

The highest percentage of homeless people is observed in countries that have experienced the worst disasters. At the moment, Darfur, an area in western Sudan, with its devastating conflicts and floods, ranks first in the world for the number of homeless people (more than two million people).

Asuncion, Paraguay

Median home value: $ 45,000

Each year, a ranking of the most expensive capitals in the world is compiled. The key factors are rental prices, beer and gasoline prices. Almost every year, Asuncion is somewhere at the bottom of the list. The monthly price for renting an apartment is only $ 150, a glass of 0.5L beer costs $ 1.

I never. 120 questions for the game "I have never"
I never. 120 questions for the game "I have never"

Tallinn, Estonia

Median home value: $ 184,042

Estonia, one of the poorest countries in the European Union, is nevertheless at the epicenter of growth in demand for real estate. And an important role in this is played by the possibility of obtaining European citizenship. Last year, prices rose by 23.4% (up 50% in 2006), and foreign investment is driving them further.

Moscow with golden baths and golden apartments
Moscow with golden baths and golden apartments

Russia Moscow

Median apartment price: $ 500,000

With such prices, mortgage and lending terms, you come to the disappointing conclusion that you will have to pay for an apartment in Moscow for your entire adult life. Lucky for those who already have it. If you want to, you can always sell it and buy yourself a mansion with a swimming pool somewhere in New Zealand.

Baghdad, Iraq

Median home value: $ 51,608

Yeah, property prices in Baghdad are going up. Strange, isn't it? Actually, this is a common thing during protracted conflicts. Houses blow up, people want to move to a "safe" place, and here's the result: demand outstrips supply, so prices go up.

Mumbai, India

Average price: $ 336, $ 404

Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, is building a 27-story skyscraper (with three helipads, an entertainment center and seven-story parking). This building will become the most expensive in the world - its price, according to the most conservative estimates, will be $ 2 billion.


Median home value: $ 203,294

The growth in demand for real estate in Zimbabwe has led to a fivefold increase in prices in four years. Unfortunately, this is the result of hyper-hyperinflation - an economic situation in which most mortgages are not paid, so most homes are unoccupied. In this regard, many are forced to huddle in dugouts.

How to host an online party? Virtual Party Tips
How to host an online party? Virtual Party Tips


Median home price: $ 239,138

Australian homes aren't just affordable. Sun, beaches, sea and vegetation are included as a bonus. Therefore, many people buy real estate in order to rent it later. “Rental housing prices in Australia are perhaps the most inflated in the world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. "On average, 52% higher than the real rental value."

House in South Korea
House in South Korea

South Korea

Median home value: $ 134.594

Real estate prices in the land of dog lovers seem to be quite reasonable until you know the whole truth. In addition to the quoted price, the buyer is obliged to pay a commission of 22.5% of the cost of the new home - the highest rate in the world.

The most expensive house in the world is located in the UK. Updown Court, located in Windlesham, England, is larger than Buckingham Palace in living space. It has 103 rooms and 5 swimming pools. The cost of the mansion together with the plot is $ 139 million.

House Museum. Tavistock house
House Museum. Tavistock house


Argentina: 152, 202

Afghanistan: 49, 628

Bulgaria: 115, 774

Bosnia: 64, 448

Brazil: 138, 282

Vietnam: 19, 576

Germany: 192,000

Hong Kong: 296, 446

Greenland: 328, 238

Israel: 149, 924

India: 31, 476

Iraq: 51, 608

Iran: 55, 982

Ireland: 334,000

Spain: 216,000

Cambodia: 19, 166

Canada: 319, 638

Kenya: 9, 222

China: 135, 600

Cuba: 84, 186

Morocco: 51, 184

Mexico: 60, 346

N. Zealand: 190, 322

Norway: 403, 364

Pakistan: 22.980

Poland: 70,000

Rwanda: 18, 200

Romania: 34,000

USA: 211, 910

Thailand: 77, 540

Uruguay: 76, 252

France: 250,000

Croatia: 106, 054

Czech Republic: 90,000

Sweden: 275, 822

Ethiopia: 7, 610

South Africa: 107, 230

Jamaica: 49, 490

Japan: 378, 292

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