Differences between a man and a woman
Differences between a man and a woman

If a man, from the point of view of women, has left very little in the process of development from a monkey … What is the difference between the stronger sex and the beautiful? Having sex, a woman thinks about how beautiful she looks.

When dressing, a woman will first put on a shirt, then trousers. We usually do the opposite.

Women do not scratch their heads. Firstly, they do not like to show their confusion, and secondly, it spoils the hairstyle.

A woman often winds locks of hair, even short ones, on her finger or tickles her cheek with a hairbrush. Men rarely do this.

A woman will never really understand why football players, lining up on a wall, make such a funny slide with their palms. Therefore, she does not flinch when, in the movie, the hero is hit in the crotch with a boot.

In women, chest breathing prevails. In men, the abdominal muscles are actively involved in the process of breathing.

Differences between a man and a woman?
Differences between a man and a woman?

The woman does not bite the cigarette with her teeth. She does not leave it in her mouth, but she always holds it in her hand.

Yawning, the woman covers her mouth with her palm, not her fist.

After taking a bath, a woman - it doesn't matter if she is long-haired, with a haircut, or who has had typhoid fever - necessarily winds an amateur semblance of a turban out of a towel around her head, at least for one minute. The reasons for this oriental ritual are unknown.

The woman is almost not annoyed when the underwear gets stuck between the buttocks. The fair sex is happy to wear all these torture devices called "bikinis". In addition, usually a woman does not try to unnoticeably straighten her underwear from behind, getting up from a chair.

How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?
How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?

Swinging to throw something, the woman takes her hand back, not to the side. That is why the ladies were never sent to blow up tanks.

Women love these tattered brooms that have so much rubbish on them. They call them "dried flower arrangements."

When shaking hands, a woman hardly shakes it. The poet Voloshin said about a woman's handshake that it "looks like throwing up a dead baby."

Turning around at the call, a woman usually turns only her head. The man also unfolds the body, since his neck is much less flexible.

Women are afraid of spiders, worms and mice. They also dislike caterpillars, even the most beautiful ones.

The overwhelming majority of women believe that washing with soap and water is harmful. (If you want to know what exactly they wash with, open any of the women's magazines.)

When asked to show our hands, we honestly stretch out our open palms. Women stretch out their hands, palms down, apparently in order to demonstrate the impeccable manicure and the size of the diamonds.

The words that a woman utters, hitting her fingers with a hammer, can be skipped without censorship on the air of the radio "Nadezhda". What a man says in such cases cannot be broadcast.

Women open beer bottles with beer bottle openers.

Women try to go up or down the mountain sideways. Men just spread their legs wider.

Women prefer to look at their heels, turning around behind their backs. We just rotate the raised foot.

Women don't like it when their hands are free. Therefore, they always carry a purse with them - in order to pull it by the strap, hold it by the edge and dig endlessly in it. In the absence of a handbag, anything will do - a fan, gloves, a book, a flower. Women hate to stand or walk with their hands down, unoccupied - in extreme cases, they cross their arms over their chest, hiding their palms under their armpits and sometimes unconsciously tugging at the straps of the bra.

Psychology of relations between a man and a woman
Psychology of relations between a man and a woman

Women have a rather indifferent, detached attitude to their genitals, they are almost unfamiliar with each other. Women do not talk to them, do not give them playful nicknames and do not take offense at them.

On hot pebbles or sand, a woman walks on tiptoe. The man only steps on the heels.

When sitting down, women squeeze their knees or simply keep them parallel. Therefore, it is preferable to have a lady in the neighbors on public transport.

Stretching, men spread or raise their arms, and women bend them at the elbows, pressing them to their sides.

The desire for compromise inherent in the female sex is reflected in the way they tell obscene anecdotes. They may dare to publicly tell even a very greasy anecdote. But the key word will be muttered so indistinctly that no one will understand anything. Even more often they try to convey an indecent flavor with facial expressions, gestures and desperate facial expressions.

The belt on the dressing gown is tied by women above the navel, and men - below.

If a woman's fly has unbuttoned on the street, the woman is rather indifferent to this circumstance and calmly buttons up her trousers.

A woman's ears are covered with fingers, and men are usually covered with their palms.

When you ask a woman to give you a lighter, she gives you the lighter, and does not test your jumping ability and reaction.

A woman never takes off her T-shirt by grabbing it by the fabric on her back.

If a man, from the point of view of women, has left very little in the process of development from a monkey, then, for our part, we can also note some atavisms that our ladies inherited from their four-armed ancestors. For example, the habit of looking for insects in the fur of your male for hours. In the absence of small arthropods, women are satisfied with acne and pimples.

We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation
We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation

The woman puts on gloves before going outside.

When lifting a heavy object, the woman will try to move it to her side. A man carries a load in front of him.

Women prefer to wear small change and large bills in the same place. Their pockets rarely ring.

When hitting with a fist, a woman puts her thumb forward.

When women are sitting, they have a habit of twisting their legs under them and resting their heels against the crotch. We do not allow this to ourselves.

Differences between a man and a woman?
Differences between a man and a woman?

To wring out wet linen by hand, a woman takes it with her palms up, a man - palms down.

And one more thing: after sex, a woman wants not to sleep, but to talk and kiss.

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