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How to be the perfect man
How to be the perfect man

Clothing is a way to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Clothing is a complicated thing. With its help, you can correct any flaws in the figure, however, if you miss, you can easily harm your appearance.

Just the wrong neckline or the wrong color of the shirt - and all the effort to waste.

Another difficulty is that we often do not quite adequately assess the advantages and disadvantages of our own body. And therefore we wear the wrong suit.

And this problem of choice: what goes and what does not - is inherent not only to the female sex. After all, men also need to dress, and not anyhow, but in order to hide everything unnecessary, and emphasize the best. After all, it just so happened (nature tried): clothes are a way to attract the attention of the opposite sex (for the sake of love and procreation), as well as individuals of a similar sex (again for love and in special cases for creating a family, but that's another story). So all the tricks: pump up the press, get a manicure, dress stylishly - all this is akin to the tail of a peacock, from the sight of which all females begin to cluck blissfully.

You, too, strive to look perfect: hide the folded press not quite cubes, or even disguise the beer belly? Or maybe you are passionately trying to increase growth by all means, but it doesn't work out? Do not despair! Today FashionTime will tell you what and how to wear, in order to turn any flaw into a dignity.

Get slimmer

There are men who try to hide their sizes, then you should pay attention to options in the same color scheme. And it is desirable that this range was stricter and more elegant. In addition, with regard to color, a vertical stripe is very suitable for you - this pattern always stretches the figure, which means that excess weight will not be so noticeable.

Jewelry for men
Jewelry for men

Your clothes should not fit snugly around the figure, so as not to emphasize all the extra folds. In addition, it is better to choose soft, draped fabrics (if these are more casual clothes in a casual style) and materials that are smooth, without any pronounced volumetric texture (they will only enlarge you).

If we talk about a suit, then a jacket, if you want to visually reduce your volume, it is better to choose a little longer than usual, but it is preferable to slightly narrow the sleeves: in boutiques with a good reputation, everything will be adjusted to you, as you say (remember: low-quality cheap clothes can disfigure even the most ideal figure).

If we talk about details, then all possible options should be preferred a jacket with a double slit (typical for English models). Why? The fact is that such a style (cuts in the back) visually lengthens the legs and makes movements more free, which means that your figure will not seem so heavy.

It is better to choose pants that are loose, without folds at the waist and slightly wider at the hips than usual.

A tuxedo is ideal for you - it is a stunning example of conservative elegance combined with austerity and luxury.

And forget about keeping your hands in your pockets - this breaks the vertical line, which means it adds volume to your figure, which in our case is absolutely unnecessary.

Get taller

Smoky, dark, but preferable monochromatic ensembles make you look taller. Fashiontime recommends wearing vertical stripes to achieve optical illusion and, again, get a little taller. The trick is simple: when the eye is guided along the strip, it visually stretches. For the same reason, a narrow tie will work best for you.

Etiquette for men and good manners
Etiquette for men and good manners

If we talk about outerwear, for example, a jacket, then its length also means a lot. You should not choose too short options, they will only emphasize the line of the legs, but do not stop your choice on too long copies, they will shorten the silhouette.

But the shoulders of your jacket should be square, but not wide.

As for coats and raincoats, the ideal length for them is just below the knee.

Trousers should be slightly narrowed to the bottom, and it is better to choose more modest shoes, too fanciful models will look ridiculous.

And one more thing: you should not buy clothes of standard sizes, and then hem them, shorten them, etc. - such "adjustments" violate the whole proportionality of the kit, and this is useless for you. It is better to choose something of your exact size, or to make a custom-made suit.

Become more massive

Do you think you are too thin? Want to add some volume to your figure? Then you should wear clothes in layers: for example, a shirt, a jumper on top and a coat.

Skinny men try to put on heavy-duty coats in order to somehow "increase" muscle mass. However, beware of baggy options, otherwise you risk looking like the lost kid from the next yard, and not an elegant and graceful man.

Also, for you, a vest will become an undesirable element in a suit, but if its presence is necessary, then try to choose one so that it differs in tone from the rest of the set.

Manicure for men: how to make a manicure in a beauty salon or at home
Manicure for men: how to make a manicure in a beauty salon or at home

Narrow shoulders can be corrected by means of jackets with increased shoulder pads and jackets in a cage. Try rolling up the sleeves of your shirt a little - this will make your chest wider and your shoulders more massive.

If, in addition to being thin, you are also tall, then the ideal option in this case would be wide trousers and a double-breasted jacket with wide lapels - they always make a man wider.

However, if your height is below the average limit, then it is better to choose slightly tapered or very tight trousers (the latter option will be an exception if your legs are not perfectly shaped: it is better to hide some curvature under loose trousers).

Trousers with cuffs are also suitable for you - they will make the figure more squat.

Photo of a man with an excellent torso
Photo of a man with an excellent torso

Become perfect

Do you have the perfect figure that you constantly train in the gym? It is worth, of course, to show your beauty, but do not forget that flaunting all the muscle mass is stupid and ugly. Most men prefer trousers to shorts, but sometimes you can afford them too. Materials such as light cashmere and Egyptian linen emphasize masculinity and indicate masculinity.

Pay attention to the size: the suit should fit perfectly. You should choose trousers with a low waist and loose in the hips (legs that are too tight look, to say the least, unaesthetic).

Choose a shirt with a proportionally wide collar, and a tie with a large knot.

How to shave your dick and balls correctly
How to shave your dick and balls correctly

A jacket should be chosen so that it is free in your chest when all the buttons are buttoned. Otherwise, it will spoil the whole impression of your ideal torso.

And again about peacocks

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the most important and invariable rule will always be self-confidence, in your attractiveness, in your sexuality and elegance - only this feeling can make any man with any figure irresistible in the eyes of the people around him. After all, remember the peacocks: females, of course, are attracted by the magnificent tail of their future partner, but if he were not so important and proud, he would have remained a bachelor …

Remember: there are no ideal people, there are those who consider themselves to be such, and this is probably the most important thing.

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