13 mistakes that keep men from looking good
13 mistakes that keep men from looking good

In pursuit of trends, we sometimes miss basic things that should not be done. When creating our own style, we concentrate all our attention on what and how to wear, what has become fashionable and what to combine with. But in pursuit of trends, we sometimes miss basic things that should not be done. After all, one single mistake can negate all your efforts to look spectacular.

1. Too much color

Too many colors in your look will certainly grab attention. But not at all the attention you are expecting. For each look, limit yourself to three primary colors, while choosing relatively simple things. To deal with color compatibility, you can use the so-called color wheel. Opposite colors complement each other perfectly (blue, orange), but their amount should be dosed. As for the shades located nearby (red, pink), their parallel use may not always be successful.

2. Too many drawings

In this case, as with flowers, it is wise to stop at three. Moreover, this is already a lot. It is much easier to combine one pattern with a pattern with solid colors.

3. Too many fabrics

Each fabric has a certain "class". So, silk is considered a more formal material than denim, while linen is a more democratic fabric. Leather tends to look more masculine than tweed. Therefore, it is important to combine fabrics, taking into account not only their texture and color scheme, but also their "class".

Imposing man
Imposing man

In addition, it is important to distinguish between winter and summer wardrobe: oddly enough, many men can continue to wear a suit made of dense and heavy fabric in warm weather.

4. Spots

Before loading a garment into the washing machine, inspect it for stains. They can remain after washing, and, you must admit, there is nothing worse than stains even on the most impeccably washed thing.

5. Clothes out of season

It would seem that there should be no problems with this item. However, in practice, things for a different season are simply donned by chance. Hang winter and summer clothes separately, preferably in separate wardrobes, then you will not be tempted to wear a linen shirt under a thick jacket.

6. Too long / short pants

Always try on trousers or jeans carefully before buying, as the wrong length can ruin even the most spectacular model.

Remember the following rule: khaki pants and suit pants should end at the top of the heel. Jeans can be slightly longer, even covering the heel. A few extra centimeters is too much. You shouldn't choose a shorter length either, otherwise your legs will appear shorter. When walking, no socks should be visible, and when you are sitting, only a few centimeters of a sock can be seen from under the leg.

7. Too high waistline

If you have a naturally short torso and long legs, wear pants with a low waistline, choosing models with front rather than side pockets. True, such a model looks spectacular only on the owners of the perfect press - but aren't you yet?

Hygiene rules for men
Hygiene rules for men

8. Wrong T-shirt length

If the shirt is too long, you will never be able to tuck it neatly into your trousers. Therefore, any "top" must end at the midpoint of the fly. In short, it is also impossible: otherwise, with each bending over, you will bare your back. Try to find the brand that suits you best, even if it takes a long time to find.

9. "Overloaded top"

Vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, provocative lettering and famous logos are great, of course. But in certain situations. In most cases, plain t-shirts in discreet shades will give you more room for compatibility and insure you against additional mistakes.

10. Unironed things

Nobody has ever canceled the rules of neatness, and one of them says: the iron and ironing board are the main friends of a neat look. No, we are not going to hint to men that their shirts are not always perfectly ironed. We just want to draw your attention to the fact that you should not forget about the details. Non-ironed fabric between the buttons looks very unaesthetic. By the end of the day, the thing can also get pretty wrinkled, especially when traveling. As a last resort, you can slightly moisten the folds, smooth them out with your fingers and dry with a hairdryer if it is at hand.

11. Poorly tied tie

As practice shows, the art of tying a tie fully justifies its status: this skill can be mastered only after a certain training. Do not forget about the length of this accessory: in the classic version, the end of the tie should touch the buckle on the belt.

How to dress well for a man
How to dress well for a man

12. Socks plus sandals

This mistake is one of the most horrendous. Bought open shoes - forget about socks altogether! If, after all, you cannot do without this wardrobe detail, and you want to wear light shoes, give preference to cropped socks, perforated sneakers and thin leather moccasins.

13. Fused eyebrows

Do you think that plucking eyebrows is an occupation: a) purely female, b) more than brutal? There are several magical salon treatments that will remove excess hair from a small area of your nose once and for all. In any case, fused eyebrows are at least an ugly sight.

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